Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet Guest Blogger Berengaria Brown!

Today, Berengaria is taking over my blog and talking about holiday traditions and her holiday story, Perfectly Presented. Please welcome her and make her feel at home.  Thanks for coming, Berengaria - take it away!

There is something special about the holidays. Although Christmas has been and gone for yet another year, I like to think the spirit of fun and giving might last all year around.

Last December I hosted 25 different authors on my blog, and each day they spoke about what was special in the holiday season for them. For some it was the family traditions, for some it was the food, for others it was getting together with friends.

For me it’s seeing the sparkle of expectation and wonder in a small child’s eyes. That’s what inspired this scene in my holiday male/male romance, “Perfectly Presented”.

PG A holiday excerpt from “Perfectly Presented”

Blake Kendrick stood and looked through the plate glass wall at Xavier Kurnow. They were supposed to be meeting for dinner, and possibly a hot, sexy romp, but Xavier had been standing and staring at the gift tree in the building's lobby for five minutes now, and Blake's toes were starting to freeze despite his wool-lined boots.

Blake pushed open the door and walked into the warmth, stomping his feet to get the blood circulating again in his toes. "Hey, buddy, what's the problem?"

"Oh, hi. There's six left. Six! I didn't imagine that would happen."

"Huh? Six what? Have you been drinking already? Had a snootful of holiday cheer or what?"

Xavier waved at the tree. "Six gift tags. Six kids who no one has bought a present for yet."

"What's your point?"

"Six kids won't get a gift for Christmas. Today was the last day to take a tag. The people from the charity are collecting the parcels first thing tomorrow. And six kids are not going to get a present this holiday."

"So grab the six tags and we'll go shopping instead of out to dinner. We'll just pick up a burger or something."
Xavier looked at his friend, pain in his dark gray eyes and a slight flush on his olive skin. "I wanted to get decent gifts. Not a bike or anything like that, but not cheap crap that will be broken in a few hours either. And --"

"And you've already overspent your budget. How many tags have you taken already?"

Xavier's flush deepened. "Four."

"Okay how about we split them then. I'll take four and you take two. But I don't have any nieces or nephews so you'll have to tell me what to buy these kids."

"You don't mind? I'm not trying to push you or anything."

"You didn't even ask me, I suggested it. But we do need to get moving. The stores will be closing in a couple of hours and I really want to eat as well."

Xavier's face split in a broad grin. "You're a good friend, Blake. There's a huge toy store just a couple of blocks west and we'll grab a hotdog from a stand on the way."


“Perfectly Presented” Blurb:

Blake and Xavier met a year ago at a business conference and had a passionate one-night stand. They have remained fuck buddies but neither has been willing to admit that they want a much wider, deeper, ongoing relationship.

Until Blake sees Xavier agonizing over the fact that several gift tags for poor children remained unclaimed on the holiday tree. Blake encourages Xavier to talk about his past. They spend several days together in the lead up to the holidays and come to acknowledge their relationship is so much more than just hot sex. But can Blake get Xavier to tell him about his past and his problem? Can they move from being just fuckbuddies to a real relationship?

Berengaria Brown


  1. I really enjoyed this book! Both this scene and the rest of it! Nice, nice story!

  2. I loved the excerpt, many time at holiday time we don't think man care for the season or notice what going on around them if it doesn't deal with sports.

    Lin W.

  3. Nice Excerpt. Sounds like a good read. I'll have to find it and read it.

  4. Hi Anny,
    I'm so glad you liked this book.
    Hi LM
    Thank you for dropping by. I think because men tend not to talk about things, sometimes we think they aren't feeling them. And we're wrong.
    Hi She,
    I hope you enjoy it.