Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wishing You all a happy New Year!

I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post. I had intended to discourse on the year that's passing and  speculate on the one approaching. But unfortunately, I caught whatever Sarah had, and my energy level will not allow that.

One thing I wish to mention now is in relation to the Silver Flash flash fictions which we've been working on for almost a year. Apparently, they're being taken over by the publishing company. And only favorites are allowed to play in their sand box now. Guess the rest of us aren't good enough any more. Their loss.

When I feel better, we'll regroup and continue with the flash fictions, never fear.

I'll talk more on it later. Right now I'm barely conscious.

So I bid you a fond adieu, and I'll see you in the new year!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Battle for new Iron Chef - Beware of Spoilers

On Christmas night, the newest Iron Chef took the stage in Kitchen Stadium for his first battle, pitted against Chef Victor Casanova at Culina at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. The secret ingredient they were given was fresh brook trout.

Of the three judges selected for this battle, I found two of them to be obnoxious, particularly the guy, whose name I've forgotten. The woman was from one of those Real Housewives reality shows which I wouldn't watch, afraid they'd somehow lower my IQ.

It was an interesting battle, watching the two chefs and their different techniques. Do you even need to ask which chef I was rooting for? I didn't think so. I especially loved that he got Chef Alex Guaranaschelli as his sous chef! How awesome is that? They make a great pair. I hope that she's his sous chef all the time when he cooks in Kitchen Stadium.

Watching them work together was great. They remind me of Nick and Nora Charles in their back and forth banter.He'd ask her about a dish, she'd give him her report, and then tell him to wait and not do what he was going to do. And he'd agree!

When it came time to present the dishes to the Chairman and the judges, the challenger went first. His first course was a trout crudo which was not very well received, but the rest of his dishes were. Alton had speculated that Casanova was going to make trout ice cream, but luckily that did not materialize. That just sounds very wrong! Then Geoffrey presented his and I knew he'd won by their reactions. Sure enough, when the scores were totaled, Geoffrey's cuisine reigned supreme! Not only that, he received a perfect score! I don't think I've ever seen that done before. Kudos to Chef Zakarian for a magnificent entree into the Iron Chef pantheon. I have to think that he will receive challenges from many chefs who will try to best him because of his perfect score. It was a great first battle. I will definitely watch Iron Chef all the time now.

Last night, I received a blast from the past. I was going to go to bed, but for some reason, I saw at the TV and pressed the Guide to look for Food Network (why, I don't know, I was tired and it was late). What did I find but a new channel I'd never heard of called NuVo, and they'd just started showing an episode of NYPD Blue, which was to be followed by one of Hill Street Blues. How could I resist? I couldn't! I thoroughly enjoyed both shows. In the first one, Sipowicz was partnered with Bobby Simone (Jimmy Smits). Last seen, Jimmy was busy being Dexter's bestest new buddy. He's looking mighty fine, then and now. In HSB, I got to see everyone. Sargeant Esterhaz had his beloved Buick stolen and it was later found in a chopshop. Henry was pissed that he got passed over for promotion - again - and ended up on an assignment which led to his being shot, and then yelled at in the hospital by his wife. Everyone seemed to be coming to Frank to say they quit - quite the hectic episode. I loved it!

Not much going on otherwise, most programs being on hiatus. There'll be a new Hell on Wheels Sunday. Next month Justified comes back and Alcatraz starts. I plan on watching that, will let you know what I think.

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Silver Flash: Dallas in Wonderland #6

Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day, and Happy Silver Flash day! Today I am the Prompt Diva, and I gave this prompt: Double your pleasure, double your fun My alternate prompts were:candy, indecision, balloon  or I thought I knew, but I was mistaken  or Ice, ice, baby.

The saga of Dallas in Wonderland continues. Last time we saw Dallas, he just had a liplock placed on him by Dr. Levi. How far will they go? Don't forget to check out the rest of the Silver Flashers, whose links can be found at the end of this post. Now, on to the story!

Dallas in Wonderland #6

Dallas tasted licorice. And alcohol. Absinthe, perhaps? His nostrils filled with the scent of Dr. Levi’s soft skin, even as he occupied his mouth—a rich, spicy scent that he couldn’t quite place, but one his body was definitely reacting to . The other man’s tongue was demanding proprietary rights which Dallas gladly gave, his submission invoking a heartfelt moan.

Instinctively, Dallas reached for him, his arms seeking to wind themselves about Dr. Levi’s slender body, his fingers aching to bury themselves in that auburn hair, touch that lengthy plait. But his digits closed on thin air. Dallas opened his eyes to find that he was alone on the bench, his mouth bereft, still tingling from the contact. There was no sign of the doctor.

Dallas took a deep breath, swallowed, sat back against the hard wood, digging his fingers into his thighs to anchor himself before he did something incredibly stupid—like jumping up and searching for the elusive man of mystery. What was this, his modus operandi? Kiss and run?  Tease and go? What the hell game was he playing?

And why did Dallas want to keep playing the game so very badly?

Dallas felt like a child who’s been offered a piece of candy and then had it horribly yanked away just as he began to savor the sweet. Was he being punished—or teased? He forced himself to breathe deeply, to drive back his indecision and focus on his nephew. He had Oz to take care of, he reminded himself, injecting reality back into the situation. H couldn’t be gallivanting after ghosts. He glanced toward his nephew, who seemed oblivious to the scene that had just taken place. As was everyone else, apparently. Good. There were no witnesses to the puncturing of Dallas’s ego, no observers as the sad little balloon of his libido deflated, shriveling into a heap of wounded vanity.

A wave of nausea overtook him, filling his mouth with a bitter bile. He doubled over, even as he reminded himself to breathe.  He deserved it, of course. That’s what he got for thinking someone like Dr. Levi could possibly find him attractive. He should have known better. Especially after the disaster that was Quentin Mandrake. Maybe he should schedule an appointment with the campus shrink, before he fell apart any more.


For a moment, Dallas was afraid that he’d spoken the word aloud, but a quick glance about reassured him that it was simply the insistent voice inside his head. The one telling him never to give up, no matter what. Not to let these men get to him. Damn straight, he was better than that, he deserved to be treated better. To hell with Quentin. To hell with Dr. Levi. He took a deep cleansing breath and slowly released it.

Tonight he would focus on having fun with Oz. Starting with a pizza dinner for two. He knew just the place.
Chaucer’s Pizza was situated a short distance from the campus. Little surprise that a large part of its repeat clientele consisted of students from the university. Dallas had been a frequent habitué himself before moving into his apartment. He’d forgotten how much he enjoyed the place until he took Oz there for dinner.

They squeezed into a booth against the wall. The restaurant was lively tonight. Its interior was simple and rustic. Warm wood tones, decorated in orange and brown, the college colors. An open doorway separated the restaurant from the bar; the sounds of enjoyment spilled over, spreading camaraderie over all.

Dallas gave the waitress their order, watching her disappear into the noisy throng. He poured Oz a glass of root beer from the pitcher he’d ordered, unwrapped a straw and set it into the drink. His nephew was soaking in the sights, especially enchanted by some of the photographs on the wall. A rogue’s gallery of former patrons, some of whom had met less than pleasant ends. Nothing too graphic, intended more to satisfy prurient curiosity than fulfill any sense of bloodlust.

“Hey you, where you been hiding?”

Dallas glanced up at the voice, frowning. At the sight of the speaker, his brow relaxed. “Hey Brenda,” he 

A busty brunette with a wide smile hung over the table.  She gave Oz a curious glance. “Have you been gone longer than I think?” she quipped.

“Funny.” Dallas shook his head. “This is Paris’ boy, Oz. Oz, say hello to my friend Brenda.”

“Hello to my friend Brenda,” Oz quickly replied.

“Ooh, he’s a bright one, just like his uncle.” Brenda laughed, motioning toward him with her hip. Dallas took the hint and moved before she ended up in his lap. “I noticed I hadn’t seen you around the dorm in a long time. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. I moved off-campus, that’s all.” Dallas shrugged.

“Do you mean that—?”

Dallas cut off her next words with a quick finger against his lips. She gave him a blank stare.

“That means you’re not supposed to tell,” Oz offered helpfully.

“Okay, I get it.” She chuckled, reaching for his glass of soda, and taking a drink. “That’s good. They make it here, you know.”

“I know. I’ve eaten here before, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. So when you going to invite me to see your new digs?”

“Soon,” he promised. “I’ll give you a call.”

“Brenda, what the hell? We sent you for a round of beers, didja get lost?”

“Keep your pants on.” She stuck out her tongue at the newcomer.

“Oh hey, Dallas, didn’t see you there.”

“Hey Monroe. Don’t yell at your sister, she just stopped by to say hello for a minute.”

“She doesn’t know the meaning of a minute!” The blond laughed, even as his sister reluctantly stood.

“Call me soon, right?”


She reluctantly tore herself away, following her irate brother to the bar, as Dallas lifted his glass and drank.

“She your girlfriend?”

Dallas began to choke at the words.

to be continued

LM Brown 
West Thornhill   
Lindsay Klug 
Freddy MacKay  
Elyzabeth VaLey   

 I hope you enjoy reading these flash fiction offerings as much as we enjoy writing them! See you  next week for more of the same!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The End of a Journey - Bidding Farewell to Queer as Folk

Today I finished watching the final episode of Queer as Folk. All that I have left are the bonus features, which I shall get through.  ****SPOILERS*****  It's been a wonderful journey, one I've truly enjoyed, and I'm disappointed that it didn't last forever, because I think I could have watched these characters forever. They became such a big part of my life and thought processes. I came to care about them, to worry about them, and I watched with great interest their daily struggles, their lives and loves - and yes, their luscious  nakedness. And now it's done.

Did it turn out as I expected? Yes and no. Some things were serendipitous, some a little disappointing. I would have had Debbie marry her policeman, for one thing. I mean it's all well and good to say you won't marry until your son has the right to do so  himself, but honestly, I don't think that sort of personal decision affects anyone but yourself. And any children you might have. Be that as it may, I'm glad they ended up together, they're a good couple. I was disappointed that Emmett lost Drew to the needs of his virgin homosexual ego, but he made up for that in the last episode. Too bad we didn't get to see more of his old fantasy/new lover from back home. Ted found Mr. Wrong in Tad - there was something more than a little creepy about that guy. But at least he made up for it by finding his way back to Blake. Karma. Whodathunkit? Not me. I had Blake pegged as bad news from the beginning. But people change. And so did he, and Ted.

Hunter came back, which was wonderful for Mike and Ben; they decided to adopt him and he agreed. They've all three come a long way. I'm glad Mike and Dr. David didn't work out, Ben is much better for him. I'm also glad Lindsay and Melanie got back together again, although I think the decision to move to Canada was rash. Better to stay and fight than run, especially considering they left the fathers of their kids behind.

Brian and Justin - what can I say? I was so excited when Brian admitted he loved him, and then he bought the  large Tudor house and proposed (I would love to live in that house, seriously). But I had a bad feeling when Lindsay started talking about what Justin was giving up to be with Brian and sure enough my worst fears were realized - Justin went to New York. They promised they'd stay in touch and see each other frequently, but that's where it was left, so we can only hope that's what happened.

Brian wasn't going to re-open Babylon after the bomb, but Michael talked him into it, and that's where the last  scene took place. It was only fitting that Brian and Michael had the last dance - they are the glue which holds everything together, the principle relationship.

A lot of laughs, a lot of thrills, heartaches and triumphs. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow. But underlying it all was love. An immense love which transcends gender, race, religion and everything else. The lesson of QAF, what you are meant to take away with you, is that it's important that you do love. Not who you love, but that you love.

I'll miss the show greatly, and I'll always love it. What do I now? Well, I can always watch the British version, the one by Russell T. Davies of Dr. Who fame, which began it all. And I can always do what I do best - I can write about it. In other words - fanfiction!

Thank you for five wonderful seasons. I'll always treasure the memories.

Goodbye Brian, Michael, Justin, Ben, Emmett, Ted, Lindsay, Melanie, Debbie, Carl, Hunter.... and everyone else.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Report

Judging by the state of my kitchen and my bulging refrigerator alone, I'd say that Christmas was an unqualified  success! Now to deal with the aftermath, and begin making use of the leftovers. First on the agenda - a new recipe I'm trying for lemon turkey rice soup. Sounded good. After that an old favorite - turkey manicotti. Turkey sandwiches are good too. Too bad there is no dressing left, that goes well on turkey sandwiches. I made my first sausage stuffing yesterday, using chorizo. It was a hit! Spicy and tasty. I sauteed it with some onions and added it to the box of turkey stuffing. For the turky, I made a citrus-rosemary rub, which resulted in a very moist, very flavorful bird. I also made my cheese mashed potato casserole, green bean casserole, and pumpkin bread. I was going to make pumpkin pie, but since we forgot to pick up doughnuts for breakfast, I made a crumb coffee cake instead, but didn't realize it would consume all my sugar, so I'll probably make the pie today.

I spent little time on the computer yesterday, including my blog, hanging out with Sarah and Chris. We watched three movies - A Christmas Story (more than once, as it ran all day on TBS), Home Alone (which was running all day to) and It's a Wonderful Life. That never fails to bring tears to my eyes. 

Gifts were exchanged, and I did very well indeed! I received Season 1 of Darker Than Black, Black Butler Volume 4, Flipping Out Season 1, and the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series - A Feast of Crows.  Chris and Sarah each got blankets I crocheted. Their father came to dinner. It was a really good day. 

Today it's back to work - editing and writing and what not. Doing promotions.  

Speaking of promotions, I'm visiting my friend Michael Mandrake at his blog, Taboo Indeed. Stop by and say hello! I'm talking about Lawn Boy, among other things.

I hope everyone has had and is having wonderful holidays, filled with love and warmth and good cheer! If only people would put forth the effort to get along all year as they do at Christmas!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve is here

Well, Christmas eve day. It's only one o'clock in the afternoon, and there is lots of stuff stirring here. Not  literally, but figuratively. Always keeping busy I am, just the way I like it. Sorry for not writing a full-fledged blog, but I wanted to share my holidays with you, and let you know you're in my thoughts.

Last night, I went out to dinner with Chris and Sarah and Chris' friend Matt. We  went to Hokkaido, which is a buffet which has Chinese and Japanese food, and bbq. It is a great place, we've been a few times. I love their sushi! Apparently they have cotton candy now, but not my thing. I had some Peking duck and a lobster roll, a lot of sushi, two helpings of lo mein, which I love, a scallop - and more! Felt very full, but very happy when we left.

Today, I have the turkey thawing, and I made buckeyes. That's just peanut butter and chocolate balls. Very delicious. Later I'll make my cheese mashed potato casserole for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm making the turkey with a citrus rosemary rub, and sausage stuffing, the mashed potato casserole, and green bean casserole, and I'm making pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. It'll be just Chris and Sarah and their dad and I. We plan to watch Die Hard and It's a Wonderful Life - great Christmas movies!

I've been putting in a lot of apps lately, hopefully something will pan out. Even part time. I sent in a resume to be an editor at Silver. We'll see what happens there. I'm loving being an editor at Muse it Up, and I get to work with some great writers. So far, I've loved everything I've edited.

Tomorrow night, on Christmas night, Chef Zakarian will make his debut on Iron Chef. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Much love and warm wishes to everyone, may your holidays be wonderful and safe and filled with love!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 10 Review

Hunny unwittingly comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, only to find himself the victim of her curse! Kanazuki is a member of the school’s Black Magic Club. When the other members ask why she’s placing a curse on Hunny, she replies—because he stole her soul! She freaks Hunny out by the things that she does, and the boy is beside himself, wondering what he did to anger her so. It’s up to the other Host Club members to get to the bottom of things, and figure out what to do about Kanazuki’s apparent vendetta against Hunny!

It’s almost time for summer break, and Haruhi’s thoughts turn to helping Misuzu at the pensione again. Ranka says Misuzu is acting strange. It turns out that he has custody of his teenage daughter Mei for the summer, and she’s driving him crazy! She’s rebellious, loud and completely disrespectful of her drag queen father. He’s beside him with worry, and begs Ranka for help! When Haruhi begins disappearing from Host Club meetings early, the suspicious boys are determined to find out what’s up. They learn that she is going to Mei’s school to meet her and bring her to the Fujioka residence, watching her for her father.  The boys become determined to crack the hard nut that is Mei, and return her to her loving father’s… er… bosom. Mei finds herself taken with Tamaki, whom Haruhi has been avoiding ever since the kiss. Will Mei succeed in stealing Tamaki’s heart? Eyes are beginning to open.

Summer break begins, and Misuzu heads off to the pensione, sans Mei, who is staying with Haruhi and Ranka.  But why is Tamaki getting up extra early, now that he doesn’t have to go to school? Mei ends up spending time with the Host Club, and discourages Haruhi from coming, which works well with her avoidance of Tamaki. But Mei is quickly disillusioned. Instead of the chic lifestyle and fun she envisioned, the boys are obsessed with doing things and seeing things in the way of the poor people.  Tamaki enveigles Haruhi into a scheme, one she can’t disclose to Mei. To Mei’s dismay, when she’s with him, he mentions Haruhi—a lot!
When Kaoru and Hikaru learn what Tamaki is up to, they head straight to Karuizawa, and find they aren’t the only ones to do so. Although some are more helpful to Misuzu than others.  The boys come up with a scheme in which Mei will be “accosted” by a low-life hooligan, and her father will come to the rescue, earning her undying love and devotion! A splendid scheme, what could possibly go wrong? Well, consider the source…

Summer is drawing to a close, and Mei realizes she has neglected her homework! She tells Haruhi that she should do it for going behind her back with Tamaki, and the two exchange words, resulting in Ranka tossing them out of the house as he tries to sleep! A call from the twins concerning souvenirs from Okinawa leads to Mei dying to go there—not to see what the boys got, but because their mother is the famous fashion designer Yuzuha Hatachin! Oh. My. God.  Yuzuha has Haruhi dress up in her latest fashions, which she reluctantly does, to the boys’ delight. She gains some insight into the twins’ parents, and helps Kaoru answer an important question concerning his brother.

Back to school, and back to the Host Club. Tamaki is intrigued by something Mei told him, about a sports festival at her school. He’s always interested in knowing more about what the poor people do. When Takeshi Kuze, Football Club President, barges into the Host Club, a spirited rivalry ensues, which ends with Tamaki’s determination to hold a sports festival at Ouran.  With himself organizing it. He takes charge of one team, and sets Kyoya in charge of another. But Kyoya isn’t interested… until Takeshi pushes his buttons.

There is nothing boring about this volume of Host Club! I enjoyed seeing more of Hikaru and Kaoru’s parents. And Mei is an interesting character, even if I wanted to bitchslap her sometimes! I’m hoping that Haruhi and Tamaki are getting closer to realizing they have feelings for one another, and also I hope Tamaki gets over the idea that he’s her “father”. Can’t wait for Volume 11!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver Flash: Dallas in Wonderland #5

Happy Wednesday and welcome to another Silver Flash - flash fiction brought to  you by the authors of Silver Publishing! This week's prompt diva was Pender Mackie, who gave us:  He/she didn't like secrets.  or   "Smells like pine needles in here." My alternate prompts were:  Union suit, balance, Hari Krishna   or red balls  or Tis the season to be (fill in the blank)

This week, Dallas in Wonderland continues, as we find out  how Dallas extracts the foot he placed in his mouth last week! Don't forget to check out the other Silver Flashers, whose links follow my story.  Enjoy! And welcome another Flash virgin - Mathilde Watson!

Dallas in Wonderland 5

Dallas felt his face go redder than his late grandfather’s Union suit, the only article of clothing the eccentric old man would wear while in his declining years.  His embarrassment extended all the way from his red cheeks to his no doubt red balls.

“Thank you.” Dr. Levi bowed very elegantly from the waist. Dallas couldn’t help but notice the hint of fire in the other man’s eyes. Dare he hope it was directed toward him? He pushed the thought away as absurd.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… That is, I meant… Er, you aren’t…” Dallas stammered his way into silence, prepared to bite his own tongue in order to stem the tide of stupidities. How did Dr. Levi manage to make him feel so out of balance with the world?

At that moment, the cavalry arrived to save the day in the guise of Oz, who stared raptly at the doctor, eyes wide. “Is that a dress?” he asked, point-blank.

Before Dallas could get a word in edgewise—and God knows what that word might have been—the good Doctor intervened. One moment he was standing, the next he was seated beside Dallas, igniting an even greater fire inside of him. He could feel the heat of the doctor’s presence beside him; he focused on his own breathing, growing dizzier by the minute.

“No, it is a cheongsam,” Dr. Levi gravely explained to the child. “It is a Chinese garment. The name originally meant long shirt or dress.”

“Are you Chinese?” Oz cocked his head, regarding the doctor.

“I am not. But I have spent a great deal of time there. On the mainland, as well as in Hong Kong.”

Oz seemed to take this information in, considering it,  analyzing it, before continuing, “In Scotland, men wear kilts. They’re not dresses either, are they? They’re not even skirts.”

“Indeed not. Very observant of you.”

Dallas felt himself warm at Dr. Levi’s praise, even though it was directed toward his nephew.

“People often misinterpret things, Oz, because of gender bias. For example, there are some people who would say that you play with dolls. I, on the other hand, know that you do not. Tell me, who is that in your hand?”

“D’Artagnan,” Oz replied proudly. “He was a friend of the Three Musketeers. But he wasn’t one of them. Not at first.”

“No, you are very right. He wasn’t. But he was the King’s man, wasn’t he? Very  much so.”

Oz nodded his agreement.

Dallas listened intently to the conversation, but his eyes were drawn elsewhere; down along the doctor’s slender body, encased in the golden satin material which clung so seductively; down along the slim legs to the brocade slippers which he wore on his surprisingly small feet. Dallas couldn’t help but remember his dream, the one in which the doctor wore scrubs and fishnet stockings. His gaze rose upwards, settling on the doctor’s groin. He forced himself to look away.

While he was sightseeing, he’d lost track of what they were saying. Had someone just said Hari Krishna? Somehow he doubted it; he blamed his wandering mind for the blatant misinterpretation of undoubtedly innocent words. Whatever they might have actually been.

When he looked up again, Oz was gone, seated once more with his full complement of musketeers, engaged in some sort of sortie. Against the Cardinal’s men, no doubt.

“He’s a very bright boy,” Doctor Levi observed.

“Yes, he is. I’m very proud of him.”

“As you should be.”

Dallas felt the fingers before he saw them. The hand lay lightly upon his thigh, the fingers gently stroked the material of his trousers. Dallas felt his dizziness returning full-force, his head reeling with lust. He wished he could feel those digits upon his naked flesh, those lips upon his swollen… He swallowed. Hard.

“Are you still reading The Shining?”

Dallas forced his mind back to the present. He was startled that the other man remembered the name of the book he’d been reading the night they’d met. He had a great predilection for details obviously. It took him a moment to realize he hadn’t answered the question.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized for his rudeness. “I am not. I finished that. Now I’m re-reading The Stand. Are you a fan of Stephen King’s?”

“I honestly cannot say that I am, having never read any of his books. Perhaps I can rectify that, if you’ll permit me to borrow one of yours?”

Something in that voice shot straight up Dallas’ spine. His neck tingled again, the hairs standing on end. His cock was beginning to swell, pressing against the zipper. He was sitting at a very awkward angle, he noticed. He shifted his position as well as he could without dislodging Dr. Levi’s hand, suppressing a whimper which attempted to rise from the back of his throat.

“Perhaps you might read one to me.” The doctor had moved closer; his breath was warm upon Dallas’ ear. For a second, Dallas thought he felt the tip of his tongue flick out, touching the rim. Good Lord, if he kept that up, Dallas was about to have an embarrassing accident right there on the bench.

“There’s something very sensual about having a sexy man read to you. Don’t you think?”

Question. Yes, that was a question. One aimed at Dallas. Now he was expected to reply. Focus, Dallas, focus. On the words. Not the man’s cock, no matter how inviting that idea might be.

“If you’d like me to,” he heard himself say, before realizing he’d answered the wrong question. “I mean yes, I think so. I guess so. I’ve never been read to. By a man, that is. Not since my mother. I mean, she wasn’t a man… I mean…” He shut up then. As much because he’d run out of words as because Dr. Levi’s lips had just claimed his.

What had he been saying?

Oh fuck it, who cared?

 to be continued

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See you next week with more flash fiction! Hope you're enjoying reading it as much as we are writing it!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my Christmas Blog Hop! Look for more of those in the future! It's time now to announce the winner. Drum roll, if you please!

And the winner is..... Eva's Flowers! Congratulations to Eva! And because it's Christmas, I'm going to pick a second winner, and that winner is.... Lily Sawyer. I'll be contacting both of you to see which selection you'd like. Thank my son - he chose the winning numbers lol

Secondly, I'd like to congratulate Chef Geoffrey Zakarian - the newest Iron Chef!  Well done, Chef! I'm going to start watching Iron Chef on a regular basis now!  Team Zakarian rules!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Next Iron Chef Finale Tonight!

Tonight is the last episode of the Next Iron Chef, so let's cheer on the better chef!

Geoffrey Zakarian for the win!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is coming, let's have a little blog hop cheer now!

And we're off! It's time to stuff your stockings, Christmas is coming! We've got tons of authors and prizes  galore, something for everyone! I'm giving away a copy of anything from my backlist! Click on the picture and away you go!

How do you win, you ask?  Good question!  First, follow this blog. Second - leave a comment between now and midnight on the 18th. Tell me something about you - what you want for Christmas - your best Christmas memory - anything! Don't forget to leave your email addy so I can contact you!

Good luck!

Follow Friday & Blog hopping

Q: When you've read a book, what do you do with it? (Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)

For me, it depends on the book, and how much I loved it or liked it. Books that I love, I keep. Others I give away, such as Half Blood Prince, because I hated it. I like to collect series, so of course I keep those. Sometimes I have too many books and limited space. Then I have to go through and weed out my collection. I would never throw a book away. I 'd rather find it a new home than do that.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double Eliminations, a Birth, and more (Many spoilers)

There were four standing - Chefs Zakarian, Falkner, Guarnaschelli and Chiarello. And the night would hold a double elimination in the battle to become the next Iron Chef.  *****spoilers********The four chefs were taken to the exclusive area of the Hamptons - playpen of the rich and famous - set down on the docks with a budget and instructions to make three dishes. Chef Falkner had the advantage and a headstart. One chef would win the challenge and go straight to the finale. The chef on bottom would go home. And the other two would have a secret ingredient challenge to determine which would go to the finale.

Chef Zakarian secured the first spot, knocking it out of the ballpark with his winning recipes. Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to Chef Guarnaschelli. I'd hoped to see Alex and Geoffrey in the last showdown; it wasn't mean to be. So Chefs Falkner and Chiarello met in a head to head. The secret ingredients were crackers and wine. What Chiarello came up with looked nasty, to be honest. I wasn't sorry to see him eliminated. Now it's Geoffrey and Elizabeth in the head to head final showdown next Sunday. Of course I'm rooting for Geoffrey. As I said before, he'll bring a definite touch of class to Iron Chef. If he wins, I'll definitely watch it on a more regular basis.

Last night was Top Chef Texas, which also contained a double elimination. First the quickfire challenge in which the chefs chose a type of Don Julio tequila to cook with and made a dish, pairing liquor and food. The winner received $5000. Then came the elimination challenge, in which chefs were paired up according to who they were standing by, and each pair received a game meat to cook. Unfortunately, Heather and Bev ended up together. Bev is a control freak who doesn't seem to get much done, focusing on small tasks, although she was stoutly defended by some of the chefs as a hard worker but I haven't seen much evidence of that yet. Heather, while just in some of her criticisms, was also a bit of a bitch about things. It's amazing they didn't shoot each other down, but somehow they managed to survive. The winners of this challenge were Edward and Ty. So far, Edward is one of my favorites. I also like Chris Jones. The losing pair were Nyesa and Dakota, basically because Dakota's meat wasn't cooked nearly enough and Nyesha hadn't checked on her until it was too late. I only recently became aware of Nyesa, and the fact that I should have recognized her sooner - she was the winner of the executive chef position at the Wilshire in LA, as shown on Chef Hunter. I've seen that episode at least three times, and never made the connection. Alas, too little too late.

So, Hell on Wheels. This is an unexpected gem in the AMC line up. I like it even better than I do The Walking Dead, which is on hiatus til February. It's a rich panoply of life in post Civil War America, involving the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. In last week's episode, Cullan and Elam were pitted against one another in a show of fisticuffs, one aimed to divert attention from the lack of a payroll. Elam won, but only because someone *coughIrishbrothercough* doctored Elam's gloves with pepper juice which got into Cullen's eyes. When Cullen mentioned it in this week's episode - not angry, but rather with admiration for his tactic - Elam denied it. Durant is having financial difficulties, and if he doesn't fulfill his part of the contract, he stands to lose quite a bit of money. He is thwarted by his lack of maps pertaining to the Rocky Mountains - he needs them badly, and Mrs. Bell is holding out for what she feels is a fair price - what he owed her late husband. In the newest episode, we see a father and a son and their respective beliefs clash, as the Indians are invited to Hell on Wheels to discuss being relocated to a reservation. I love Colm Meaney, he's awesome as Durant, and Anson Mount is easy on the eyes as Cullen Bohannon. This is a must see series.

American Horror Story - just wow. This is a great show. Haven't seen anything like this in years. Last week,  as you'll recall, Ben realized that his wife wasn't lying about being raped, and he arranged for her to be released from the insane asylum he had her committed to. Funny thing - she's only six months pregnant, but she seems much farther along. That's because one of the twins is growing at a phenomenal rate - and starving its sibling in the process. Last week we learned the shocking truth about Violet - she actually overdosed and she's dead. Now she can never leave, any more than the others can. When Dad tries to drag her to the asylum to see Mom, she refuses, and of course his dragging her to the car doesn't do any good - she can't leave the grounds. Chad and his bf are preparing for the big event, to Constance's chagrin, who tells them they can have Dr. Harmon's baby, but to leave her grandchild alone. Hayden wants the children too, and so does Nora Montgomery. Vivian refuses to set foot in the house, but she goes into labor in the car, with dire results. One child is stillborn, and Constance whisks the other away right after he's born - and Vivien bleeds out (Dr. Montgomery is the attending physician). Now she and Violet can be ghosts together. This series just keeps on getting better!

All for now. Person of Interest tonight, and Chef Hunter. More about Once Upon a Time next time, Restaurant Impossible and Mystery Diners. This weekend is Bishie Con so I won't be around much. But tomorrow is another day.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Silver flash: Dallas in Wonderland #4

Happy Wednesday! Time for another Silver Flash, brought to you by the authors of Silver Publishing.  This week's prompts were courtesy of our Guest Prompt Diva, Reese Dante, making her third appearance in these proceedings. What she gave us was:    That came out of nowhere.

For alternative prompts, I chose:  springtime for Hitler or

use these three words: camp, Venice, ostrich or

incorporate a crossdresser into your story in some way

The saga of Dallas in Wonderland continues with the fourth episode today. As you may recall, Dallas it sitting with his 7 year old nephew, Oz. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out the other flashers, whose links appear at the end of my story.

Dallas in Wonderland #4

Dallas walked slowly up the stairs, glancing back every so often. No sign of anything or anyone. Shaking his head, he re-entered his apartment. “Hey, Oz,  I have an idea. Pack your stuff up, we’re going to take a trip.”

His nephew inquisitively raised his eyebrows. Oz was a dirty blond, much like Dallas.  They also shared a narrow chin, and hazel eyes. Sometimes people mistook the boy for his son. Dallas generally didn’t bother to correct them. Oz’s actual father was unknown and likely to remain that way, knowing his sister.

“Just to the park. It wouldn’t hurt either of us to get some sun.”

Oz shrugged and collected his things. “Mom acts like you live in a demilitarized zone or something. She warned me to stay inside.” He zipped the bag and grinned at his uncle. “At least that’s what she said.”

“Hunh, is that so? I’m impressed she even knows the word. C’mon.” He tousled Oz’s hair. “If we see any terrorist activity, we’ll hoof it back here, how’s that sound?”

“How will we know if they’re terrorists or not?” the practical child asked.

“Well, if we see someone lobbing grenades, we’ll just make that assumption and not ask stupid questions.”

They shuffled down the three narrow flights of stairs, single file. On the first floor, a door opened and a face peered out. A young woman, hair tied up in a cloth on top of her head. She smiled at Dallas, self-consciously reaching for her cheek, leaving a smudge behind. Her eyes darted to the young man with him.

“Oh hello, Dallas.”

“Hey Kelly,” he greeted her. “Not working today?”

“It’s my day off. Well, my day to work around the house,” she amended, laughing. “Who’s your friend?”

“This is my nephew Oz,” he explained. “We’re just heading out to the park to get some sun.”

“Ah, good idea. Better get it while you can. Cold weather’ll be here before we know it.”

“Isn’t that the truth?” He held the front door open, and Oz slid past him. “Have a good day,” he politely bid her before following his nephew.

“You too,” she called after him. He heard her door close just before he hit the front step. A question lay on the tip of his tongue, and for a moment he considered retracing his steps, asking her. But then he dismissed it, as he steered Oz down the street to the park.

“Who’s she?” Oz asked, glancing back toward the apartment building. Dallas directed his attention to the street.

“Watch where you’re going,” he cautioned, before adding, ”My neighbor. One of them, anyway.” They’d met casually, running into one another, usually in the course of coming or going. 
Conversation had ensued, Dallas managing to piece together enough of her story to know she was engaged to an up and coming rock musician and worked as a secretary for some law firm. He assumed it didn’t pay very well, hence the cut rate digs. He’d never even seen the boyfriend, but he was grateful for his invisible presence. If not for him, he’d think she was hitting on him, and that would just be embarrassing for everyone.

Other people were also taking advantage of the warmth of the day, their children scampering about the various pieces of playground equipment. Dallas watched as Oz gave them a quick glance, sizing them up, before setting his figures up in his own area.  Dallas claimed a bench nearby, but not too close. The worst thing a parent—or uncle—could do, he’d learned, was to act as though he was actually with the young person in his charge. So he stayed within visual range, but far enough away that Oz could pretend he didn’t know him should the need arise.

He wondered if Dr. Levi was married. Or if he had children. Wow, that thought came out of nowhere. Dallas frowned. He wasn’t the kind of guy to become obsessed with a stranger. At least he hadn’t thought he was. He might have to reevaluate that opinion.

Pulling himself out of his brief reverie, he noticed that Oz had made the acquaintance of a young boy who appeared to be about his age. Oz was showing him his musketeers. Dallas smiled at the sight. He leaned back on the wooden bench, relaxing. Maybe they’d stop and pick up a pizza for dinner. Watch a movie. He could stand to sit through Transformers again. Or X-Men. He just hoped Paris remembered to pick her son up on time. They both had school. And Dallas had to work the next night.

Something prickled at the back of his neck. He slapped at it without looking. When it happened again, Dallas became annoyed. Wasn’t it too late in the season for flies to be biting? Certainly too late for mosquitoes. He pulled his hand away and looked at it, to see what sort of insect it had been.

There was nothing in his hand.

He turned his head, glancing at the other parents. None of them seemed to be troubled by the bothersome insects. Lucky him. Maybe it was something in his blood that attracted them. Quentin always said he was too sweet for his own good.

Damn, why’d he have to think about that asshole now? No reason to ruin a perfectly good day, was there?

“Pardon me, but is that seat taken?”

The most disquieting feeling of déjà vu overtook Dallas.  His neck began to prickle, but not in the same way as before. More of a hair standing on end kind of way. He shifted his position on the bench, slowly moving his head. But he already knew what he’d see.

Dr. Levi stood just behind the bench.  In a silk dress.

Dallas’ jaw dropped at the sight of the elegant figure. The doctor made him an elegant bow, hand clasped together before him.

“You look good enough to eat!” Dallas blurted out.

Did he really just say that?

to be continued

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