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Virtual Book Blast: Obsidian Worlds

Please welcome author Jeff Werbeloff, who is here to tell us about his new release, Obsidian World. Jeff will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. To find the rest of the stops on the tour, go here. Don't forget to look for the Rafflecopter at the end of this post!

Obsidian Worlds
by Jason Werbeloff


GENRE:  Sci-Fi



Jason Werbeloff’s short stories have been downloaded over 20,000 times. Obsidian Worlds brings together his 11 best-selling sci-fi shorts into a mind-bending philosophical anthology.

In Your Averaged Joe, a man’s headache is large enough to hold the multiverse. Q46F is an obsessive-compulsive android who finds love in a zombie-embroiled apocalypse. The end of the world isn’t all that bad – The Experience Machine will fulfil your every desire (and some you hadn’t considered). A sex bot dares to dream of freedom in Dinner with Flexi. But mind what you eat, because The Photons in the Cheese Are Lost. Don’t fret though: The Cryo Killer guarantees that your death will be painless, or your money back when you’re thawed. Unless, that is, you’re The Man with Two Legs.

Plug into Obsidian Worlds for these and other immersive stories, including the hilarious Time-Traveling Chicken Sexer. Your brain will never be the same again.



(from The Cryo Killer):

“Inesa and Paul, good to meet you. Who referred you?”

“Mr. Camfrey’s wife.”

Paul’s hands are working. Picking at each other. At the cuticles.

“Ah yes, I was sorry to hear about his passing.”

“I think,” she lowers her voice, “that it was professionally done. Heart attack, I hear.”

I lean forward. “You’d like a similar package, ma’am?”

Paul speaks up for the first time. “Is it quick?”

If I had a penny for every time a client asked me that question. “Painless,” I say, “or your money back.”

Paul harrumphs.

“Excellent,” says Inesa, beaming. “You’ve been doing this a while?”

“Best in the business,” says Janet, striding over to us. She places a hand on my shoulder. “You’re safe with Barker.”

“So, you’re wanting the double package?”

Inesa squeezes her husband’s arm. Every carat on her ring finger catches the sunlight. His nod is miniscule.

“Yes,” she replies after a moment.

“Those are difficult.” I lean back in my chair, weighing the ring out of the corner of my eye. “Coroner looks closely at doubles. Need a plausible cause of death. Right now all I have in stock are gas leaks and home invasions. Invasions can get messy – brings down the property value. I suggest the gas leak. Although …” I glance at Paul. “Home invasions are on the rise.”

Paul scratches the skin over his knuckles. His lips have taken on a bluish tinge. I’ve seen all manner of manners displayed in the chairs on the other side of my desk. Clients respond to their impending deaths in all sorts of ways. Paul’s reaction isn’t unique.

“Gas leak,” says Inesa definitively.

Paul nods, a quick jerk up and down. “When’ll it happen?” He can’t meet my gaze.

“I could probably fit you in next week. Any preferences?”

“I’m writing an exam on Tuesday,” says Inesa. She looks to Paul, “And I’m sure you’d like to finalize that merger?”

He groans.

“Late next week?” she asks.

“Let’s see … Janet, check my availability, please.”

“Could do Friday next.”

“Excellent,” says Inesa.

“But …” Paul is fading to a paler blue by the minute. Droplets dot his forehead. “I just can’t live with the thought of this hanging over me for the next ten days. I just …” He swallows. “I just can’t.”

I reach out a hand and touch the man’s shoulder. His golf shirt is saturated. “Not to worry, sir. A memory wipe is included. You’ll never know you were here.” I offer him my warmest smile. Janet calls it the Big Daddy. “In fact, you may’ve been here before, and you wouldn’t know.”

Paul eyeballs me. “Have we been here before?”

“I couldn’t tell you.” I wink.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jason Werbeloff is a novelist and philosopher. He loves chocolate and his Labrador, Sunny.
He's interested in the nature of social groups, personal identity, freedom, and the nature of the mind. His passion is translating philosophical debate around these topics into works of science fiction, while gorging himself on chocolate.

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Website - read about the author, and the philosophy behind his fiction.

Buy the book for only $0.99:


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Virtual Audiobook Tour: Trouble Comes in Threes

Book Name: Trouble Comes in Threes
Author Name: M.A. Church
Author Bio:
M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!
When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children.
She was a finalist in the Rainbow awards for 2013.

Author Contact:
Drop by her blog at
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
A snowstorm in the South—on New Year’s Eve—is a perfect recipe for a catastrophe. After two soul-crushing bad breaks, Kirk’s waiting for disaster number three to strike when naturally, two stray cats arrive on his doorstep during the storm and decide to make themselves at home. Tenderhearted Kirk lets them stay even though there’s something decidedly odd about his overly friendly felines.

Out of the punishing weather, and full of tuna, Dolf and Tal are happy to be snug in Kirk’s house. But then their human goes outside for firewood and suffers a nasty fall that leaves him unconscious. Now the two cats have no choice but to reveal themselves.

Kirk wakes up to find the two kitties are actually Dolf and Tal. They’re cat shifters—and his destined mates. Being part of a feline threesome is enough for Kirk to grapple with, but soon he learns they come from a clowder that doesn’t believe humans and shifters should mix. Kirk knew those two cats would be trouble. Little does he know the real trouble lies ahead.

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Menage/Poly, Paranormal, Romance

Dolf picked out the saw he wanted, then followed Tal to another aisle. His mate pointed out the different kinds, but Tal’s words had rapidly faded into a meaningless buzz. There, on the air currents in the store, was the sweetest scent. It was light and flowery, reminding him of honeysuckle. He breathed deeply, taking the scent into himself. His cock hardened immediately and his head spun. A yowl threatened to escape.
That scent… that scent was seductive and alluring. It spoke to him, whispering things that made him need. His cat paced frantically in his mind, tail slashing madly. The need to pounce, to sink his canines in and drink that sweet, life-giving blood of his…. His gums tingled and saliva flooded his mouth.
He swallowed, then swallowed again as his head pounded, his heart rate spiking as one thought screamed through his mind: Mate! Another mate! Where was that scent coming from? Or who? And by the goddess, why? He already had a mate. What was their goddess thinking, giving him another? But he couldn’t ignore the reaction. It had been the same when he met Tal.

Pages: 234

Tour Dates/Stops:
Sales Links:

Rafflecopter Prize: $10 gift card
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A Vinnie and Ethan Thanksgiving: Part II

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday to one and all! I hope everyone is having a terrific day. I decided to post the second part of Vinnie and Ethan's Thanksgiving story today. I hope you like it. Backstory, actually. On this day, they like to remember how they came to be.

Everybody be safe and be happy, I'll see you in a few days!

A Vinnie and Ethan Thanksgiving: Part II

Two other detectives relieved us about eleven o’clock. They were picking their teeth and patting their bellies and talking about what great dinners they’d had when they told us we were free to go. We informed them nobody had entered the premises during our watch, and nobody had left. Nothing to report. So naturally, we had to file a lot of paperwork to that effect. According to Ethan—who’d talked to our supervisor, Anderson Riley—that could wait.

I could live with that.

I wasn’t sure about the rest of it, though. Now we had no excuse not to have that talk Ethan said we needed to have… and why was I nervous? Maybe because I’d been kissed for the first time by a guy I couldn’t stand.

Or was it because I could stand him more than I was willing to let on? And just maybe I was attracted to him, whether I wanted to admit it or not? And I had no idea what to do about it.

“How about we grab something to eat and go back to the motel?” Ethan suggested. He might as well have added “and  talk” because those words were sure as hell hanging in the air between us.

I wasn’t sure I could eat, or even wanted to. My stomach was tied up in knots, and every time I thought about that kiss, butterflies were added to the mix. It was both exhilarating and terrifying.

“I could use some coffee,” I finally replied.

“Coffee it is. We can always get something for later, as long as it doesn’t require reheating.”

“Or refrigeration,” I added. The motel we were staying at wasn’t exactly the best, but I assumed it was cheap, and for what we needed it for, it worked. It had no refrigerator and no microwave. Not even a coffeemaker. But I’d noticed that the TV which was chained to one of the few pieces of furniture in the room did have a porn channel. Shows where their priorities. lay.

We stopped at a convenience store, got what we wanted, and drove in silence to the motel. It wasn’t until we’d gotten inside and securely locked the door, removed our guns, and settled down on our respective beds with our coffee that the conversation began.

Ethan stared over the top of his coffee cup at me, across the gulf which separated us. I could feel every beat of my heart as he looked into my eyes. Without a word, he rose and bridged the few steps to my bed, then took a seat, facing me. I didn’t exactly tell him to go away. At that moment, I had no idea what I wanted. Or how I felt.

This was the thorn in my side, remember? The pain in my ass named Ethan Thorne. But when I tried to think of the reasons why I disliked him so, I found I couldn’t think of a one. I couldn’t tell if I had my dick to blame for that… or my heart. To be honest, I’d never been in this situation before, nothing even remotely like it.

And I was scared.

We stared at one another for what felt like forever, but was probably just a minute or two. His eyes were so blue. I’d never seen eyes so beautiful before. He reached for my hand and gently held it in his.

“Vinnie, I know we got off to a rocky start somehow…
“You could say that,” I cautiously admitted.

“If I’ve ever done or said anything to upset you, I apologize. I sure never meant to,” he continued. “Have I?”

“Have you what?” My brain wasn’t working very well at the moment, and I was all too aware of my racing heart. Surely he felt it? He held his fingertips just on my pulse.

“Said or done anything to upset you,” he repeated. One thing I had to admit, he never got mad, never grew impatient with me. He was never anything but nice. So why did he annoy me so?

I took a deep breath, trying to chase the butterflies away. “No, not that I can think of.” I hoped my voice didn’t sound as shaky to him as it did to me.

“I’m glad.” He leaned a little closer to me, dropping his voice. “I guess you figured out by now I’m gay, right?”

I nodded.

“Am I safe in assuming you are too?”

I nodded again.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“Never.” My voice sounded far away, more like a whisper. “Have you?”

“Once,” he admitted. “A couple of years ago.”

“What happened?” I asked in spite of myself. Why did the idea he’d been with another man bother me? It shouldn’t have. It was none of my business.

“I liked him. He was nice, a very sweet guy… but he wasn’t the one.” Ethan’s blue eyes bore into mine, and I didn’t know what to say to that.

“You know, Vinnie, I always wondered how I’d know when I did meet the right one. How would I be able to tell? Would there be some sort of sign, or what? I knew that guy was the wrong one, but I was also afraid I’d never meet Mr. Right.”

“And did you?” I asked, wanting to know and yet afraid to know. “Ever meet Mr. Right, I mean.”

“I did,” Ethan said solemnly. “The day I met you.”

I was stunned into silence for once in my life.

“When I saw you, and then when I found out you were going to be my partner, I just felt the truth. I knew you were the one I’d been waiting for. And I wanted to be with you, even if you didn’t seem to like me very much.”

My cheeks grew warm at his words. “I was an asshole,” I admitted. “A total jerk to you. Why didn’t you just tell me to fuck off?”

“I’d never do that, Vinnie.” He leaned even closer. One hand still held mine, the other caressed my cheek. “Do you really hate me?”

I shook my head, not trusting my voice.

“Then why…”

“Because you scare me.” My admission surprised both of us.

“But why, baby?”

Oh God, I was drowning in his eyes, falling into them, and I realized with a start that I liked what I saw. Very much.

“Because… because I’ve never felt like this before.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this to him. I was Mr. Sarcastic. Mr. Never Let Anyone Close. The classic loner. When had I changed?

He kissed me then. Softly. Gently. Just a tiny kiss. But it was enough to fill my soul with a warmth I’d never experienced before.

“I’m glad,” he said.

“Do you think it means you’re the one for me too?” I asked

He cupped my cheek, and I melted into his touch.

“I hope so,” he said. “I’d like to find out, would you?”

“I would.”

“Good.” He smiled at me, and my heart beat faster. Maybe what I’d thought was hate was really love, and I just hadn’t recognized it. Not like I’d had any experience with it before.

“Let’s start over, shall we?” he suggested. “Wipe the slate clean, okay?

His eyes held a glint that might have been mischief, as he released my hand and held his own out to me. “Hi there. I’m Ethan Thorne. How do you do?”

“How do you do, Ethan Thorne. I’m Vincenzo Delarosa.”

“Vincenzo,” he repeated, and I liked the way my name rolled off his tongue.

“You can call me Vinnie,” I said.

We wrapped our arms about one another and kissed… nothing more… for a long long time. Eventually we curled up together in my bed and went to sleep.

And that is how Ethan and I began….

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Wednesday Briefs: A Vinnie and Ethan Thanksgiving Part I

Happy Hump Day everyone! And to those in the US, it's almost Thanksgiving, so a lot of people will be off the rest of the week, including yours truly. Yay! And if it's Wednesday, it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our best flash fiction every week, between 500 and 600 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

This week, since it's almost Thanksgiving, I thought I'd write a little bit about Vinnie and Ethan. As you may have noticed, I love these guys lol  Marshall and Lee (whom I also love) will be back next week. I hope you enjoy this, and I do plan on writing more, but it may not happen until after Thanksgiving lol  I'm going out of town Thursday, but I'll be back!

Vinnie and Ethan weren't always in love, of course. I don't think Vinnie even particularly liked him at first! So, let's take a peek at the way they used to be! Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they're up to. Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

A Vinnie and Ethan Thanksgiving, Part I

Ethan Thorne, I decided, was a thorn in my side—no pun intended—and had been ever since we got out of training. Whoever had the idea of teaming me up with that pretty boy should have their head examined. As soon as the holidays were over, I intended to ask for another partner. I knew better than to try any sooner. The office staff let it be known that any extra paperwork they received would be “accidentally” buried, and probably not see the light of day until the new millennium. Since I didn’t intend to be around then, I realized he was going to remain my problem until at least the start of the next year. And then he’d be gone so fast, it would make his pretty head spin.

Happy New Year, Ethan, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?

It was Thanksgiving Day. We were working a case in Duluth, Minnesota, a suspected kidnapping. The weather was cold, but nothing I wasn’t used to, coming from Joliet, Illinois, which is just south of Chicago. Thorne was a Southern boy—I think he said Atlanta—and while he didn’t complain about it, I could tell he was cold. And hard.

That didn’t come out right. I meant hard, like tough.

Yeah, sure I did. I wasn’t looking at him, honestly I wasn’t. But we ended up having to share a motel room—another damn office snafu, but one I could do nothing about. And the man wasn’t shy about parading around in his underwear. Or a towel. Was it my fault he was built for days? So what if I noticed? I wasn’t blind.

Okay, scratch all that. Focus, Vinnie, focus!

The kidnapping victim was twenty-five, which made him older than either of us. Thorne was about my age, twenty-one. The victim came from an affluent Duluth family. It was believed he’d been taken strictly for monetary gain. A ransom demand had been received, asking for a million dollars, and the parents were even now putting the money together.

 Luckily for us, the kidnappers weren’t overly bright, and we’d gotten a lead on their whereabouts. We sat outside the suspects’ house, on a quiet street in residential Duluth. We weren’t leads on the case, but we were the unlucky schmucks who caught surveillance.

My cup runneth over.

“I bet your family will be sorry to miss you,” Ethan commented. He sat behind the wheel, while I’d been relegated to the passenger side. For some reason, he had this need to always drive. A habit I intended to break him of. Well, I would if we were going to stay partners. It probably wouldn’t be worth my while for the short time we’d be together.

I grunted noncommittally. “Don’t have any, what about yours?”

“They understand,” he replied, and fell silent.

Our binoculars were trained on two men inside the house. They’d ordered take out a while ago, and it had just arrived. They were setting everything out on a coffee table in the living room. Looked like a turkey dinner. They also had a bottle of whiskey, and had been hitting that pretty good all afternoon. Lot of food for two people, while we were relegated to what we’d brought with us, which wasn’t hot, and certainly wasn’t turkey. In the meantime, the temperature was plummeting as the sun dropped lower and lower into the sky.

Damn, this was boring. But then no one ever promised surveillance would be fun.

“They look awful relaxed, don’t you think?” He broke the silence.

“Yeah. Liquor will do that to you,” I snarked. “Too bad we don’t have any.”

“If we did, think it might make you like me any better?”

Where had that come from? I lowered my binoculars, which were trained on the suspects, and turned to my partner, mouth dropping open.

Ethan was smiling, but I could swear I saw something wistful in his eyes.

I mumbled something I’m not sure was even slightly intelligible.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Again, I was amazed. This was probably the longest personal conversation we’d ever had, which wasn’t saying much. Most of the time, I discouraged anything beyond subjects relating to work. I thought he’d understood. Guess not.

“What makes you think I’m gay?” I blurted out. Sure, I was, but how did he know? I’d never had a boyfriend, never been hit on by anyone. At least, not that I was aware of.

“Wishful thinking, maybe?” Again with those eyes. I found myself getting lost in all that blue. To my horror, I was also sliding closer to him. And were my lips parting, almost expectantly? What the hell?

I put the brakes on that right quick, ducked down as if I was picking up an imaginary something. Being clumsy though, I managed to overreach, and ended up with my head in Ethan’s lap, to my horror.

Damn, he was hard.

I scrambled back into position, painfully aware that I had an erection myself, which fact I’d done my best to ignore. I grabbed the binoculars and stared at the house.

“How about them Cubs?” I said the first stupid thing I could think of.

“Vinnie, it’s November. Baseball season’s over.” Ethan gently removed the binoculars from my shaking hands, and suddenly our mouths were fused, and the most incredible sensations were rocketing through me.

This was it. My first kiss. With Ethan Thorne, of all people.

By the time he drew back, I was shaking like a leaf and breathing hard. I was thinking… hell, I don’t know what I was thinking. My body was sending out definite signals, though.

“When we get done here, I think we should talk, Vinnie,” Ethan said. I darted a glance at him. I could tell the kiss had affected him too.

I didn’t trust my voice, so I nodded. We raised our binoculars to our eyes once more.

I had a feeling this was a Thanksgiving I’d never forget.

 to be continued

Now go see what the other Briefers are up to!

Virtual Book Tour: Future Winds

Please welcome author Kevin Laymon, who is here to tell us about his new release, Future Winds. Kevin will be awarding a $20 gift card to to one randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. To find out where the rest of the stops on the tour are, go here.Don't forget to look for the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

Future Winds
by Kevin Laymon





Set in a science fiction setting with elements of twisted horror, Future Winds is a strange yet wondrous tale of species self preservation and the all out moral cost of survival. Forced to leave earth, humanity discovers a planet capable of supporting life and hatches an audacious plan that will warp them across the universe to settle and begin anew. There is a darkness that resides below the planet's surface, but with no option to turn back, humanity must find a way forward.


Ness wasn’t sure of the correct answer, so he lied. Way he saw it, he had a fifty/fifty shot of getting it right anyway. “Na, we aren’t slaves Lucas. You think Ma would have let us get on this ship if that were the case?”

The younger boy began to quietly weep. “I miss Mom,” he reminded his older brother, just as he had the day before and the day before that.

“Yea me too buddy, but we will see her soon.” Ness lied once more.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

My name is Kevin Laymon. My passions are space exploration, music, sailing, snowboarding, wildlife, and of course writing. I have been writing for some time but the focus has been primarily on short stories and dark poems strictly for personal use. Future Winds is the first of a handful of novels I am working on for publication. I grew up in upstate New York and have lived up and down the east coast. New York is a location that holds a very special place in my heart. After working a wide range of jobs that I hated for far too long, Sara my significant other, and I decided earlier in 2015 to make some dramatic changes and travel. We scraped together some cash, I quit my job, and we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we live a libertarian life as vegetarians. We share our desertscape living quarters with an aquatic turtle named Taz and a rabbit named BunBear. On October 9th 2015 Sara & I got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sunshine in New Mexico has helped immensely in illuminating a greater perspective as to who I am and what I was placed on this planet to do; that is to teach and inspire. I have a hunger to awaken humanity so that we may break away from our programed way of thinking. Our minds are powerful and I encourage everyone to open them up, exercise them, and tap into the potential I know every living man woman and child has. Though my stories at times can be very dark there is a reason for everything I do. Perspective, perception, and relativity are everything in the world of literature.






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Virtual Book Tour: Dream God

Question #15

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing J. Johanis author of Dream God
Hi (name), thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

1)      Was there a basis for you story? A previous experience or something else?

Dream God revolves around a trial which is a lot like the modern day rape trials where the victim is smeared. The basis for my books usually comes from things I’ve read, current events, and cases of injustice. I’ve met a lot of bad people in my lifetime, but it’s not so much the bad guys that fascinate me, rather I’m drawn to the strength of those who are hurt by them. Some aspects of my books come from experience, but I never seek to replicate actual events.

2)     What skills do you think a writer needs?

I think that a writer needs to be well read, have a lot of life experiences, and have the ability to organize her thoughts.

3)     What for you is the perfect book hero?

My perfect hero is someone who’s misunderstood. He’s seen as a bad guy, but he really isn’t. I like having the illusion being lifted to reveal that a character has redeemable qualities. Two of my favorite examples are Snape from Harry Potter and Loki from the Avengers.

4)     Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Other than finding the time to write, sometimes I find it challenging to know where to draw the line. I like writing dark erotica, but I don’t want it to be too dark. So I try to capture the happy medium.

5)     Tell us about your favorite childhood book.

My favorite childhood book was Where the Red Fern Grows. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s a tragedy about a boy and his two hound dogs. After reading it on my own for the first time, I mourned for three days straight. I’ve never written a tragedy, but I love books that can elicit powerful emotions.

Author Name: J. Johanis
Book Name: Dream God
Series: S-Gods
Book: Two
Series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

Release Date: November 30, 2015
For the first time in three years, Aya is finally free, but with his freedom comes the pain of all he’s lost. Seeing Akad and Marduk together makes him realize how badly he has messed up. By betraying Marduk, he ruined his chance with the one god he desires more than anything.

Aya needs time to heal and put his world back together, but the trial against the Order looms over him. As the trial begins, Akad, Marduk, and Aya are ensnared in a web of jealousy, backstabbing, and cut-throat politics. Were
they crazy to think they could stand up to the Order? If the gods of the Order can still rip their lives apart, their chances of receiving justice may be next to impossible. But if they fail to bring the Order down, Aya may never be free from their grasp.

Content Advisory: M/M sex, polyamory, & dub-con.

Pages or Words: 196 pages

Categories: Erotica, Fantasy, Gay Fiction, Ménage/Poly, Paranormal

A moment later, the fierce god Anshar appeared from an adjoining room. Feeling small in his presence, Aya lowered his eyes and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. When the black-bearded god stopped before him, color flushed into Aya’s face. Anshar inspected him from head to toe, and Aya became acutely aware of how he was dressed. With his long white skirt, kohl lined eyes, and straight black hair flowing down his back, he probably looked more feminine than most goddesses. He’d never appeared before the gods dressed in this manner, but this was who he was.
Anshar ran a hand over his full beard, his lips curling into a sneer. Aya folded his arms over his bare chest and took a deep breath.  He wished he could escape Anshar’s scrutiny.
“You’re going to your hearing dressed like this?” Anshar gestured to Aya’s skirt.
“This is how I dressed before the Order took me. I only wore a tunic because Seth forced me to do so. He forbade me from lining my eyes with kohl and never let me dress how I liked.”
Anshar stared at Aya for a moment longer, his expression skeptical, then shrugged. “Very well. Do as you like, but before we go, I must warn you that the hearing will be held in Siren’s temple. Her powers are intense and can be felt well before you stand before her. For older gods, her powers act like a strong aphrodisiac. We are able to take being in her presence. However, for younger, weaker gods, her powers inflict overwhelming arousal. It will be so severe that you won’t be able to function in her presence. You’ll be paralyzed with desire that will cut into you like a knife until it’s alleviated.”
Aya furrowed his brow. “But… I’ve never desired a goddess. I’ve only been with gods.”
Anshar smirked. “It doesn’t matter whether you desire gods or goddesses. She emanates lust, and it will be too much for you to handle. The only way to counter it is with sex. So, before you are presented to her, I’m going to have to fuck you.”
“What?” The color drained from Aya’s face. The idea of this fierce bearded god driving his cock into him made Aya’s hole contract and his knees go weak. The thought of Anshar coming inside him made him feel like he was going to piss.
“No, I…” Aya couldn’t breathe. He shook his head, taking a step backward. He couldn’t allow Anshar to touch him in that way. Aya’s arousal unsettled him, and he suddenly felt like he was going to be sick. Akad’s father couldn’t fuck him. He couldn’t.
As Anshar watched Aya’s retreat, anger flickered into his dark eyes. “Aya, I have no desire to fuck you, but we have no choice about the matter. If I don’t do it, you won’t be able to stand before Siren, let alone speak to her.”
“But I … My servant can do it.”
“Your servant is a mortal!” Anshar snapped, his jaw tense. “His semen will do nothing for you. You’ll need to be fucked by a god! Furthermore, I wasn’t asking for permission. I’m telling you what’s going to happen. Now, follow me and I don’t want to hear another word of protest.”
Anshar stormed out of the room, but Aya felt too weak to follow. How could he let this god fuck him? Tears came to his eyes. Too many gods had bent him to their will. He wanted it all to be over. He wanted to give his body to whom he chose and no one else. Aya took a deep breath. He was faint. All the blood had drained from his head, and he wavered, grabbing a chair to steady himself.
Aya shook his head, doing his best to gather his courage. He had to be strong to get through this. Once the trial was over, he could start over. His body would be his own once again. Testifying against the Order was the only way he could gain his freedom once and for all. Aya finally made his feet move, and he followed Anshar out.

About the author: J. Johanis writes dark m/m erotic fantasy, and enjoys plots that are historical or myth-based.

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Publisher: J. Johanis
Cover Artist: Indigo Forest Design

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