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Silver Flash: Lust Never SLeeps #8: Welcome to Lust

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to another Silver Flash, brought to you by the good people at Silver Publishing! Today's Prompt Diva is the talented Sui Lynn, who gave us these: a zeppelin, a pocket watch, a pair of binoculars and a parasol. Our own Ryssa provided us with the alternate prompt: "Any minute now..."

As you may recall from the last chapter of Lust Never Sleeps, we left Sawyer and Darryl in a flying car, soaring through the clouds, and they had just become aware of another vehicle in the sky. See what or who has joined them, in Chapter 8 of Lust Never Sleeps.  Enjoy!

Lust Never Sleeps

At first Darryl thought that it was the beating of his excited heart, before he came to the realization that what he was hearing was an exterior noise, something mechanical. He and Sawyer simultaneously raised their heads, turning them in unison. There, in the airspace before them, was a zeppelin. Airspace was a relative term, as it was not near enough to be considered in any danger of being on top of them by any means; the sky was a big place. But this was a huge ship, and it appeared to be bearing down upon them. More quickly than Darryl felt was safely comfortable.

The airship was silver in color, but in the sunlight it seemed to shimmer in fluctuating shades of blue. Blat! Another angry honk issued from the depths of the zeppelin—big, brassy and booming. Darryl froze in place, watching his life flash before his eyes, as Sawyer slid back into his seat. Other than the brief time spent with Sawyer, it was a rather disappointing show. Again he gripped Sawyer’s strong thigh, and began to pray.

“Our father, who art in heaven….”

Suddenly he felt the car rise. Darryl was thrown backward against the seat by a force he didn’t even attempt to fight. They ascended, easily clearing the top of the zeppelin which was still moving inexorably toward them at a genteel pace. It sailed on its way beneath them.

Darryl felt Sawyer’s gentle touch as he felt the other man remove the air goggles he wore. He opened his eyes to see Sawyer’s concerned face, also sans goggles. “It’s alright, we’re well above it now. No harm done.”

No harm if you didn’t count the near heart attack Darryl felt as though he’d just survived. But before he could voice his opinion, his lips were stilled by Sawyer’s, and he simply melted into them once more.

Darryl’s breathing calmed, and for a time, they simply sat together, leaning into one another. The car-plane seemed to have a pre-set course, as Sawyer did very little actual work. Occasionally, he checked the instruments, made an adjustment. Most of his attention was focused on Darryl.

It was mid-afternoon when Sawyer reached into the glove compartment, brushing his hand across Darryl’s lap as he did so, producing an inadvertent moan.  In his hand, he clutched a pair of binoculars. He peered into the distance, in a downward direction. “Lust ahoy!” he cried at last, in a chipper tone.

 “I beg your pardon?”

“Look! Down there!” He handed Darryl the field glasses, directing his attention to a point below. Darryl could see what appeared to be buildings and streets coming into view. Maybe even people. At this height and distance, that was hard to determine for sure.

“That’s the city of Lust,” Sawyer explained. “Our destination.” From his coat, he produced a pocket watch, snapped it open. “Right on time too. Good.”

“We’re on a schedule?”

Sawyer dazzled him with a brilliant smile, before turning his attention to the various dials and knobs recessed into the vehicle’s dark-wooded instrument panel. Deftly avoiding answering the question in the process.

Darryl decided that in the scheme of things it didn’t really matter. He settled in for the remainder of their journey. When Sawyer raised one arm, he gladly snuggled against him, wrapped in his warmth, content to be there—no matter where there was or where they were going. He closed his eyes for just a second, breathing in the scent of Sawyer.

When he opened them again, they were on the ground and driving. The way that normal vehicles did, on a paved road. Had they really been flying? Or was that but a crazy dream?

“All real, love, all real.” Sawyer gave him a cocky grin.

Ahead of them, Darryl saw a stone entranceway, flanked on either side by wrought iron gates which hung open. As they drove through them, Sawyer turned to Darryl. “Welcome to Lust, love,” he said.

The city of Lust was big and loud and boisterous; Darryl quickly discovered how it had obviously gotten its name. Everywhere he looked he saw women, with long limbs and short skirts. Unabashed at the amount of skin they displayed, they beckoned to every passerby, grinding and promising a good time. On the sidewalks, shady men with bright suspenders and brighter smiles attempted to lure people into games of chance—dice, cards, brightly lit wheels, or colored bones. Anything and everything that could be conceived of.

There were pretty men in loincloths, who offered to fuck or be fucked.  Men clad in kilts, and others in dresses. Black leather-clad women brandished whips; they offered to chastise naughty sinners. Brightly costumed clowns, men on stilts, and men in bear suits. Penitent priests and scintillating nuns. Whatever your taste, your preference, or your perversion, Lust had a way of satisfying it. And if it didn’t exist, Lust would make it up.

Darryl goggled at the colorful figures determined to part him from his money, and perhaps stomp on his heart as well. He moved closer to Sawyer when one bold woman almost pulled him out of the car. Sawyer touched her arm lightly. She shrieked, then disappeared into the crowd. He couldn’t help but remember the way Sawyer’d parted the other crowd, the one that gawked at the victim of the gypsy Milosh.

“How did you do that?”

Sawyer made a sudden left turn, and parked the car. “We’re here,” he announced, pushing a button. Darryl felt the car shiver, but it was only the top, which Sawyer was putting up. He came around the front of the car.

 Opening Darryl’s door, he reached for his hand, helping him onto the sidewalk, before he locked the car.
“Now we…” he began, just before he was hit from behind, whacked over the head by a cherry-colored parasol.

Darryl started to protest, until he felt the tip jab into his rib.

“Don’t move!” a feminine voice growled.
 to be continued

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Love by the Numbers Review

Love by the Numbers  
Author: S.L. Danielson
Publisher: S.L. Danielson
American release date: May 2, 2011
Format/Genre Length: 118 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: 18+
Overall Personal Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Jared Adamson is your typical blond jock—he’s into athletics more than he’s into academics. When his math teacher informs him that he’s about to fail, and thereby become ineligible for baseball come spring, he panics. Luckily, the old battleaxe has a solution—he can be tutored by Scott Williams, who just happens, unbeknownst to Jared, to have a crush on him! Will opposites attract or will Scott stay invisible to the hot blond forever?


Scott is a little overweight and self-conscious about the fact, as well as the fact that he’s never attracted anyone even slightly. He’s gay, and he’s out with his family, who are very supportive, but he tends to be reserved considering what he sees as his fatal flaws. On the other hand, he thinks Jared is extremely cute, but he knows Jared’s way out of his league, not to mention he’s straight, despite his mother’s ideas to the contrary.

Jared comes to Scott’s house for his study sessions; Scott’s mother, Margaret, embraces him warmly, almost like another son. The teen feels at home. It seems sometimes as if he tries to avoid going home. And he never wants to talk about his home life, or his dad. But if Scott questions him, he clams up and remains obstinately quiet.

The boys grow closer as the tutoring continues, developing a deep friendship. Jared refuses to accept Scott’s self-pitying concept of himself, encouraging him to lose weight and live a little. Scott wants to know more about what is bothering Jared, but he’s afraid to push and lose their friendship. He wishes it could be more. A lot more.

Senior year is a rollercoaster ride when you’re a teen with raging hormones. Make that two teens who are trying to figure out who they are, and how they want the world to perceive them, as well as one another. Can love grow in such an environment? Will Jared ever confide the truth to Scott about what his home life is truly like?


Love by the Numbers is a coming of age story about two teens finding one another, and finding something in each other that’s worth fighting for. If you’re a follower of Ms. Danielson’s, this is an earlier book of hers, and doesn’t reflect some of the later growth in her writing skills, which at this point were a little raw yet. So there are some points that could or should have been smoothed out. Some unbelievable family dynamics (sorry, I’m not a believer in the whole parents who not only openly espouse their child’s being gay but encourage them to sexually express themselves). But these are minor points, which do not detract from the story as a whole.

Ms. Danielson’s style is not flowery nor verbose. She writes in quick jabs, knows what she wants to say and says it. She gets to the heart of the matter, which is the relationship between these two boys, and being themselves. There’s a sequel, Life After Math, which I intend to read and review as well.

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Guest Blogger Michael Mandrake

Good morning and happy Monday to one and all! Today I welcome my friend Sharita who is wearing her Michael Mandrake skin today. She's going to talk to us about the importance of a good beta! Why don't you all get settled while she and I grab a quick cuppa? No, on second thought, let's get a cute guy in a thong to bring us drinks in our beach chairs. Yes, that sounds much better. I'll flag him down, you go ahead Sharita.

The Importance of a Great Beta
Michael Mandrake

Greetings fans!

Thanks to Julie for having me here today!

Today, I’d like to share with you how important it is to have a critique partner or beta. Now, some of you say, what’s a beta? Well, it’s a person who critiques and or edits your work before you send it to the publisher. This person, in many instances will call you to the carpet, hopefully nicely and respectful, and spot when your plot is off, when you’ve wrote something entirely silly, and also in some instances, correct your punctuation. Even though all are important, the one that sticks out more is your plot.

Does it make sense? Are you wandering aimlessly in story land and boring the hell out of your reader? If this is the case, the beta is to tell you where this is going.

I’ll admit, I’m a newbie. *waves frantically* I’m okay with that too because in some of my much earlier stories I made some childish mistakes. Why? Because I didn’t have a beta and in a couple of situations, the proofer or editor didn’t catch the error and it made it to print. *bangs head on desk* But hey, it happens.

Now though, I’m very blessed to have a few betas. Some I’ve asked more than most. In the most respectful and kind way, all have told me what I needed to work on and what worked in terms of plot.
I also have a few other authors and friends who’ve read for me and all of them I’ve definitely appreciated the feedback regardless of the tone. Some of them have been tough love which is cool because you really don’t want your beta to stroke you too much. Find the faults, celebrate the good stuff and give pointers. The key, again, is doing it respectfully.

So, you know what it is. Now, authors, tell me what you think? Do you send your stories to a beta? Readers? Do you read for an author? Let me know some positive experiences!

I’d like to thank Julie for having me on today and appreciate her for the help she has given me as well!


The Literary Triad -!
Michael Mandrake -
Its Raining Men Blog -

 My newest release, A Second Chance under my pename, Michael Mandrake.

Out Now

Publisher: XOXO Publishing

Author Michael Mandrake

Buylink: XOXO and Amazon

Hesitant to begin a relationship with someone new, two police officers who have lost their partners in the line of duty try to deal with their obvious attraction to one another. Will one of them accept the other’s proposition to start over or remain alone because of their places on the police force?


While we continued to chat, I noticed DeClerc in my peripheral. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I moistened my lips, biting the bottom as he came closer.


“Um, hello…” I looked past the chief to take a long gander at Daniel. I stood up, extending my hand. “I’m Farris Beason.”

He accepted. “Daniel Declerc. Nice to meet you.” The handshake was firm, his hands soft like a female.

Don chuckled, “See Beason, if you would’ve been in the right frame of mind you could’ve joined Daniel today.”

While we exchanged smiles, I gawked at the pretty face in front of me. Daniel was even more gorgeous up close. The only distraction was the defect on his finger. Who was lucky enough to call him theirs? I had to find out.

“Pity,” Daniel said with a grin. “Maybe when you’ve recovered from your wild night?” He cocked an eyebrow.

I laughed, “Yeah, um…maybe…”

We’d broken our hand gestures but not our gaze. Maybe he did play for my team, but the question remained, who was he married to?

Thank you so much for being here, Sharita! It's always a pleasure! Oh look,  here comes out waiter!   I think you all will understand if we're going to be distracted for a while. But go ahead and ask questions, leave comments! We're not going anywhere, are we, S?

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Sci Fi Sunday - Reality Check Continues

Happy Sunday and welcome to another Sci Fi Sunday! This week Reality Check continues with the further adventures of Kay and Reno.Will Kay kill his sister for having a big mouth? Will she ruin everything? And what's going on over at Reno's place? Stay tuned and find out! Don't forget to check out Sui Lynn's blog at 2 Cents and our joint blog at Backdoor Divas!

Reality Check  

Chapter Four

Normally, I’m not a violent man. Not at all. Rather, I’m considered to be a lover, by those who know me. A great lover, in fact. But that’s entirely beside the point. At this moment, I’m ready to commit violence, and on no less a personage than my sister Luci. Luckily for her, I remain a gentleman and a brother, despite my urgent need to strangle her and thus collapse her vocal chords before they can utter anything even remotely resembling an end to the carefully laid plans of Reno and myself.

I cast about in my mind for something that will divert the child from her tragic course of action.

“Luci! Why don’t we go outside and… and… play with your dolls?” It’s the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t ask me why. She gives me a strange look. Silly child.

“I haven’t played with dolls for quite some time, Kay. Probably since the last time you were home, before you left to attain your… education.”

Why does she have to snicker when she says that? As if there’s any doubt as to why I traveled off-planet for those four years? I was pursuing my higher education. Anything else I might’ve done in the way of extracurricular activities is simply none of her business.

Why does everyone snicker when they say that? Sometimes I wonder.

But never mind that now. While I was puzzling her words, she’s walked away from me, toward our parents. I hastily pursue her, managing to almost stumble over my own feet. Instantly, Swy’s hand is at my elbow. Good man, Swyddogh. Worth his weight in… well, in something valuable, but I can’t think clearly right now. My mind and heart are too filled with the fear of losing Reno to something as senseless as my sister’s big mouth.

She hugs our parents, first Mother, than Father. Everyone’s smiling much too much for my liking, as I see my short but spectacular life flash before my eyes. For a moment, I actually think about turning and running to my room to escape what’s coming. Until a vision of Reno flashes through my brain, and my body recalls the feel of him, of his arms around me, and I’m powerless to do anything but remain and fight for this man I love.

My eyes widen as the word zings through me. What did I just say? I. Love. Reno.


The more I think it, the more I know it’s true. And the more determined I am to keep Luci from destroying 
my love before I even discover if it’s mutual or not.

What is she saying? Heavens above, what is she saying?

“Mother, Father. About this courtship thing, I want to tell you again how pleased I am with your choice, and I’m sure he’ll make a good husband for me.”

“Just a minute…” I begin to protest, even as her words sink into my head. What did she just say?

They’re all staring at me now, Luci in open annoyance. Or is she smirking at me? Whichever it is, I think I need a drink. No, I know I need a drink. And a good translator. One that speaks sister, ‘cause I sure don’t.

“Kay, my goodness, what in the world is wrong with you?”

Think quickly, or all will be lost, I can’t afford to blurt out that I’m in love with the man we’ve just set up to marry my sister. Pretend to go along with it. And most of all, please breathe.

“I… I…. “ Damn, the words aren’t coming.

Mother turns to my sister, since I’m obviously a lost cause. “Liusaidh, your brother’s going to chaperone your visits, including the one we’ve set up for today.”

Today? Set up? What’s going on here?

“Thank you, Mother, what an excellent suggestion. I’d love to have Kay’s company. I’ll feel safer with him there.”

My parents are beaming at us both, while I’m looking suspiciously at the girl who wears my sister like a spare suit. That can’t be Luci. Can it?

She links her arm with mine. Just before I feel like I might fall to the floor. “Come, brother dearest, let us get you something to eat. I think your blood sugar is too low. Some orange juice should do the trick, don’t you think?”

She’s walking me out of the room, with Swy hastening after us, while I attempt to collect the scattered shreds of my dignity. She commands a passing native to bring some food to my room, which is where we end up. Why my room, I’m tempted to ask, but think better of it, focusing instead on the issues at hand. Like what the hell is going on?

“You sleep too late, brother,” she begins, sitting cross-legged upon my bed, forcing me to sit at the end of the bed, where it’s far less comfortable and… Again I digress.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that even before you dragged your pretty little posterior out of bed, I’d already seen our parents and broached the idea of your handling the courtship as my chaperone. They said yes, of course.”

“But… but… how… I mean… they never let on…” I’m totally unhinged now.

“Because I told them to let you think it was your idea. See? Brilliant, eh?” She looks so very self-satisfied. I’d slap her silly face if she hadn’t accomplished just exactly what I wished her to. Alright, so maybe I’m not as brilliant and convincing as I thought I was. Who cares? The point is that it’s all set. It’s happening. It’s fait accompli.

It’s Fate.

I feel a grin coming over me like a new strain of the flu, as I contemplate the pretty future which lies ahead of us. Ah, life is so wonderful. Wonderful indeed.

“When are we to receive them, sister dearest?” I ask, visions of Reno floating through my head. Naked Reno, I might add.

 “About the twelfth hour, brother dear. I’ll be back well before then, trust me.”

“Back? From where?”

“From dressing, of course. I need to look my best for my intended.”

“For your intended…” I find it hard to get the words out.

“Oh Kay, you know what I mean!” She sounds exasperated. “Don’t make me spell it out. Not yours, mine. Now hush.” She kisses my cheek and climbs off the bed, flouncing toward the door, which Swy opens for her. She turns and blows a kiss through the air at me before disappearing out the door.

Now I have only two things to do—dress myself to please my lovely Reno, to gain his approval. And wait for the time of his arrival.

That’ll be the hardest thing, waiting for him. But I shall. Oh, should I tell him I love him? Or wait until he asks? Or until he makes his intentions known?

What to do? What to do? What to do?


I carry my baby brother, clutched tightly in my arms. Jaou on my heels as we ran for the garden. To say I’m a bit protective of my sibling is an understatement. I truly fear for his life in this moment. His body feels completely limp in my arms; there’s hardly any color in his skin. His hair and complexion are completely gray.

“Come on Dorian, don’t you dare give up. I’m not ready to have my baby brother leave me for the guardian.” I rub my cheek against his, willing every ounce of my energy to flow through my skin and into my baby brother. I don’t care if my hair turns pale— as long as Dorian recovers.

Jaou jogs ahead of me, sliding open the door that leads to the garden. I run as quickly as I can to the center of the garden and drop to my knees, laying Dorian into the center bed of rich soil. Jaou’s instantly at my brother’s feet, mounding the black soil around him. Jaou kneels with Dorian’s feet against his knees. I sit at the other end, Dorian’s head on my thighs.

“He’s gotta be alright.” Jaou’s concerned eyes meet mine, a tear sliding down his cheek.

“He will be.” I reply, ignoring the stinging pressure of tears pressing against my own eyes. I’ve almost lost two brothers to the wastes. When this is over I’ll find out what’s behind this phenomenon and help the earth mother dispose of the hazard. Maybe Kay can help with that. I tip my head back and stretch my arms out toward the rays of the guardian. Jaou sits exactly the same way at Dorian’s feet, both of us pouring forth energy blessed onto us by the guardian into our sick brother.

I vaguely register the footfalls of my baby sister, Alangelainea. I’m surprised mother has allowed Angel into the garden, what with Dorian being so ill.

“Is he going to be alright?” I almost miss Angel’s softly spoken question which comes from over my right shoulder.

“We’re doing everything we can. If the guardian wills, he’ll recover,” Jaou says softly. He’s making no promises because although we’re dumping energy into Dorian, he hasn’t begun to recover any of his color. His system has been poisoned and it’s taking everything we have to purge the toxins.

“Can I help?” Angel kneels down beside Dorian. She looks from me to Jaou and back to our brother.

“Jaou and I are purging his system. But he needs to know we love him, so he’ll fight to stay with us. Why don’t you hold his hand?” I brush a hand down my sister’s hair. Mother wouldn’t be happy but I can see in Angel’s eyes that she wants… no needs… to help her brother too. Angel smiles sadly and picks up Dorian’s hand, clutching it to her chest. Dorian may be our little brother, but his hand looks huge clutched in the tiny hands of our baby sister.

I can hear Angel whispering to Dorian. I can’t make out what she’s saying, but tears are slowly running trails down her cheeks, dripping on his chest as she slowly rocks. As close as Jaou and I are, I can see that Angel and Dorian are just as close. I can feel through the connection that Jaou and I are winning over the toxins. Dorian’s beginning to get his coloring back. It’s faint but still it’s getting there. That little bit encourages me and I pour more of myself into my brother. I glance over and lock eyes with Jaou. I see his little smile—I know he can feel it too.

“He’s getting better Angel.” I mumble as I continue to focus.

I vaguely recognize that the door’s sliding open. Father enters. He takes Dorian’s hands in his, sending Angel away. Hours pass with the three of us pouring energy and healing into Dorian. His breathing becomes easier and the gray pallor, becoming a light green as the black dirt around him becomes gray with the toxins that leech from his body. I can practically feel the color leaving my hair and body to rejuvenating Dorian.

“My sons, you must stop now. You risk yourselves and Dorian would never forgive you for endangering yourself in order to save him.” Father rests a hand on my shoulder. I look down from the guardian hanging in the afternoon sky, the morning is gone, my stomach is rumbling in protest to its malnourishment. I realize as Jaou falls forward on his arms that neither of us have eaten since the party. “You both need to rest and eat. Then come back and soak up the last of the evenings rays before you sleep.”

“Thank you, Father,” I mumble.  I brush the hair from Dorian’s face before I rest his head gently into the graying soil under him.

“I’ll change his bedding and feed him more energy. Your mother’ll be in to assist me as soon as she’s finished with her Vid meeting with the Advisor to the Crown.” Father takes up Dorian’s hands and I hear him whisper a blessing as I struggle to my feet, pulling Jaou along with me. He was barely healed from his own escapades in the wastes, so dumping so much into our brother has turned his pallor an alarming gray as well.

“Let’s go. We’ll be back soon, Father.” I see him nod his head in a miniscule motion before we leave and make our way to the kitchen.

Angel’s there. She’s setting out fruits and vegetables on the table for us to devour, but the water’s the first thing I grab. Both Jaou and I are dehydrated to the point where my very skin feels wrinkly from lack of moisture. If I look half as bad as Jaou, I’m certain that Mother’ll be furious. All of the hours of work and preparation for attracting Luci have all been poured into keeping my brother alive. And regardless, I wouldn’t change a thing. My brother still lives. I start putting together nutbutter and fruit sandwiches, slicing the exotic banana fruit imported by the humans into slices and layering it with bread and the nutbutter.

As I devour my sandwich in silence, too exhausted to make conversation, I realize I can hear Mother talking on her vid conference. She sounds very angry and I’m pleased that she has someone other than me to vent her frustrations at. Although I’m sure that nothing will prevent her from giving me a piece of her mind soon enough.

I’m about to suggest to Jaou that we return to the garden when I hear a familiar voice saying something about how do you request entrance to a home that has a paper door. My fear-filled eyes lock with Jaou’s… Kay has arrived. Why is he here?

to be continued

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Gideon's Sword Review

Gideon’s Sword  
Authors: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
American release date: February 11, 2011
Format/ Genre/Length: Novel/Thriller/342 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: NR
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★
Similar series or titles to check out: the Pendergast series, by the same authors

Gideon Crew watched his father get shot down by his government employers, accused of treason. Gideon was only twelve when his world was turned upside down, an event from which his mother never recovered. It sent her into a downward spiral which continued until her own death. Gideon vowed to wreak vengeance on the ones who’d destroyed his family.


L. Melvin Crew was a world-class mathematician who’d worked for a government agency. He was accused of causing the deaths of 26 field agents, and was summarily executed during a hostage situation, right before his son’s eyes, although he had clearly surrendered and was unarmed. Gideon refuses to believe he was guilty. He distances himself from things, following a rather illegal career path. It isn’t until some twelve years later, at the request of his dying mother, that he goes after the man responsible for his father’s death, amassing the evidence he needs to clear his father. And the name of the man that was responsible for his death—retired General Chamblee Tucker.

After clearing his father’s name, Gideon thinks he’s going to spend a little time at his remote cabin, relaxing and fishing. But Fate has other ideas. A strange man turns up unexpectedly, with a very lucrative offer. One which Gideon cannot refuse. He decides to at least listen, and finds himself on a flight to NYC. There he meets the extraordinary engineer Eli Glinn, owner and chief CEO of EES—Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc.

How to explain Eli Glinn and EES? They specialize in the discipline of failure analysis, among other things. They take on difficult, unusual, and critical tasks that no one else can handle. And they do it discreetly. Eli has a job for Gideon, one he believes the other man to be perfect for. He knows all about his doings with Chamblee Tucker. As well as Gideon’s stint as a major art thief. Gideon doesn’t really have a lot of choice here, so he agrees. Especially when information of a rather personal nature is revealed, and Gideon assumes a what the hell attitude.

First things first. A Chinese scientist is on his way to the US; he carries plans for a new high-technology weapon. It is believed this weapon is more powerful than the H-bomb. Gideon’s mission is to tail him from the airport, upon his arrival, and take the plans away from him and then bring them to Glinn. The fee is $100k. He has four hours until Mark Wu’s arrival. Four hours in which to figure out how he’s gonna do it.

From the very beginning, things do not go as planned. Gideon Crew is in for the ride of his life.



I am a huge fan of Preston & Child, so it was inconceivable that I would not read this book and review it. I loved it from the beginning. I found myself caught up in Gideon’s dilemma, in the tragedy of his childhood which formed his life and his personality, made him what he is. Gideon himself is a likeable character, and you come to care for him, and cheer him on to ultimate success. The secondary characters are every bit as believable, and well-drawn. P&C suck you into this fast-paced world of high stakes technology. Luckily our guide knows what he’s doing.

I found one small continuity error which an editor should have caught, but oh well. If you read the jacket, it states that Gideon’s father died when he was 12. At 24 Gideon begins his mission of vengeance. The book begins in 1988, therefore twelve years later should be 2000. But the book says 1996. Small error, but I’m anal enough to pick up on it.

I loved the cliffhanger ending, and I am hoping there will be more of Gideon Crew. No, don’t worry, they finished the first story, just dangled a second one like a carrot in front of Gideon’s face. I think he has little choice but to take it. I’ll definitely be there to see what he does with it.