WIP's or what's in my head!

Here's what I'm currently working on.

I am working on a m/m romance anthology of my own with food or wine as a theme. The name of the anthology is Delectable Dishes, the first story I've written is the Belgian Chocolate Remedy. The WIP for the anthology is the Insomniac Sommelier.
Edit: I'm not doing an anthology now, but I have sold The Belgian Chocolate Remedy to Museit Up Publishing. It was released in December 2012. I'm still working on The Insomniac Sommelier.

I am working on some sequels:
The sequel to Sex on the Beach Christmas Style (on hold right now)
The third in the To The Max series (first at DSP, second sitting in limbo until I find a new publisher)Update - For Love of Max has been subbed to Resplendence, waiting to hear)
The second in the Dark Love series - also sitting in limbo (on hold right now)
The sequel to Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire - also sitting in limbo (The first story has been reworked, a second POV added, and subbed to Storm Moon - cross your fingers!) Update: Total EBound has asked to see Leo, so they have it too. Keep your fingers crossed doubly!
Edit: I am currently writing the second Trapped in Time and the second Dallas in Wonderland. Dallas can be seen each week on my flash.

My collaboration with SL Danielson, My Fair Vampire, is out. We've begun a totally different series, one we have lovingly nicknamed out Cracker series, because it concerns young men living in Georgia. We've written three books in the series so far, which we are calling The Mark of Love series, and the first book - Finding His Mark - has been subbed. Cross your fingers. We're working on the fifth book now. The collaboration has pretty much fallen apart, and after this book we are taking our characters and going our separate ways. Assuming we finish this book.
Edit: We've finished the fifth book and because the first publisher, No Boundaries Press, ran off with out money and everyone else's (if you ever see Kharisma Rhayne, stay far far away), we got our rights back and sold all five to Prizm. The first one comes out in April.

Sui Lynn and I have  had to put our collaboration on hold temporarily, because of real life issues, both Reality Check, and our historical steampunk, but we will get back to them.

Update: When Will I See You Again is done and subbed to Dreamspinner as of Christmas Eve! Cross your fingers!
Edit: When Will I See You Again was released by Amber Quill in January, and has hit the top 100 lists at Amazon. I am floored, amazed, and delighted!

Dreamspinner has accepted By My Alien, and M.A. Church and I are working on the second book! BMA should be out in May or June of 2013
Update: MA and I subbed the second book, Be My Human, and are waiting to hear about it.

I self-pubbed Lawn Boy, Sex on the Beach Christmas Style and Dallas in Wonderland. They can be found at Smashwords, ARe, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu.
Update: I pulled Dallas and sold it to eXtasy.

New WIP's:

Working on Forbidden, and my first PI novel, Personal Business, which I've pitched to an editor at Kensington.

Working on a novella, Here May We Reign Secure, which is a companion piece to Revelations, and features Lucifer.

New business: I am currently writing a flash fiction series that I've tentatively named Stan and Ollie, at least for now. Well, the muse hit me over the heat (ow!) and instructed me to write the prequel to that, and I've begun to do so, because I'm having a lot of fun with them. So now we'll find out how they met and how they began! I've also come up with a name for the series - Dead Vibrations! Will keep you updated, but only on chapter 2 now.
Update: I've named the first book in the Dead Vibrations series - Starry Starry Night - and I've finished Chapter 5! Moving right along!

And now I have my own serial killer - Sebastian Laguerre - whom I introduced in a one off flash fiction recently. Sebastian isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill serial killer - he's also a demigod, son of Ares! Stay tuned for further updates on this, as I plan to have a lot of fun with this new series!

Update: I'm working on my first BDSM novel, No Way Out, which began as a flash. Not sure where I plan to sub it. I'm about 46k into it now.

I think that will keep me busy for a while!