Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catch and Release Review

Wedding days are meant to be happy, but for Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) that happiness is marred when her fiancé, Grady, dies right before the wedding.  On the day of his funeral, she has a wedding cake in the refrigerator, and she is turning away the wedding flowers at the door.

After his death, Gray finds she cannot afford the house they bought together so recently that her fiancé hadn’t even moved in yet.  She moves into the house he shared with two roommates, his friends Sam (Kevin Smith) and Dennis (Sam Jaeger) as well as a third friend who has come from out of state for the wedding and stayed for the funeral – Fritz (Timothy Olyphant). She works at rebuilding her life from the ashes of her tragedy – only to find that Fate isn’t done with her yet. In settling his finances, she learns that there was an aspect of his past that he never told her about.  His not so distant past.  Feeling more than a little betrayed, she comes face to face with this living breathing reminder that her late fiancé was not perfect.

His friends, who are also her friends, are very supportive of Gray, especially Fritz. He’s a very enigmatic sort of guy, but he’s there for her.  He helps her to deal with this curveball that’s been thrown into her life. She doesn’t even realize she’s falling for him, which causes other problems, cause Dennis is in love with Gray too. Gray is determined, though, not to get hurt again, and isn’t willing to put her heart on the line for anything, or anyone.  What will it take to get her to live again?

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