Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat - it's time for Halloween!

Tonight the little ones will be running from door to door offering tricks, receiving treats (maybe some of the older ones too lol) on this special night known as Halloween! In the spirit of the occasion, I present you with some good looking guys in Halloween costumes. Enjoy!

Three cheers for our military men who work hard to protect us. I can see how hard this one works out! He's definitely soldier of the day!

Let's not forget the navy here. This costume is simple, but quite appealing. I'm not going to be the one to tell him to pull up his pants, are you?

Our boys in blue who protect and serve - who wouldn't want to have this guy come knocking at his door, looking for a Halloween treat?

The flip side of law is - what else? The gangster! This guy is looking rather spiffy, and makes crime look rather good!

For a wee touch of the Irish, here's your lad, a wearin' of the green. Though I wouldn't object if he chose to remove some of that green so we could get a better view of his shillelagh!

For you history buffs, I present this gladiator. If you're admiring his costume, you're looking down too far!

Who doesn't admire a well-dressed vampire? This one is certainly in full possession of his sartorial faculties! Wish you could see what's beneath his cape?  So do I?

Although, truth be told, there is one vampire who I believe to be the sexiest one of them all, and holds the key to my heart.

There you have them! Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween cavalcade! Be careful tonight, and have fun!

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Til next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. Love the costumes!

    :D And of course you'd put up a pic of your fave Gary Oldman. ;D

  2. Of course I would! I'm totally predictable, aren't I, Shar? Happy Halloween, sweetie! *hugs*