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Announcing the winners!

And now for the winners in my Manga and Romance blog hop, as promised. Drum roll, if you please!

The winners are:

Debby, Krowhop and Emily!

Congratulations and I'll be contacting you by email to see what you would like. If I don't hear back from the winners within a few days, I'll choose another name (s).

If you didn't win, never fear, the next blog hop will be here before you know, to celebrate the Fourth of July!

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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time #8

Happy Wednesday! I'm happy to report that I'm now employed again, at least temporarily, but that will not stop me from being part of this fine Wednesday tradition - flash fiction from the authors of Wednesday Briefs!  This week's prompt was: "She/he works hard for her/his money..." and the alternate prompts were: Use disco, banana, turtle or use "macho man" or "If I can't have you..." or use an inferno

As you'll recall in last week's episode of Trapped in Time, Myron has a new friend, and Doll and Vittorio had some fun in the water! What next? And what will Myron name the monkey?  Don't forget to visit the other Wednesday Briefers, whose links follow my story. Enjoy!

Trapped in Time #8

Where to lay our heads for the night? That does present another entire set of problems, does it not? I wish to sleep nowhere near Myron, naturally, but even I am not so heartless as to realize that he will probably be frightened of sleeping too far away from us. Even if he has found a new bosom companion.

Also, there is the question of our safety in this strange new world. Or perhaps I should say strange old world, for we find ourselves many years in mankind’s past. Whereas in our own time we consider ourselves to be the most evolved beings, the ones in charge, here we are not only intruders, but something new that these creatures have not seen before and not only will they most likely hold no immediate respect for us for who we are, they’ll probably see as dinner (or breakfast, or whatever the case might be.)

“I think for tonight we must be cautious and stand watches,” Vittorio suggests.

 I can’t say that entirely meets with my approval, but if it is only for one night, I shall not argue. Besides, other thoughts have entered my head, and spread enticingly through my body as I realize that Vittorio and I shall now be co-habiting, something we’ve never done before. Not really. Sure he’s spent the night at my apartment and I at his.  But this will be something entirely different. We shall be living together, and the idea fills me with great joy.  Looking into his beautiful eyes, I can see my lover shares my enthusiasm.

Myron? He’s got the monkey; he’ll be fine.

“I think we should move away from the water, at least for now. Tomorrow we can find someplace more permanent.”

Myron and the monkey are freshly bathed—although I fail to see the improvement in the beast; Myron, I mean—and I guess he feels better and braver so he has decided he can go back to complaining again. Naturally.  I wonder what he did with the wand while we were otherwise occupied, but I don’t care enough to ask.

“I’m hungry,” he whines, and the monkey rubs its tummy and says something in its native tongue.

I’m loath to admit it, but I could stand to eat too, to tell the truth.

“There’s no grocer,” Myron points out the obvious. How does that man even manage to breathe without help?

“We are not without resources,” Vittorio says gently.  “I am sure there are plants we can eat. We’ll need to have a fire too, I think.” His brows draw together in concern.

“What is wrong?” I reach for his hand, hold it within my own.

“I’m not sure,” he confesses, “how good an idea it is. But it will be good for keeping watch. And for cooking whatever we find. Yes, we should try to build a fire.” He nods as if he’s convinced himself of the validity of his arguments. “Myron, could you perhaps use your wand to start a fire?”

I refrain from snorting only because I don’t think that would be appropriate at this moment, but skepticism and I are definitely walking hand in hand, close allies at the very idea that Myron can actually control that slender piece of wood.  With his lack of luck, I’m afraid he’ll produce an inferno. I’ve begun to think his transporting us to this time was a fluke, nothing more.

“Of course I can,” he brags, throwing out what passes for a chest (and trust me, I’ve seen chests, well, Vittorio’s anyway, and Myron’s isn’t a chest, it’s not even close to one). “Where should I do it?”

“Let us find a spot to sleep for tonight and you can do it there.”

We fall in line, Vittorio leading the way. I’m behind him, or should I say between him and Myron. The two beasts bring up the rear.

Trusting to Vittorio’s instincts, we push our way through this verdant jungle. “Watch out for vines,” Vittorio warns. They hang everywhere; we duck beneath and around them as they fall into our path. I almost brush one away with my hand, but at the last moment, I refrain, just before I see the “vine” slither away from us and out of sight. So there are snakes here, I see. Useful information to have.

I know there are animals around us, I can hear them, but none seems to be too close at hand, luckily. Maybe the appearance of the tyrannosaurus scared them off? If so, that was fortuitous for us. But still the question remains—for how long? Also, I have to believe he’ll be back. Maybe not alone.

Vittorio stops in a small clearing in the midst of some thick foliage. The ground here is not too marshy at all, in fact it’s relatively dry. I realize, though, if we sleep on the ground, we shall have to launder our clothes fairly often. I hope we can figure out how to make new ones, but that is not a consideration right now.

“We can stay here tonight,” Vittorio says. “Doll and I shall sleep here.” He points to one side of the clearing. “And you may sleep there, with… What is his name, Myron?”

Yes, I’m curious to know that myself.

Myron seems put out at being kept at a distance from us—and by us, I mean Vittorio—but he gets over it. Staring into the monkey’s eyes, he finally answers the question. “His name is Charlie.”

Charlie? Why?

My wise Vittorio understands immediately. “Ah, you name him after Chaplin, yes?”

Myron nods. “Yes. I like Charlie and his Little Tramp. He’s funny and cute.” His voice sounds wistful, but I push my sympathy aside.

“All right, Myron, let’s see you use that thing.”

He grips the wand tightly, screwing his eyes shut, muttering something. Then he aims it, and just as a blue 
spark leaps out, Charlie jumps in front of it and it hits him!

to be continued

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Guest Blogger AJ Llewellyn

Please welcome author AJ Llewelleyn today, who has bravely agreed to answer my infamous Rick Reed question, and to tell us about two of his upcoming releases! Also, he's promised to give away one of his paperbacks! So don't forget to comment and leave an email address!

While we get comfy on the beach, I'll let AJ answer the question!

A.J. Llewellyn: The Questions
)      You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?
                The person is my lover and the item is the lucky, magic carpet bag Mary Poppins had. You know, she would open it and anything she wanted just popped out of it, Even a huge reading lamp. Remember that moment in the movie? Because of course I'd still want to read and those marooning island get awfully dark early. And the lamp would work because it's magic!

2     Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life – and which character in that musical are you?
Call Me Madam. I obscure one. But I did it in school. I was the goofy secretary and I played the character for laughs. I fell off my chair a lot, dropped pens, knocked my glasses off my face. That's me in real life. A total klutz. I was called the class clown when I was six. It's my full-time occupation now.

3      Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them:  blessed, cooking, misdirect

One warm June evening I was alone and thought I'd get some writing done.  When I write I like to eat so some cooking was in order. I opened the fridge but not a blessed thing was there! How could I have no food? I closed the door, reopened it. No, it wasn't a horrible dream. Nothing!
In the cupboards I found ramen noodles. I couldn't remember ever buying a packet of ramen noodles but checked the expiration date. Never. Since beggars can't be choosers, before I could misdirect my good intentions further I cooked those suckers and ate them!

4 You’ve just been let loose in the world of fiction, with permission to do anyone you want. Who do you fuck first and why?

Oh I'd have a threesome with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Errol Flynn. Scott would be so witty and interesting. We have a lot in common because early tragedies led us both to becoming writers at very young ages. Errol would stop us from getting too serious or maudlin. He'd be hysterical and sexy in his Captain Blood tights. And he'd bring all the booze!

5     What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?

Honestly, with our work schedules, just being together watching a movie or listening to music is such a luxury. We both like candles and we love food. I love to cook but my Greek genes dictate that a meal for two feeds an army so we'd have plenty of leftovers for breakfast.

        When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?

It honestly depends. Sometimes a story comes to me immediately. Other times the character. I had dinner with a good friend one night who had started dating a guy from her gym. He turned weird very quickly and was confused. He called during dinner and she invited him to join us for coffee. I was staggered when I saw him because I knew he was a gay porn performer.

He admitted that he was. He said he was gay-for-pay but he was conflicted by his passion for my friend. I felt it was bullshit. I was pretty sure he was using her for money. When he realized I'd seen his movies he became quite...proud. She was sitting there absolutely horrified. She'd had no idea. When he talked about how hot it was to fuck men I thought man, this guy is the worst kind of vampire!
it gave me an idea...and one of my favorite characters, Jimmy Thunder was born.
Jimmy however is a real vampire. And A Vampire in Waikiki, still one of my favorite erotic romance series came out of a grisly social disaster!

7     If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?

Without question, if she were alive, ZaSu Pitts. I adore her comedy work. She was very mobile and had an expressive face. She was the comic foil in so many classic movies like The Thrill of it All with Doris Day. She also played a manic switchboard operator in one of my favorite movies ever, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.
In her real life, like me she loved to cook and was a collector of candy recipes. She actually wrote a candy book, one of my most prized possessions: Candy Hits.

8     Who’s your favorite horror villain and why?

Christopher Lee. I still have a fierce mad crush on him from his Hammer Horror movies. I actually got to meet him at my friend Rick Baker's Halloween party. He still is sexy and imposing and absolutely brilliant.
His Dracula was scarier than most because he was so seductive.
Believe it or not, I spent the most exhilarating night of my life talking to Mr. Lee and---drum roll please, Billy Idol. I sat there watching these two wildly different men talking to one another and delighting in each other's company.
Billy and I were agog at Mr. Lee's amazing life adventures, some of which he shared with us.
I have the height of respect for Mr. Lee, a decorated WWII hero who was personally responsible (little known fact) for hunting down Nazis as part of a special ops. WOW! Dracula rules!

9      Do you have an historical crush and if so, who is it?

Oh I have many, but my immediate response would be Alexandros Panagoulis. They called him the Poet Assassin.
He was a Greek revolutionary in the 1960s. A poet and author, he rose to power and fought against tyrannical rule in Greece. He was arrested and imprisoned for four years. Subjected to brutal torture, his story was shared by an Italian journalist, Oriana Fallaci who fell in love with him. Their love was never to be. She wrote two books about him that I have. A Man is still considered his definitive biography and Letter to a Child Never Born is a heartbreaking book she wrote to the baby she conceived with him and aborted for fear the child would become a target for assassination.
I still find these books emotionally difficult to read. For many years, Panagoulis was ignored in the Greek media and by historians. Now he is a symbol of freedom and courage.
In prison, he wrote poems, mostly out of his own blood. He died at the age of 36, in a car crash. I wish I could have known him...his passion, his fire, are inspiring to me.
By the way, I was shocked at some of the things I learned that were done to him. What a cruel race we are... 

Here is one of his few remaining poems:
My Address
A match as a pen
Blood on the floor as ink
The forgotten gauze cover as paper
But what should I write?
I might just manage my address
This ink is strange; it clots
I write you from a prison
in Greece
(Military Prisons of Bogiati, 5 June 1971 – After beating)

10)   Is there a story that you’d like to tell but you think the world isn’t ready to receive it?

Many! But guess what! I'll tell them anyway! Julie, thanks so much for these thought provoking questions. I loved them!!! I'd like to offer a free paperback copy of my book Pearl Harbor 1 which contains the first two books in the series to one of your readers. All they have to do is post a comment and I'll let you pick a winner!


Mating Tomeo is my new release with Ellora's Cave: 

Read the Editor in Chief’s blog about the book!!! Never ever had an editor blog about one of my books before!
And now…the blurb:
In 1946 Hawaii, Tomeo Yamaguchi harbors a secret that would be considered shameful by his traditional Japanese family—he aches for the caress of other men.
 Which makes it particularly devastating when Tomeo’s father hires a tanomoshi—a matchmaker—to find a bride for his son.
 Tomeo spends time with the tanomoshi, Shin Yamada, and as the men come to know one another, deep feelings emerge, the transition from friends to lovers inevitable. They fall into a clandestine affair, their hushed and hidden lovemaking as beautiful and breathless in their eyes as it is torrid in the eyes of others.
 More time spent worshipping Tomeo’s body means less time finding him a suitable bride. Shin’s forsaking his duty…but mating Tomeo is worth every stolen second…
 For Purchase and for an excerpt: Please click this link:

Coming in July to Total-e-Bound and available now on pre-order:

Burnt Island
Leo Gannet takes an unusual assignment in a tiny, remote island in the Cyclades with darkness, danger...and unbelievable passion lurking in its beautiful blue waters.
Manhattan—based private investigator, Leo Gannet, accepts an assignment to tail his father’s boyfriend, theatre director Thane Covey on a clandestine trip to a tiny Greek island.
With only three hundred inhabitants and four miles to cover, Leo worries about pulling off his mission. He soon discovers he's got bigger problems: Thane Covey is the sexiest man he's ever seen. And he's not alone. Leo soon becomes insanely jealous, then very worried.
To top it off, Thane also seems to have somebody else's attention...a hitman's.
Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Sins of Summer anthology by Total-E-Bound 

Thanks for stopping by, AJ! It was a blast!

Don't forget, comment to win!  I'll announce the winner on Saturday!

Until next time, take care!

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Manga and Romance Blog Hop!

I have to admit I am a relative newcomer to reading manga and yaoi and m/m romance compared to many authors. And I blame it all on my daughters. They encouraged me to read what I considered to be strange-looking graphic novels/mangas that were written funny and read even funnier. From back to front? Right to left? I'll admit that at first I couldn't do it and gave up. But they never gave up on me, and encouraged me and I finally got the hang of it.

I think my first yaoi was Antique Bakery. It's a very cute and very sweet story. I began to read more and more, and one day my Sarah sent me an email about going to Yaoi Con. I'm like - it's in San Francisco! (We're in St. Louis). Way too expensive. Then she sends me another email about a local convention, BishieCon. Well, that was better, so I checked it out and discovered that volunteers got money off their badges, but staff got in for free! I conferred with Sarah and we decided to become staff, so I emailed the con chair, and the rest is history. We became BishieCon staff members and worked both of the conventions - 2009 and 2010. In 2011 there was not a full convention, but rather a one day affair, which was not the same, and there is no Bishie Con now. But I met some nice people, including authors Katrina Strauss and Jessica Freely, as well as talented artist Amelie Belcher, and Dreamspinner Press (who published my first book, To The Max).

Ah, m/m romance, the other side of the yaoi coin. Where yaoi is graphic and like reading a comic, m/m romance are books mostly by women for women about men who love men. I never set out to write a m/m romance, per se, but there was this character talking in my  head who wanted to be heard - Max Montague - and his story just happened to become a m/m romance, To The Max, followed by the sequel, For Love of Max (number three is in the works even now - A Time For Max).

Not only do I write m/m romance, but I read it too, and I've met many friends in the writing community. I want to briefly discuss two authors who have written some of the best romance novels ever - collectively they are known as the Romentics, Scott & Scott, and they are a real life couple. They have several books that they published themselves, and I think Loose Id has re-released them with new covers. I bought mine from Amazon, so I have the original covers, and I love them to death. One of the best - my favorite m/m story of all time, I think - is Razor Burn. I can read this over and over and never tire of it, and it never fails to make me cry. It's moving, it's thrilling, it's romantic, sweet, and so much more. One of these days, I'll review it. But seriously, this story moves me in so many ways - I should have such a gift!

Now, to the contest! At the end of the Blog Hop, I shall be giving away three copies of anything on my backlist. The rules are simple - follow this blog, leave an email address, and tell me what yaoi or m/m romance you like to read and why. Whether it's your favorite or not, share with us! You have until midnight Sunday to enter! Now don't forget to check out all the other authors in the Blog Hop! And most importantly, have fun!

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Deadlocked Review

Author:  Charlaine Harris
Publisher:  Ace Books/Berkley Publishing
American release date:  May 1, 2012
Format/Genre/Length:  Novel/Fantasy/327 pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Sookie and some of her girl friends—including a very pregnant Tara—decide to visit Hooligan’s on lady’s night. The girls are dying to see Sookie’s cousin Claude—as much of him as they can—and Sookie goes along with them, although truthfully she’s seen Claude in the altogether, and not by choice, as her faery cousin has no inhibitions and wanders the house in the buff.  Luckily, none of the ladies notice anything odd about the establishment, or those that frequent it. The show is nice, but comes with an unexpected surprise in the form of JB du Rone, Tara’s husband, stripping onstage.


With Sookie where there’s one surprise, there’s generally more, and tonight is no exception, as she receives her great-grandfather Niall in her home, last seen when most of the faeries departed and the entrance to Faery was closed. Sookie isn’t happy about the way he treats his own son, Dermot, her great-uncle who could be Jason Stackhouse’s doppelganger. When Niall leaves, he takes Claude with him, leaving a heart-broken Dermot behind.

The next morning Eric’s dayman, Mustapha, shows up on his motorcycle to warn her that the shit’s about to hit the fan—Felipe de Castro is coming to Shreveport to talk about the disappearance of his buddy Victor. Not that he’ll find him, of course, as Sookie and Eric, among others, were party to his death. Sookie is disturbed that he found out through Janalynn that Sookie has loaned some money to Sam Merlotte—that should have been private business. 

Sookie’s Gran left her a powerful gift in the form of an ancient cluviel dor, and Sookie is unsure where to keep it, vacillating between hiding it in her drawer or carrying it with her. She doesn’t even know how it works or what it does, just that it’s very powerful and very rare.

There is to be a meeting at Eric’s house with Felipe and his group, at nine Pam says, but Mustapha calls back to tell her to make it ten. Not that she’s in the mood anyway, but she agrees, as Eric’s wife. When she arrives, Bill is on patrol outside and warns her to go, but she says she can’t. Inside the house, the guests are behaving badly and crudely. When she asks for Eric, she’s told he’s in the bedroom, so she heads to find him, only to catch him in flagrante, drinking from the neck of a younger, skinner blonde!

As if this isn’t bad enough, Sookie realizes the blonde has been “enhanced” with faery blood, to make her even more irresistible to vampires. If Sookie hadn’t shown up, or been later, he’d possibly have lost control and killed her! Sookie and Pam manage to get rid of the girl, but unfortunately she turns up again later—dead, on Eric’s lawn!

Sookie has to prove Eric’s innocence while dealing with the usual confusion in her life, among them Claude’s absence, the murder of the girl, the appearance of Eric’s “betrothed”, Felipe’s investigation—not to mention the cluviel dor and what to do with it.


Not much time left, only one Sookie book remains. I know I shall miss this spunky heroine very much. Nothing is ever simple for Sookie; makes you wonder where’s her happy ending and when’s it coming? And who will it be? Although by the end of the book, there’s evidence of who it won’t be, never say never until it happens, ‘cause appearances can be deceiving.

This book has its fair share of surprises along with some tender moments, such as with Tara and JB’s twins. Andy and Halleigh are expecting too, and both Hoyt and Jimmie and Jason and Michele are preparing to tie the know.

I enjoyed this twelfth volume very much, and anxiously await the next and last volume. I’ll say it—I want Sookie to end up with Bill. I’m not holding my breath, but if it would happen, I’d be happy.  Most importantly, I want Sookie to be happy.

So now we wait for next year and the final story in the Sookie Stackhouse saga!

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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time #7

Happy Hump Day one and all, and welcome to more flash fiction brought to you by the Wednesday Briefers! Today the prompt was: "Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle..." and the alternate prompts are: use sheep, backsliding, forest or ten o'clock scholar or "Dammit... I'm a ..., not a..." or Use any fair tale reference.

Last week, as you'll recall, in Trapped in Time, Myron made a new friend. Find out how things are going with our trio who are trapped in the time of dinosaurs! Then don't forget to see what the other Wednesday Briefers have done, their links will follow my story!


Trapped in Time #7

“Are you forgetting something?” My fingers catch at Vittorio’s arm just as he is about to turn away; I swear there is a twinkle in his beautiful eyes. I realize he is just playing with me—he has not forgotten his promise.

“It is very hot here, si? Very humid.  Perhaps we should get cool while we can. We can watch out for other creatures while we bathe. Or perhaps Myron and his friend can do that?” He raises his eyebrows at Myron who is standing stock-still, the hairy creature riding his hip like a child clutching its mother. He looks between the monkey and us, but he does not speak.

“As long as he doesn’t look.” I insert a great deal of menace into my voice, hoping that alone will put the fear of God into the witless fool.  Not that I fear he will try to gaze upon me, but I do not wish him to see a sight that is meant for me alone—i.e. my naked lover. I send a glare toward Myron that he cannot help but receive, even if he does not acknowledge it; right now I suspect he is not in a mood to cause trouble. He seems very chastened, so perhaps it shall not be necessary for me to kick his backside. Yet.

“I’ll behave. I promise.” He hefts the monkey onto his hip, as if he is getting used to carrying the creature, and approaches my Vittorio with a timid look. “While you are… bathing… might I have my wand back?”

Vittorio and I exchange glances. “What are your thoughts, Doll?”

I’m tempted to take Myron’s wand and stick it someplace rather dark and scary and most assuredly painful, but it is just a piece of wood, after all. And it must possess some sort of power—it brought us here, did it not?

So let’s look at this logically. We can let him hold onto his wand and gain ourselves a little time alone together in the water. What is the worst that can happen? Maybe he gets it to work again, and then we go back home, and life goes on? Or maybe he gives us the double cross and he manages to get himself back to our time. In which case, Vittorio and I are still together and Myron is gone and now we are alone. Plus I suspect he would have a lot of explaining to do to a lot of people who will wonder what has happened to us, and who will know that we were all at the theatre together before we disappeared,  and then he will be—how do they say? All balled up.

“Let him have it.” I nod at my love. I think I’ve just surprised Myron. His mouth flops open, but no words come out.

Vittorio leans down and kisses me. He whispers, “Thank you, my love,” before he approaches Myron, wand in hand, holding it away from him, just out of his reach. “You will behave with this, si, Myron?”

Myron reaches for it in vain; Vittorio is too tall for him too, although Myron is not quite as short as I am. “Yes,” he acquiesces at last. The monkey imitates his actions—he reaches for the wand too and makes monkey noises.

“Very well.” Vittorio graciously hands Myron the wand. “Do not come near the water,” he admonishes him with a warning waggle of his finger. “You can bathe when we are done. Do you understand?”

Myron nods; the monkey nods with him.

“You should think of a name for your friend.” Vittorio grins at him. “So you have something to call him. Think of a nice name. We’ll be back.” He turns away from Myron and reaches for my hand.

Our fingers twine and my heart soars, and all thoughts of the animals, even the one named Myron, are quickly left behind as we head toward the river bank. We find a spot behind some thick foliage, first checking it for strange creatures. We cannot be too careful in this place. The branches are sturdy; we can lay our clothes out here to await our return. I suspect this might be where we’ll end up laundering our clothes at some point.

We help one another disrobe, and when we are both naked I cannot help but gaze at my Vittorio in open admiration. He is my Prince Charming, and I am his sweet baby, now and forever. He opens his arms to me and I leap into them; our lips become instantly engaged as he carries me into the water. It is warmer than I had expected, yet still cool enough to be refreshing.

We have no soap, obviously, a situation we must remedy in some way in the future, but for now we simply enjoy playing together, splashing one another, and kissing, and venturing out just a little, but not too far. And more kissing, rubbing our bodies together, his manhood pressed against mine. Would we had more privacy—the things that I wish we could do, but alas, there really is nowhere that will work for us.

That too must be remedied.

When I reach the point where kissing alone will not do, I lead Vittorio back to the secluded spot where we left our clothes, and bid him sit upon the shore, and then I take him into my mouth, and I breathe in his essence as he buries his fingers in my hair and cries my name in his ecstasy. Then we reverse positions, and it is I who scream Vittorio’s name, forgetful of where we are, and what ears may be listening.  But nothing comes near, to disturb us, and we cling together, sated, until Vittorio murmurs, “Let’s let Myron have his turn, then we must find a place to sleep.”

He is so wise, is my Vittorio. How can I fear the future when he is by my side?

I don’t.

to be continued

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