Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rudy's Red Nose Review

Rudy’s Red Nose  
Author: Sui Lynn
Publisher: Silver Publishing
American release date: December 2, 2011
Format/Genre/Length: Ebook/M/M Romance/43pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: Mature
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★ (4.5 out of 5)

It’s Christmas in Montana, and while most people are preparing for the season with smiles and visions of sugarplums, foreign exchange student Rudy Stroh is feeling sorry for himself. Things aren’t working out as he’d wished. He can’t afford to go home for the holidays to see his family in far-off Austria; his brother, who should have joined him in America can’t because his grades weren’t good enough, and now he has nothing to do but pout and spend his time off from school by sitting in a coffee shop, staring out the window and dreaming of what might have been…


Rudy loves to walk through the park, despite its Christmas decorations and the happy couples that seem to be everywhere—constant reminders that he is alone, both in terms of family and in not having a lover. He almost doesn’t notice a dilapidated tent behind one of the statues in the park, and the two who dart into it—a young boy and a young man. Perhaps Rudy wouldn’t have worried so, except that he can’t help but notice the weather is about to change for the worse, and since he has a big apartment and he is all alone…

Daring to speak up, he discovers that the older of the two is one of the waiters at the coffee shop he frequents—the really cute one he has been watching for a while now, never daring to try to get closer to him. His name is Benji, and the boy is his brother, Tommy. Rudy invites them to come stay with him, and Benji is reluctant, not wishing to be a burden or a charity case. But with the threat of a blizzard imminent, Rudy talks him into coming back with him, as much for Tommy’s sake as anything. Benji agrees, but only on the condition that he work for his keep, and Rudy agrees to that.

From the moment they enter Rudy’s life, things change. He isn’t lonely any more, and he focuses on making Christmas for this unfortunate pair as happy as he can, although sometimes it’s difficult to get Benji to go along with the program. But it’s Christmas, a time of hope, of joy, and of love? Can it work its magic on the hearts of these two young men? In making Christmas special for Benji and Tommy, Rudy finds that it has become special to him as well.


Rudy’s Red Nose is a wonderful little Christmas story, one that will warm your heart like a cup of hot chocolate. Although short, it packs a punch, and you will come away from it believing in the power of Christmas, and the ability of love to cure anything.  A good read at any time of year, this is another keeper from author Sui Lynn. In this novella, she shows that a good writer doesn’t need explicit sex for a relationship to be hot, as two young men fall in love over one special Christmas.

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