Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time #7

Happy Hump Day one and all, and welcome to more flash fiction brought to you by the Wednesday Briefers! Today the prompt was: "Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle..." and the alternate prompts are: use sheep, backsliding, forest or ten o'clock scholar or "Dammit... I'm a ..., not a..." or Use any fair tale reference.

Last week, as you'll recall, in Trapped in Time, Myron made a new friend. Find out how things are going with our trio who are trapped in the time of dinosaurs! Then don't forget to see what the other Wednesday Briefers have done, their links will follow my story!


Trapped in Time #7

“Are you forgetting something?” My fingers catch at Vittorio’s arm just as he is about to turn away; I swear there is a twinkle in his beautiful eyes. I realize he is just playing with me—he has not forgotten his promise.

“It is very hot here, si? Very humid.  Perhaps we should get cool while we can. We can watch out for other creatures while we bathe. Or perhaps Myron and his friend can do that?” He raises his eyebrows at Myron who is standing stock-still, the hairy creature riding his hip like a child clutching its mother. He looks between the monkey and us, but he does not speak.

“As long as he doesn’t look.” I insert a great deal of menace into my voice, hoping that alone will put the fear of God into the witless fool.  Not that I fear he will try to gaze upon me, but I do not wish him to see a sight that is meant for me alone—i.e. my naked lover. I send a glare toward Myron that he cannot help but receive, even if he does not acknowledge it; right now I suspect he is not in a mood to cause trouble. He seems very chastened, so perhaps it shall not be necessary for me to kick his backside. Yet.

“I’ll behave. I promise.” He hefts the monkey onto his hip, as if he is getting used to carrying the creature, and approaches my Vittorio with a timid look. “While you are… bathing… might I have my wand back?”

Vittorio and I exchange glances. “What are your thoughts, Doll?”

I’m tempted to take Myron’s wand and stick it someplace rather dark and scary and most assuredly painful, but it is just a piece of wood, after all. And it must possess some sort of power—it brought us here, did it not?

So let’s look at this logically. We can let him hold onto his wand and gain ourselves a little time alone together in the water. What is the worst that can happen? Maybe he gets it to work again, and then we go back home, and life goes on? Or maybe he gives us the double cross and he manages to get himself back to our time. In which case, Vittorio and I are still together and Myron is gone and now we are alone. Plus I suspect he would have a lot of explaining to do to a lot of people who will wonder what has happened to us, and who will know that we were all at the theatre together before we disappeared,  and then he will be—how do they say? All balled up.

“Let him have it.” I nod at my love. I think I’ve just surprised Myron. His mouth flops open, but no words come out.

Vittorio leans down and kisses me. He whispers, “Thank you, my love,” before he approaches Myron, wand in hand, holding it away from him, just out of his reach. “You will behave with this, si, Myron?”

Myron reaches for it in vain; Vittorio is too tall for him too, although Myron is not quite as short as I am. “Yes,” he acquiesces at last. The monkey imitates his actions—he reaches for the wand too and makes monkey noises.

“Very well.” Vittorio graciously hands Myron the wand. “Do not come near the water,” he admonishes him with a warning waggle of his finger. “You can bathe when we are done. Do you understand?”

Myron nods; the monkey nods with him.

“You should think of a name for your friend.” Vittorio grins at him. “So you have something to call him. Think of a nice name. We’ll be back.” He turns away from Myron and reaches for my hand.

Our fingers twine and my heart soars, and all thoughts of the animals, even the one named Myron, are quickly left behind as we head toward the river bank. We find a spot behind some thick foliage, first checking it for strange creatures. We cannot be too careful in this place. The branches are sturdy; we can lay our clothes out here to await our return. I suspect this might be where we’ll end up laundering our clothes at some point.

We help one another disrobe, and when we are both naked I cannot help but gaze at my Vittorio in open admiration. He is my Prince Charming, and I am his sweet baby, now and forever. He opens his arms to me and I leap into them; our lips become instantly engaged as he carries me into the water. It is warmer than I had expected, yet still cool enough to be refreshing.

We have no soap, obviously, a situation we must remedy in some way in the future, but for now we simply enjoy playing together, splashing one another, and kissing, and venturing out just a little, but not too far. And more kissing, rubbing our bodies together, his manhood pressed against mine. Would we had more privacy—the things that I wish we could do, but alas, there really is nowhere that will work for us.

That too must be remedied.

When I reach the point where kissing alone will not do, I lead Vittorio back to the secluded spot where we left our clothes, and bid him sit upon the shore, and then I take him into my mouth, and I breathe in his essence as he buries his fingers in my hair and cries my name in his ecstasy. Then we reverse positions, and it is I who scream Vittorio’s name, forgetful of where we are, and what ears may be listening.  But nothing comes near, to disturb us, and we cling together, sated, until Vittorio murmurs, “Let’s let Myron have his turn, then we must find a place to sleep.”

He is so wise, is my Vittorio. How can I fear the future when he is by my side?

I don’t.

to be continued

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  1. What a sweet love scene! I just hope Myron isn't up to no good with that wand of his. (That sounds awfully pervy, doesn't it?) And most pressing... what will he name the monkey? :D Great fun!

  2. I have to wonder what's up with the monkey, lol. I can't shake the feeling the monkey is somehow important.


    1. Haha, or it could be entirely random? Maybe I should have a name the monkey contest lol