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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time #8

Happy Wednesday! I'm happy to report that I'm now employed again, at least temporarily, but that will not stop me from being part of this fine Wednesday tradition - flash fiction from the authors of Wednesday Briefs!  This week's prompt was: "She/he works hard for her/his money..." and the alternate prompts were: Use disco, banana, turtle or use "macho man" or "If I can't have you..." or use an inferno

As you'll recall in last week's episode of Trapped in Time, Myron has a new friend, and Doll and Vittorio had some fun in the water! What next? And what will Myron name the monkey?  Don't forget to visit the other Wednesday Briefers, whose links follow my story. Enjoy!

Trapped in Time #8

Where to lay our heads for the night? That does present another entire set of problems, does it not? I wish to sleep nowhere near Myron, naturally, but even I am not so heartless as to realize that he will probably be frightened of sleeping too far away from us. Even if he has found a new bosom companion.

Also, there is the question of our safety in this strange new world. Or perhaps I should say strange old world, for we find ourselves many years in mankind’s past. Whereas in our own time we consider ourselves to be the most evolved beings, the ones in charge, here we are not only intruders, but something new that these creatures have not seen before and not only will they most likely hold no immediate respect for us for who we are, they’ll probably see as dinner (or breakfast, or whatever the case might be.)

“I think for tonight we must be cautious and stand watches,” Vittorio suggests.

 I can’t say that entirely meets with my approval, but if it is only for one night, I shall not argue. Besides, other thoughts have entered my head, and spread enticingly through my body as I realize that Vittorio and I shall now be co-habiting, something we’ve never done before. Not really. Sure he’s spent the night at my apartment and I at his.  But this will be something entirely different. We shall be living together, and the idea fills me with great joy.  Looking into his beautiful eyes, I can see my lover shares my enthusiasm.

Myron? He’s got the monkey; he’ll be fine.

“I think we should move away from the water, at least for now. Tomorrow we can find someplace more permanent.”

Myron and the monkey are freshly bathed—although I fail to see the improvement in the beast; Myron, I mean—and I guess he feels better and braver so he has decided he can go back to complaining again. Naturally.  I wonder what he did with the wand while we were otherwise occupied, but I don’t care enough to ask.

“I’m hungry,” he whines, and the monkey rubs its tummy and says something in its native tongue.

I’m loath to admit it, but I could stand to eat too, to tell the truth.

“There’s no grocer,” Myron points out the obvious. How does that man even manage to breathe without help?

“We are not without resources,” Vittorio says gently.  “I am sure there are plants we can eat. We’ll need to have a fire too, I think.” His brows draw together in concern.

“What is wrong?” I reach for his hand, hold it within my own.

“I’m not sure,” he confesses, “how good an idea it is. But it will be good for keeping watch. And for cooking whatever we find. Yes, we should try to build a fire.” He nods as if he’s convinced himself of the validity of his arguments. “Myron, could you perhaps use your wand to start a fire?”

I refrain from snorting only because I don’t think that would be appropriate at this moment, but skepticism and I are definitely walking hand in hand, close allies at the very idea that Myron can actually control that slender piece of wood.  With his lack of luck, I’m afraid he’ll produce an inferno. I’ve begun to think his transporting us to this time was a fluke, nothing more.

“Of course I can,” he brags, throwing out what passes for a chest (and trust me, I’ve seen chests, well, Vittorio’s anyway, and Myron’s isn’t a chest, it’s not even close to one). “Where should I do it?”

“Let us find a spot to sleep for tonight and you can do it there.”

We fall in line, Vittorio leading the way. I’m behind him, or should I say between him and Myron. The two beasts bring up the rear.

Trusting to Vittorio’s instincts, we push our way through this verdant jungle. “Watch out for vines,” Vittorio warns. They hang everywhere; we duck beneath and around them as they fall into our path. I almost brush one away with my hand, but at the last moment, I refrain, just before I see the “vine” slither away from us and out of sight. So there are snakes here, I see. Useful information to have.

I know there are animals around us, I can hear them, but none seems to be too close at hand, luckily. Maybe the appearance of the tyrannosaurus scared them off? If so, that was fortuitous for us. But still the question remains—for how long? Also, I have to believe he’ll be back. Maybe not alone.

Vittorio stops in a small clearing in the midst of some thick foliage. The ground here is not too marshy at all, in fact it’s relatively dry. I realize, though, if we sleep on the ground, we shall have to launder our clothes fairly often. I hope we can figure out how to make new ones, but that is not a consideration right now.

“We can stay here tonight,” Vittorio says. “Doll and I shall sleep here.” He points to one side of the clearing. “And you may sleep there, with… What is his name, Myron?”

Yes, I’m curious to know that myself.

Myron seems put out at being kept at a distance from us—and by us, I mean Vittorio—but he gets over it. Staring into the monkey’s eyes, he finally answers the question. “His name is Charlie.”

Charlie? Why?

My wise Vittorio understands immediately. “Ah, you name him after Chaplin, yes?”

Myron nods. “Yes. I like Charlie and his Little Tramp. He’s funny and cute.” His voice sounds wistful, but I push my sympathy aside.

“All right, Myron, let’s see you use that thing.”

He grips the wand tightly, screwing his eyes shut, muttering something. Then he aims it, and just as a blue 
spark leaps out, Charlie jumps in front of it and it hits him!

to be continued

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  1. Oh no! I hope nothing bad happens to Charlie. :( Please don't have him turn into a flaming torch. Of course, if Myron's spells go awry, he could become anything. Fun stuff!

  2. Myron? He’s got the monkey; he’ll be fine. (classic) and POOR CHARLIE. Waiting with bated breath.

  3. Your damn humor kills me lol. Yeah, who knows what Myron comes up with. *snicker*