Sunday, June 19, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday, Interview and Chat

I'm going to participate in this wonderful even until Sci Fi Sunday starts up on July 10th. This week, my sentences come from a WIP, Pavane for a Proud Prince. Enjoy! It is about a sorceror's apprentice and the prince that he loves.

Nico wasn’t prepared to have the prince spring up from his bedroll and grab him, and yet that is just what he did, holding on to Nico tightly. Still less was he prepared to have their lips meet, yet meet they did, in a kiss which was not only soft and gentle but comfortable and familiar, even though it was one which had never been exchanged until this moment. Except in Nico’s dreams. Nico’s sensible mind fled, and his passionate one assumed control. He melted into that kiss, his heart thumping loudly. Never had anything felt as wonderful to him.

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