Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Silver Flash #18: Yes He's My Ex: Movie, Three Words

Another Wednesday, another Silver Flash! This week we were given two prompts again - one was supplied by Pender Mackie, the other by Ryssa Edwards.  The prompts were: "Rise and shine, sleepyhead" and "Do me a favor would you? Dumb it down". As you'll recall from last week, Sonny and Tim were stuck in a room at the Bates Motel with three FBI agents and Dale Camel, and they were playing Charades. Tim had just gotten an idea. Let's see what he does with it. I hope you enjoy this week's offering, and check out the other Silver Flasher's stories; as always they will be listed at the end of my post. Without further ado, I give you

Movie, Three Words

We’re playing charades, it’s my turn, and I think I’ve just had a scathingly brilliant idea.  “Why don’t we pick teams and keep score?” I nonchalantly suggest. “Just for fun, of course. Sound good?”

My idea is met with enthusiasm and cheers from the peanut gallery. I half expect an argument about who’s on whose team, but that flows surprisingly smoothly. Agent Nelson holds out his hand toward Dale, who grabs it. The Olson twins latch on to one another. And Sonny leaps into my arms, winding his legs about me, placing excited kisses all over my face.

Well, that much is settled, anyway.

I put Sonny gently onto his feet and I tell him I’ll take care of his mussed hair, and then I make a show of patting myself down—as if I’m searching for something. “I can’t find my comb.” I pretend to pout for their benefit, to show how distraught my loss truly is. At least to me. “I think it fell out in the car. Can I go look for it?”

Will this work, I wonder?

Nelson is giving me a shifty-eyed look, while I’m just praying that Sonny doesn’t offer me the use of his. Or anyone else’s. Surprisingly, he remains mute. Thank God for small miracles, right? “Okay,” he reluctantly agrees at last—Nelson, not Sonny—but when I hold out my hand for the car key, he grins at me, knowingly.

“I’ll come with you, if you don’t mind.” As if to remind me that I’m not free to come and go as I wish. Or maybe he thinks I’m trying to hijack his car. Without Sonny? Not very likely. Seems like this FBI guy has serious trust issues.

“Sure, come along.” I flash him a wide smile. He’s obviously confused by my mixed signals. What did he expect me to do? Break down and confess I was planning to steal his car? Snap my fingers and cry never mind? Well, he’s wrong. Let him wonder.

Damn. Less-than-great minds think alike. Sonny’s gotten it into his head somehow that I’m leaving without him, and he attaches himself to me, gripping me tightly, and sobbing. “No, no, Tim, don’t go.” It takes me a few minutes to pry him off of me and soothe him back into some semblance of calmness. Nelson stands by the door, tossing his car key up and down, playing catch with it. I can hear Dale from the next bed; he’s making kissyface noises at the agent, which I try to block out.

 As for the other two, one’s pulled out his cell phone, the other asks him what he’s doing. “Calling the missus,” he answers, before speaking into the phone. “Hey, rise and shine, sleepyhead. It’s your widdle wake-up call from your widdle snookums.”


I kiss Sonny softly, before following Nelson to the car.  I make a show of looking for my comb in the back seat—in actuality it’s in my pocket. He stands guard, leaning against the bumper, playing toss the key again. I emerge triumphantly, comb in hand, and we head back to the room. I lag behind him, pretending to tie my shoelace. I make sure that when I do enter the room, the latch doesn’t quite catch.

Okay, let’s get to it.

I gave the last correct answer, therefore it’s my team’s turn to go. Sonny jumps excitedly up and down. I nuzzle his cheek to get him to quiet down, whispering the name of the movie in his ear, telling him that I’ll need his help on the last word. It so happens that he and I have seen this one together, more than once. That should definitely help.

I have everyone’s full attention now. The twin Johnsons are sitting at the table, which they’ve pulled as far to the side as possible, to give more space in which to play the game. Nelson is sitting on Dale’s bed, with Dale in his lap. I’m grateful for this odd coupling—it’s diverted Dale’s attention from Sonny. And hopefully Nelson’s thinking more with his dick than his brain. At least long enough for this to work.

With no appearance of anxiety, I begin the charade. Movie, three words. This time they manage to get that much.

First word’s easy. I hold my thumb and forefinger very close to one another. The obvious answer is small word. “The” is always easy to guess.

Next word’s harder. There are two ways I can think of to do this, but considering the audience I’m playing to, I’m unsure of which way to go. Oh what the heck, let’s try it.

As I’m about to begin, I hear a hiss and a rather loud stage whisper from Agent Nelson.  "Do me a favor would you? Dumb it down."  His eyes are almost rolling out of their sockets, in Dale’s direction, as if he’s insinuating that I should make it easier for the idiot. Yeah, right. Whatever.

I pull out an imaginary zester and an imaginary lemon and pretend to rub one over the other.

“Laundry?” suggests one of the Johnsons. “Chicken soup?” offers the other.

Makes you wonder sometimes about the level of competency in our federal agencies.

I repeat the motions, but the bulb isn’t coming on, so I change tactics. I spread my arms out wide, encompassing the room, the world, whatever.

“Everything?” Dale says.

“Big? Large?” That from Agent Nelson. At least he’s on the right track.

Sonny is dancing about like he’s gotta pee, from excitement. I can tell he’s dying to give Dale a hint, so I rein him in gently, and whisper to him. He mimics my arm-waving motion perfectly.

“Great!” Agent Nelson nails it.

I nod enthusiastically at the man, while Sonny’s grin grows bigger. I signal for the third word. Two syllables.

Here’s the tricky part.

While they’re trying to figure us out, I grab Sonny, race with him to the door, and we’re outta there!

to be continued

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  1. you are such a great writer. I am enjoying this story SO much.

    thanks Julie

  2. Thanks for saying so, Lily, I'm very flattered!