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Silver Flash: Dallas in Wonderland #3

Happy Hump Day/Silver Flash Day! Feels like this week haas been long enough for two, at least lol  Well, you know it's time for another Silver Flash, right? This week's Prompt Diva was Lindsay Klug, who gave us:  This week our Prompt Diva is Lindsay Klug, who gave us:  "No, I said turn left, not right." or: "I'm not super(man/woman), you know."

My alternate prompts are:

use these three words: velour, circumcision, and balance  or

"Dammit, I'm a (fill in the blank), not a (fill in the blank)! or

eyes closed as if in prayer

Today I'm adding a chapter to Dallas in Wonderland. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check out the other intrepid Flashers at the end of my tale. And note that we have a Flash Virgin among us!  Yay!  Without further ado, I give you more of my Dallas in Wonderland!

Dallas in Wonderland 3

Dallas glanced at his watch. Only five minutes had passed since he’d last checked the time. Forty-five minutes since he’d  expected her to arrive, and no sign of Paris. He wasn’t really surprised—his sister had never been known for her punctuality. Having a child had only served to increase her penchant for tardiness. She used her son as her excuse, but Dallas knew better—the seven-year-old Ozymandias was far more on top of things than his ditzy mother.

Unusual names ran in his family. Besides himself and Paris, there was a younger brother, Frankfurt. Each one named after the city he’d been conceived in. As for his nephew, whom everyone called Oz for short, he’d been born during his mother’s Percy Shelley phase. As Dallas told him, it could’ve been a lot worse. She could have named him after one of her food crazes, like steak tartare.  Oz was a cool kid, he took everything in stride. Which is why Dallas didn’t mind watching him for his sister when she had a date. Or whatever.

This would be her first visit to the new apartment since he’d moved in. If she ever showed up, that is.

He’d just pulled his cell phone from his pocket to ascertain her ETA, when he heard a knock at his door, opening it to discover his nephew.

“Hey, Oz!” Dallas peered into the hallway; no one else was there. But then he heard it. The sound of his sister’s cursing—it preceded her up the stairs. He was grateful that the tenant across from him was hard of hearing and kept to herself for the most part. He didn’t need anyone complaining to the landlady about his foulmouthed sister.

“Hey, Uncle Dallas.”  Dallas stood aside to admit his nephew. His backpack was almost as big as he was, and usually held the most interesting items. Oz was very precocious and well-read. He just needed to be watched a bit, as he had a propensity for performing potentially dangerous experiments.

“What took you so long?” he asked his sister.

“Your directions, that’s what,” she said, walking past him into the apartment. He followed close behind her.  “I turned right at Wilmington, like you said, and I ended up in what looked like the red light district.”

Dallas frowned.  “No, I said turn left, not right,” he insisted. “You should have written the directions down, like I suggested.”

“Did not,” she argued. “I wrote them down, Mr. Smarty Pants.”

“Show me,” he challenged her, crossing his arms across his chest and glaring after her.

“I can’t. They’re in the car,” she said. “You’ll just have to take my word on that. Give me the quick tour?”

Dallas exchanged glances with Oz, who shrugged.  “Well, whatever. Sure, let me show you both around.”

The grand tour took all of five minutes. There weren’t many rooms, and the rooms had little furniture. He’d not had much to begin with, and most of that had stayed with the school. He’d remedy that. Some day.

“Not bad, little bro,” Paris admitted when they wound up back in the living room. Oz took a seat on the floor, opening his backpack and bringing out his things: sketchpad and pencils, a few paperback books, a plastic bag filled with trail mix, and some action figures. A lot of young boys played with them, but the ones Oz possessed were of the historical variety. He collected them in different eras. These were his musketeers.

“So, what do you think of your neighbors?” Paris asked. She smoothed down her mid-calf length skirt over her russet boots, before turning her attention back to him.

“They seem okay. What little I’ve seen of them.” A sudden image of the enigmatic Dr. Levi came to mind. Dallas felt flames warm his cheeks. He chided himself for being so silly over a man who probably never gave him a second thought, once he left the laundry room. Silly Dallas. “So where you going tonight?”

“Henry comped us two tickets to Legally Blonde. I was curious.” Paris shrugged.

“You’re lucky I’m off tonight.”

“You’re right, I am.” His sister smiled and patted his cheek, turning her steps toward the door. “If I don’t make it back tonight, can Oz stay ‘til morning?” She grabbed her purse from where she’d tossed it on her entry, turning inquisitive eyes toward her brother.

“I have an early class,” Dallas protested. She turned the full battery of her eyes on him, gave him the helpless and horny damsel in distress look she wore so well.

“Well, maybe,” he relented. “Can you pick him up at the school?”

“Sure thing,” she beamed. “Thanks, bro.” She kissed his cheek, and turned to Ozymandias. “Come give Mama a hug,” she said.” The boy closed his book, and obediently did as he was told. Paris held him tightly for a moment. “Night, honey. Be a good boy for Uncle Dallas, do everything he says.

“I know the drill,” he insisted, with his usual eye roll.

She gave him a last hug before heading out at last, waving good-bye as she did so.  It took a full five seconds for Dallas to realize she’d managed to leave her cell phone behind. “Be right back,” he told Oz, diving for the stairs.

She was faster going down than she was up. By the time he’d managed the two flights of stairs and out the front door, her car was a fading memory on the horizon. Shrugging, he pocketed the phone and turned back inside.

As he started up the stairs, he thought he saw something in the shadows near the entrance to the basement. A shadow which resembled Dr. Levi.  Eyes closed as if in prayer He stopped and looked again. Nothing.

Mumbling to himself about having an overactive imagination, he climbed the stairs back to his apartment to spend some quality time with his nephew.

But he couldn’t get thoughts of Dr. Levi out of his head.

 to be continued

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  1. Great story! I love the different names. Cant wait to ready more about Dr. Levi.