Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 10 Review

Hunny unwittingly comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, only to find himself the victim of her curse! Kanazuki is a member of the school’s Black Magic Club. When the other members ask why she’s placing a curse on Hunny, she replies—because he stole her soul! She freaks Hunny out by the things that she does, and the boy is beside himself, wondering what he did to anger her so. It’s up to the other Host Club members to get to the bottom of things, and figure out what to do about Kanazuki’s apparent vendetta against Hunny!

It’s almost time for summer break, and Haruhi’s thoughts turn to helping Misuzu at the pensione again. Ranka says Misuzu is acting strange. It turns out that he has custody of his teenage daughter Mei for the summer, and she’s driving him crazy! She’s rebellious, loud and completely disrespectful of her drag queen father. He’s beside him with worry, and begs Ranka for help! When Haruhi begins disappearing from Host Club meetings early, the suspicious boys are determined to find out what’s up. They learn that she is going to Mei’s school to meet her and bring her to the Fujioka residence, watching her for her father.  The boys become determined to crack the hard nut that is Mei, and return her to her loving father’s… er… bosom. Mei finds herself taken with Tamaki, whom Haruhi has been avoiding ever since the kiss. Will Mei succeed in stealing Tamaki’s heart? Eyes are beginning to open.

Summer break begins, and Misuzu heads off to the pensione, sans Mei, who is staying with Haruhi and Ranka.  But why is Tamaki getting up extra early, now that he doesn’t have to go to school? Mei ends up spending time with the Host Club, and discourages Haruhi from coming, which works well with her avoidance of Tamaki. But Mei is quickly disillusioned. Instead of the chic lifestyle and fun she envisioned, the boys are obsessed with doing things and seeing things in the way of the poor people.  Tamaki enveigles Haruhi into a scheme, one she can’t disclose to Mei. To Mei’s dismay, when she’s with him, he mentions Haruhi—a lot!
When Kaoru and Hikaru learn what Tamaki is up to, they head straight to Karuizawa, and find they aren’t the only ones to do so. Although some are more helpful to Misuzu than others.  The boys come up with a scheme in which Mei will be “accosted” by a low-life hooligan, and her father will come to the rescue, earning her undying love and devotion! A splendid scheme, what could possibly go wrong? Well, consider the source…

Summer is drawing to a close, and Mei realizes she has neglected her homework! She tells Haruhi that she should do it for going behind her back with Tamaki, and the two exchange words, resulting in Ranka tossing them out of the house as he tries to sleep! A call from the twins concerning souvenirs from Okinawa leads to Mei dying to go there—not to see what the boys got, but because their mother is the famous fashion designer Yuzuha Hatachin! Oh. My. God.  Yuzuha has Haruhi dress up in her latest fashions, which she reluctantly does, to the boys’ delight. She gains some insight into the twins’ parents, and helps Kaoru answer an important question concerning his brother.

Back to school, and back to the Host Club. Tamaki is intrigued by something Mei told him, about a sports festival at her school. He’s always interested in knowing more about what the poor people do. When Takeshi Kuze, Football Club President, barges into the Host Club, a spirited rivalry ensues, which ends with Tamaki’s determination to hold a sports festival at Ouran.  With himself organizing it. He takes charge of one team, and sets Kyoya in charge of another. But Kyoya isn’t interested… until Takeshi pushes his buttons.

There is nothing boring about this volume of Host Club! I enjoyed seeing more of Hikaru and Kaoru’s parents. And Mei is an interesting character, even if I wanted to bitchslap her sometimes! I’m hoping that Haruhi and Tamaki are getting closer to realizing they have feelings for one another, and also I hope Tamaki gets over the idea that he’s her “father”. Can’t wait for Volume 11!

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