Sunday, May 3, 2015

Return to Whitechapel - Ripper Street's Back!

I had  been led to believe Ripper Street was canceled, so imagine my surprise and delight to find it on my DVR once again, through some sort of deal between BBC America and Amazon. I guess the fans refused to take canceled for an answer! (Let's hope that works with Constantine too!)

**SPOILERS AHEAD**  The story starts four years after the end of season two. Reid, Drake, and Jackson have gone their separate ways, but they are reunited once more at the scene of a horrific train accident in Whitechapel, which was no accident.

Drake is there at the behest of Chief Inspector Abberline, who has been telling Reid in no uncertain
terms that his time in Whitechapel is coming to an end, he has bigger things in store for him. And now he's made good on his words, bringing in former Sergeant Drake as the new inspector, easing Reid to better things. Reid is reluctant to go, feeling sure that his work there needs to be finished first. He spends most of his time in the archieves.

Captain Jackson offers his medical services and finds himself back in the employ of the police, more or less. It's obvious that relations between him and Reid are less than cordial. Strained even. In fact, Reid speaks to him as little as possible.

Both Drake and Jackson run into their respective exes. Drake's, ex, Rose, is a successful star in the
musical theatre, and she offers her own services to help rally the public to help the victims of the crash. (I'll be honest, I have no idea why she's successful, she has no talent and she isn't pretty).

Homer's ex, Susan, hasn't been letting any grass grow under her feet. We first see her at her clinic, but it quickly becomes obvious that this is just a front for other things, and this leopard has not changed her spots. It's also obvious, Homer isn't over her.

This was an action-packed exciting episode. I forgot to mention, Reid's wife has died, which probably accounts for some of his lost puppy look. He has no wish to leave Whitechapel, but Abberline is a determined man. I like Drake, and I hope he finds a good woman, one who isn't Rose. Ditto for Homer and Susan  - she's turned into a very hard woman, and not a nice one at that. Granted, these are hard times, and life in Whitechapel was rough. Ripper Street doesn't whitewash it, and doesn't gloss over the poor treatment of women.

 It will be interesting to see what this seasons holds, and I look forward to watching it.

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