Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cronin's Keys II (Cronin's Key #2) Review

Cronin’s Key II (Cronin’s Key #2)   

Author: NR Walker
Publisher: self-published
American release date: May 22, 2015
Format/Genre/Length: E-book/M/M Fantasy Romance/195pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Alec MacAidan’s life has greatly changed. Once a detective with the NYPD, now he’s hiding from them and keeping a low profile, ever since he seemingly winked out of existence on their video cameras. Along with Cronin. His vampire lover. His fated one.

Alec is human, and yet more than human and, to paraphrase Shakespeare, “shalt be what he is promised”. He’s defeated the vampires of Egypt. But if he thinks he can rest on his laurels now, he has another think coming.

There are other vampires looming on the horizon. Of course there are! And they have motives for wanting Alec; his blood seems to be the key. Curiously, although Cronin has bitten Alec multiple times during sex, he’s not turned. Why is that? He’s fated to be turned, to live an eternal life with Cronin, but how? They go to listen to a seer named Jorge, who is a vampire child. But his words are more cryptic than enlightening. Do they have time to figure out what he’s telling them? Or will Alec’s time run out?

I enjoyed the first book in this series, and I enjoyed the second one even more. We see more of the bond between Cronin and Alec, and learn more about Cronin and his past life. Their relationship grows and develops, entwining between them. I envy them such a relationship! Everyone should have such a love in their lives. The sex scenes are hot, even hotter than the first book. I like Cronin’s fellow vampires. She fleshes them out well. And we see more of Alec’s father, Kole, and learn more of his past.

Fast-paced and entertaining, hot and riveting, this is a must-read book. But you have to read the first book, as this is not stand-alone. I highly recommend this for your tbr pile.

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