Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - When Will I Be Loved

This week's theme is Sexy Forever. What does that bring to mind? Eternal loves? Eternal lives? Eternal flames? Maybe all of the above!

This week  I'm giving an excerpt from my soon-to-be released novel, When Will I Be Loved, which comes out on June 7th, from Amber Quill. It's the sequel to When Will I See You Again.

In this scene, Holt is the vampire in question, while Miller is quite human. But together, they combust. Enjoy!

He could feel Holt visibly relax, as if he’d been unsure of Miller’s reaction. Miller realized Holt wasn’t near as tough as he let on he was. He was reminded what Sarah had said to him—“He has a heart as big as the universe.” Never had true words been spoken.

“You’re everything to me, Miller. I want to spend eternity showing how just much I love you.” He pressed their lips together, and everything else became immaterial in the face of their love. Miller felt a flame inside of him flare to life with the mere touch of Holt’s body against his. He wanted to lose himself in that flame and feel it grow.

“Car...” he murmured into Holt’s mouth.


“Car. Let’s go to the car. Now.” He rubbed himself against Holt, felt a quickening response in Holt’s body, felt his cock begin to harden. “Right now,” he repeated, looping a leg about Holt’s and pressing against him even more tightly, with a growing urgency.

Holt slid his hands beneath Miller’s ass. Lifting him easily, he retraced their steps through the trees, never releasing Miller’s mouth until they found themselves standing beside the sedan. Holt reached for the door handle, but Miller grabbed his wrist.

“No. Right here. Take me here. I don’t want to wait.” He crushed their lips together, his hand snaking between them. He felt Holt’s erection, felt its fullness. He wanted that... inside of him. In the worst possible way.

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