Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Raylan Givens, how can I quit you?

It's hard to believe, but there's only one episode of Justified left, and then it's gone for good. Six seasons is a pretty good run, especially these days when television shows don't seem to have the same longevity they once did. But still, it's going to be hard to let go.

I remember the first time I saw the trailer for Justified. We were at the theater, and they ran an ad for it before the coming attractions, and my first thought was seriously? Commercials here? So I wasn't kindly disposed to want to watch the show. But the next time we went to watch a movie, we saw the ad again, and it started to grow on me, and we decided to give it a try. We haven't missed an episode since.


It's been on hell of a ride, I have to say. And this season is no exception. Last season, we saw Ava end up framed and in prison, and then she got herself released to become Raylan's CI. Raylan began a daddy, but Winona and his daughter live in Florida, kind of a far distance for being a good daddy. So Raylan's had to consider his future and what part he wants to play in his daughter's life.

Boyd Crowder (Walter Goggins) has certainly has his share of ups and downs, but like the Energizer bunny, he keeps on going. He's been doing his damnedest to get Ava out of prison, also to make the big score he's always dreamed of. This season, he sets his sights on a very wealthy man named Avery Markham (played by Sam Elliott). Markham has ties that stretch to another familiar face - Wynn Duffy.

Raylan is determined to bring Boyd down this season, and he's not above taking matters into his own hands, doing things in his own way, which often puts him at odds with the Sheriff's department, particularly his boss, Art Mullins. Art isn't going to cut Raylan any slack, and he's got his eye on him.

Remember Dewey (I have four kidneys?) Crowe. He's been providing comic relief from the
beginning, ever since Rayland pounded his face into a steering wheel and busted his nose. Last year, he found some balls and hijacked Boyd's drug shipment, and blackmailed him. Dewey means well, but he isn't the brightest bulb in the box, and he went up against the wrong guy.
I shouldn't have been surprised when Boyd blew him away, but I was. Rest in peace, Dewey, you poor fool.

So Avery Markham has a girlfriend named Catherine, played by Mary Steenburgen, and she's a pretty tough gal, determined to find out who ratted out her late husband and got him killed. Trouble is, she suspects Markham, but guess what? It was Wynn Duffy. Boyd delights in telling Markham the truth, and Avery tells Catherine he'll take care of Duffy, but she doesn't listen and tries to take care of him herself. She almost succeeds, but Duffy's driver/friend/assistant Mikey kills her, dying in the process.

Remember Bobby Quarles (Neal McDonough)? He was one wacky guy with a great ass who was cut
down a few seasons back, but I've always had this idea he didn't die, that he only lost his arm but lived. Well, if he's coming back, he better do it tomorrow night, it's his last chance. And if he does, boy am I gonna brag about how I figured this out a long time ago.

This series has been excellent from the beginning, with an ensemble cast, especially Timothy Olyphant. Justified awakened my interest in his films, and I've watched more of them, including Hit Man (which I own), and Die Hard 4. I'm sure he'll do something else, but it won't be Raylan Givens, so it won't be the same. Not to say I won't watch whatever he does next.

Well, tomorrow night is it, the end of a good run. I'll have some comments, probably Thursday. But damn, that's one good series. It's gonna be missed.

Especially you, Raylan.

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