Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: When Will I Be Loved

Good morning and Happy Sexy Saturday! Last week, I gave you a peek into When Will I Be Love, my m/m paranormal romance/mystery sequel to When Will I See You Again. Today I am going to give you a different glimpse of Holt and Miller, and tell you that When Will I Be Loved has been contracted by Amber Quill, and will be released on June 7th!  Hooray!

In this scene, Miller and Holt have left Charisma for Miller's apartment. I think the rest is self-explanatory. Enjoy! Then visit the other authors on the hop, whose links follow my tale!

Slowly but surely, the blond unfastened every button on Miller’s shirt. As each bit of bare flesh was revealed, he kissed it, tenderly. The care he took with Miller’s disrobing was without a doubt the sexiest thing Miller had ever seen in his life, and it took his breath away. Passion and desire flamed together inside of him, creating something new, something unrecognizable.

And what was he saying that sounded suspiciously like mine?

Finished with the buttons, the shirt was gently removed and allowed to flutter to the floor. The blond turned his attention to Miller’s jaw line, kissing a slow tender trail along his neck. Miller felt his skin warm at the contact, a white-hot heat that did not burn. He found himself turning his head to allow for better access. The blond’s tongue sucked lightly at the tender hollow just beneath Miller’s collarbone. Miller’s nostrils filled with the scent of the other man. A most intoxicating bouquet, earthy and musky, with slightly floral undertones, like freshly pressed wildflowers. The earthiness reminded him of the sensual aroma of cumin. Somehow he knew he’d never look at that particular spice in the same way again.

“Let’s get you comfortable,” the blond suggested, casting an incredibly sexy, half-lidded look up at Miller. It took him half a second to react as a strong shiver coursed through him, but Miller managed to nod, and once again he was lifted up in those powerful arms, this time carried the short distance to the bed and gently laid upon it. He leaned over Miller, nuzzling Miller’s neck. Miller took advantage of his proximity to plunge his fingers into his honey blond hair, marveling at the soft texture. The blond drew back, and Miller’s hand flopped back to the bed, empty.

“Soon,” he promised, as if sensing Miller’s disappointment, and the smile he gave Miller was dazzling. He turned his attention to finishing what he’d started, this time beginning at the bottom, with Miller’s feet. He carefully removed Miller’s dress shoes and they joined the shirt, followed by his socks. Next, Miller’s belt was unbuckled and unthreaded from the loops, before he turned his attention to the zipper, against which Miller’s erection bulged, begging for release. The blond’s fingers were gentle as he undid the single button, then pulled on the zipper, careful not to catch the fabric beneath in their teeth.

“Raise your hips,” he directed, and Miller obeyed, which facilitated the removal of his trousers, and then his dark blue boxers.

And now Miller lay completely naked, exposed to the view of this exquisite man. One of them was definitely overdressed, and it wasn’t him.

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  1. Good Luck with your new release. I also write for Amber Quill/Amber Allure.