Saturday, October 31, 2015

Virtual Book Tour: The Devil's in the Details

Please welcome my good friend and fellow author, Avery Dawes, here to discuss his newest release - and how fitting it is that today is Halloween - The Devil's Media! I have to say that I've read Avery's story in this volume, and it is so awesome!

Haunted Hotties Volume II
Genre:  An LGBT Halloween Anthology (includes 10 stories)
Publisher:  Torquere Press
Length:  198 pages
The Devil’s in the Details by Avery Dawes
October 31st is a special night for Civil War soldiers Oliver Greer and Francis Kirby. Courtesy of a deal with Lucifer, on that night, they rise from their graves not as ghosts, but as men with form and substance.

Psychic Annabelle McPherson runs the most successful ghost tour company in all of Gettysburg. With her ability to interact with ghosts, her tours are far from dull. Of course, Oliver and Francis are ready and willing to give her patrons a show -- and a scare they'll not soon forget.   

This Halloween is one to be remembered. When stopping by to see Annabelle, the guys interrupt a violent robbery. One of the caveats of having human form is that if they are mortally wounded, they die.   

In their zeal to save Annabelle, Oliver is shot. Will the three survive the night? Will Francis be stuck on Earth while Oliver's soul labors in Hell?

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Avery’s Bio:
The secret is out! Avery Dawes is Denise Wyant's naughty alter ego! Two minds in one body!
While the devil-may-care Avery enjoys the thrill of writing about the passion between two hunky—and sometimes geeky—men, the more traditional Denise favors the alpha male who can sweep an intelligent and sassy lady off her feet. Regardless of which genre they're writing, they both believe in love and happiness, and in happily ever after—even if their characters have to run the gauntlet to achieve it.

Whether relaxing with a cup of coffee just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, or staying fit by running, lifting, or cycling—these two always make time to write and blog. You can find them at Rantings of a Closet Vamp Princess (

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"Well, just wait until Halloween. I'll give you the biggest hug and kiss--"

Francis' eyes brightened. "You'd better be giving me more than that!" He attempted to swat Oliver on the shoulder, but his hand passed right through. Damn ghost form.

"Mmm... you know I will. In fact, I'm picturing all the naughty fun we can get into!" Oliver waggled his eyebrows.

Finally pulled out of his funk, Francis laughed. "You're such a mess!" He paused, his forehead furrowed. "Isn't that the saying now? Well, anyway, let's go find some tourists to scare!"

"Now that's the best idea I've heard all night. After all, we can't let Annabelle down." It hadn't taken the guys long to decide that creating chaos wasn't much fun. They preferred having fun and getting laughs at the expense of others. So far, they hadn't had a visit from Luc, so either he wasn't paying attention too closely or he was busy sowing his seeds of distrust elsewhere.

With that thought, they floated toward downtown and some of the famous historic buildings they knew Annabelle liked to frequent on her tours. She always enjoyed "seeing them"--her tips almost doubled on the nights the soldier-ghosts made a surprise appearance.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Julie!! I hope everyone has a great Halloween---spooky and safe :)