Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #1

Good morning and happy Sunday! Today I'm doing something new - I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday. I thought I would share with you six sentences from a short story that will be released by Museit Up Publishing in December. It's called The Belgian Chocolate Treatment. I hope that you enjoy it!

I'll share the cover with you when I have it. I just know it will be awesome!

This is just a glimpse at Milan and Jesse!  Enjoy!

Milan was a few inches taller than Jesse, he discovered, as he came up behind him. Jesse’s lips were at about the level of Milan’s jaw, and he found it hard not to simply kiss him there, to stop his shoulders from shaking, to stem the tears he suspected were falling. He reached up his arms, wanting to hug Milan to him tightly, to take the first step—

The tinkle of the shop bell. Jesse retreated, stumbling back to his side of the table. In his haste, his hand knocked a spoon off the table. It clattered onto the floor. 

Since I don't have a cover, I'd like to share the inspirations for my guys:


Milan (I apologize for the angle, but I can't get it to turn properly. I blame Blogspot)

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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  1. Great Six and great inspiration. I wonder why Milan is crying...