Monday, October 1, 2012

Purly Gates Review

Purly Gates  
Author: Vastine Bondurant
Publisher: LIG Publishing
American release date: April 24, 2012
Format/Genre/Length: Ebook/M/M Romance/52 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: Mature/18+
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same." Unknown

It isn’t love at first sight, so what the hell is it?

Purlman ‘Purly’ Gates desires what he cannot have and shouldn’t want. So he does nothing about it, other than watch from a distance as the object of his desire passes by on his daily perambulation along the beach, with his two canine companions. But Purly watches him with a white hot intensity that threatens to engulf him, waiting for a sign from the other man, something that says he’s aware of Purly too. And then it comes…


Lucky has noticed Purly; in fact, he’s very much aware of him and very much in lust.

Heat flushed to Lucky’s cheeks at the image playing in his mind. The stubborn
fantasy that couldn’t be expelled in which the mysterious man—in the confines of the
nondescript little cottage, moonlight fingering through the slats in the blinds—stripped
him and bound him hand and foot to a bed. Fondled his naked body, teased every inch of flesh with his dark hands until Lucky climaxed beneath the unrelenting, piercing stare of the obsidian eyes.

But when the other man boldly makes the first move, Lucky runs, and it’s only because Fate refuses to be foiled that they end up striking up an acquaintanceship.

Purly can’t help but think this won’t end well, but he’s drawn to Lucky, like a moth to a flame. He’s never wanted to be with a man like this; although he’s felt such attractions before, he’s never been moved to act on them.

He’d always kept company with dames—wining, dining and fucking them—and
therefore had no explanation for the lure of men’s bodies or the very private quickening
in his gut at how beautiful some of them were. But one thing he did know. The annoying
preoccupation did not mean he was queer, for he’d never considered acting on the draw
of a masculine physique.

Until now…

The year is 1930, and in the eyes of the society in which these men live, such relationships are not allowed, they’re unthinkable, unconscionable—taboo. Besides, Purly has secrets that he can’t explain, secrets that prevent him doing that which he longs to do. All he knows is that he needs to drive this young man away, for his own sake. For both their sakes.

How long will his resolution last when something insists on drawing them together?


Reading Purly Gates is like watching a vintage film with most excellent cinematography. Each scene is perfectly framed, the words flowing across the page like exquisite brush strokes. Told from the perspective of each of the protagonists, it is a story of deep desires kindled in a chance meeting, an exchange of glances. The improbable meets the impossible and becomes the must happen.

Ms. Bondurant’s story overflows with sexual tension as these two men go through the steps in their elaborate courtship dance. You will find yourself holding your breath, waiting for them to finally combust, nursing a sweet ache as you anticipate and hope for the consummation of their desires.

It’s heartbreaking to realize that two people who simply wish for the freedom to love are denied that opportunity because of the times in which they live. Even more so to realize that even now, society hasn’t reached the point of enlightenment regarding love, although it’s come a long way since the more puritanical 1930’s.

Purly Gates is an erotic story without being erotica. To me, erotica is when the sex overrides the plot, when the plot is but an afterthought, and there’s the thinnest of lines between erotica and unabashed porn. Erotic romance, on the other hand, is romance that is spiced with sexiness, enough to titillate and whet the appetite.

The electricity between Purly and Lucky crackles from the pages. She conveys their longing, their feelings in a way that I can only define as classy. She doesn’t resort to overt sex, when subtle sexuality says so much more. Which isn’t to say that the story isn’t sexy, far from it. It’s quite sexy.

Her characters are well-drawn and very memorable, and the ending will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

At only 52 pages, it’s a short story. But as the adage says, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. Vastine Bondurant does it well. A must read for lovers of romance who like t sexy heroes living in bygone days. Add this one to your Kindle for sure.

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  1. Lovely review and I echo your thoughts on erotica verus erotic romance. They both have their places in fiction, but there is a difference.

    Thank you for sharing another good book to add to my 'to be read' list!