Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Lorrie Struiff

Please welcome back my friend and fellow author, Lorrie Struiff. Well, not exactly Lorrie. It seems she's sent someone to speak for her today. So let's welcome this cute little guy and see what he has to say!

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Julie.

Beggar wants to tell the folks a little about his role in “A Heap of Trouble,” a new release from MuseItUp Publishing. You’re on, Beggar.

Howdy Partners,

Funny name, right? Well, it so happens my new pal, Sheriff Cole, gave it to me. I had no choice. You see, I’m a ringtail monkey and can’t do my own talkin’.  Hee, hee, but I sure can here, thanks to Julie. I just want to curl up on your lap so you can hug me, Julie. You’re so nice.

Anyhow, I’m pretty smart, if I do say so myself.  My owner trained me for years. I didn’t like workin’ fer him, though, and escaped from his medicine wagon. What a long trip. I was tired, hungry, and I found this yummy lunch just a waitin’ fer me in an office. How’d I know it was the sheriff’s office? I can’t read.
Oooh, Cole was mad when I ate his lunch. He almost shot me, but his nice lady friend, Mattie, saved my hide. After that, I took a real likin’ to Cole. I decided I’d live with him. I don’t think he was too happy ‘bout the idea at first, but we got along—once he got used to my thievin’ ways!

And, between that dang cattle rustling and him trying to woo Mattie…well, let’s just say I helped him a whole bunch. Cole couldn’t have gotten along without me.

I learned to ride in his saddlebag while tracking steers, but I don’t like horses much. They smell awful.
With all the shootin’ goin’ on with them rustlers, Cole knew I had his back. I’d sure ride the river with Cole anytime. He’s a good man.

Come along and read ‘bout us in “A Heap of Trouble.”

And guess what? It’s being released today. Yep, today! Now you all run right out and read about me. I’ll give you a big hug.

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Sheriff Cole Walker has no choice, Beggar, a run-away ringtail monkey, has decided to move in with him. Now, Cole doesn’t like any critters much, but he doesn’t dare shoot the ringtail who sneaks out at night to steal the townsfolk’s valuables and hide them under the bed. Why doesn’t he just shoo the animal away?
 Because Mattie Wells, a pretty woman, is new in town and she sure jingles Cole’s spurs. She thinks Beggar is adorable and takes a shine to men who love pets. What’s a poor sheriff to do but grin and bear it?
 Cole has to keep the peace in town, track and chase down cattle rustlers, as well as return valuables from the prowling night thief, Beggar. With his deputies Wade and Sully, and his unwanted sidekick, Cole must find a way to win Mattie’s heart, find the rustlers, and bring peace once again to Cold Creek, Kansas. Cole has a heap of trouble on his plate!


Mattie hurried to look under the desk. “Oh, my, it’s a little monkey.” She crawled on all fours to reach for the varmint, offering Cole a tantalizing view of her frilly petticoat and pretty ankles. “Come here, you poor baby.”
 “Miss Mattie, stop.” Cole rushed over, a palm on his pistol. “He might bite you.”
 Mattie got to her feet, the monkey curled in her arms. “Oh, don’t be silly. He’s what they call a ringtail and he’s half-starved to boot. I had a school friend once whose dad was an Organ Grinder. He had bought one like this shipped in from South America.” Her eyebrows lifted, her eyes on his hand hovering over his pistol. “You weren’t really planning on shooting this little fella, were you?”
   “Me?” He let out a chuckle and quickly hooked his thumb over his gun belt. “I’d never think of doing something like that.” He made a show of glancing around the room. “I was just sharin’ my lunch, but he sure made a darn mess of the place.”
   She petted the monkey, cooing softly while it lay snuggled in her arms. She bit her lip her eyes twinkling. “Oh, I see. And now you’re sweeping up the scraps. How sweet.”
    Cole shuddered at how she could handle the critter so easily. He tried to smile. “Yes, ma’am. Sure was. Cleaning the office and feeding him, that is.”  
    Her eyes narrowed as she inspected the creature closely. “This fella’s too thin, must not have eaten for a while.” She fingered the metal band around its neck. “We need something to wedge the clip lock off his collar.” A frown pulled at her mouth while her eyes scanned the office. “Oh, hand me that ring of keys hanging on the peg. You hold the monkey and I’ll work the ring under the clip.”
    “Uh, you keep a hold of him. I’ll pry the clip loose. I mean since he’s so comfortable with you and all.” He snatched up the key ring and edged closer. His hands trembled. “Why we doin’ this for anyhow? Must be someone’s pet with this fancy collar.”
    “Probably, but this collar has sharp edges. It scratches his neck.” She perched on the edge of the desk, holding the monkey firmly, exposing the lock.
 Cole moved his hands slowly. “Ah, hold on to his head nice and tight now. We don’t want him wiggling.”
   She giggled. “Don’t worry.”
   Sweat beaded on his forehead, the heat rushing to his face nearly searing his eyebrows. He reached for the collar, his heart racing. The ring slid under the clip and he forced it up. It snapped open with a ping.
   “Now pull the collar apart.”
   He did. The collar pushed open wide enough for him to twist it off.   
   “Yeow!” Pain shot from his hand to his elbow. He dropped the collar as if he had grabbed the hot end of a branding iron. The metal band clunked and spun across the floor. He stared at the bloody strip streaking his palm.
   “I told you it was sharp.” Mattie set the ringtail on the desk and led Cole to the basin of water sitting on the ledge in the corner. She soaped a cloth and bathed his palm while he glared at the monkey. Her soft, warm hands gave him a little tingle in his belly, until she poured the whiskey over the cut. 
 “Yeow!” Cole blew on his hand. He didn’t know which was worse, the cut or the unexpected whiskey wash.
The ringtail rubbed and stretched its neck, then clapped. Cole gave him a scathing look. 

Lorrie Unites-Struiff lives in West Mifflin, PA, very near Pittsburgh. Her main goal is to write a good story to entertain readers. She writes across the board with genres and if you punch in her name on Amazon, you’ll see the many shorts and books she has written. Or you can find more information on her website at

 Thanks for stopping by Beggar, and thanks to Lorrie for allowing him to be here! I'm here to tell you A Heap of Trouble's a great read, one you shouldn't miss!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. Oh, Beggar, you can sit on my lap anytime. Adorable. Best wishes on your new release, Lorrie!

  2. It's a good thing you're so cute, Beggar! But you do cause a heap of trouble, which makes for a great story.

  3. Fun post with Beggar. I enjoyed the excerpt.
    Chris K.

  4. Having read the book (with quite a bit of chuckling), I can say that Beggar is my favorite character. He's the only one not confused by what's going on. What a great sidekick for Cole!

  5. Hi Beggar and Lorrie-
    So glad you wrote this story and created Beggar! Can't wait to read this book. I'm a big fan, Lorrie and have read all your books. If you haven't read any of Lorrie's books, please do! They are great.

  6. Beggar is quite the character, he is. Where would Cole be without him, or Mattie for that matter? Anyone would welcome this furry heap of trouble. And the book is a fun read as well. Puts a totally different twist on a Western. And a good one.

  7. When I was much younger, my neighbor had a similar monkey. His name was Gonzales and he was very much like Beggar, very mischievous and quite the thief-no offense Beggar. But, unlike Beggar,he liked to pee on your shoulder and as far as I know, wasn't fond of alcohol.

    This is such a great read with loads of humor and a mix of romance and suspense.

    Congratulations on the new release, Lorrie! And ((hugs)) to Beggar.

  8. Thank you friends for stopping by. Beggar enjoyed your company.

    He's be glad to hear more comments if you have the time.

    Thanks again Julie for letting Beggar have his say.

  9. Great post Beggar, glad you and Cole are now friends :). Love the cover and the excerpt was fantastic Lorrie!

  10. Hey Bk, Thanks for stopping by. You're another one I'd like to cuddle with.