Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poetry Corner - 9-18-12

Good afternoon! I've been a bit remiss here lately, keeping busy with various things, and today I'm working on tomorrow's flash and editing a really cool tween book, so I think I'll post one of my poems. One of my favorites, in fact. And let's have some fun with this, shall we?  See if  you can figure out who was the influence for this poem? And no, you can't just say a vampire. I'm looking for a specific person's name. A living, breathing person.  I'll put all the correct answers into a drawing for a copy of any book from my back list. Good luck! Don't forget to include your email address, or it won't work! I'll select a winner at the end of the week!

Romeo of the Night
          by Julie Lynn Hayes

Gentle Romeo of the night,
Seduce me with your power.
Here beneath the moon's soft light
Has come our finest hour.
Teach me of your vampire ways,
Of joys not of this earth.
Share with me your vampire days,
That lead to night's rebirth.
Bring me close into your heart,
Baptize me in the flow;
With your sweet blood, make me a part
Of all you feel and know.
My fingers revel in the feel
Of your soft auburn hair,
Cascading o'er me as I kneel
Before you as if in prayer.
Your tender lips upon my throat
Which kiss, then gently bite.
On an ecstatic wave I float
And moan in wild delight.
Take me, take me, take me now;
Let this be our bridal bower.
Moon, with the power of love us endow,
Consummated this midnight hour.
Gentle Romeo of the night,
How warm  you feel within me.
Committed now to our eternal night,
I'll always have you with me.

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