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Silver Flash: Lust Never Sleeps 4: Relativity and the Church

Happy Wednesday! If it's Hump Day, it must be time for another Silver Flash, brought to you by the authors of Silver Publishing, and illustrated by the amazing Reese Dante! This week's prompts were provided by provided by myself as Prompt Diva of the week. They were: either use "color of night" or "caveat emptor". Ryssa gave us the alternative prompt: to use "school, candle and elixir". I managed to use them all.    Last week, as you'll recall, in Lust Never Sleeps, Darryl and Sawyer ended up at the church, asking to use Sister Sue's phone. This week the story continues. As usual, the links to my fellow Flashers appears at the end of my blog. Without further ado I now give you

Relativity and the Church

If Darryl had anticipated an argument from the stunning nun, he’d calculated erroneously, for she ushered them inside without comment, other than to bid Sawyer close the door behind them. In her hand, she held a lit candle, shielding it from the momentary breeze their arrival had stirred. 

“Some things never change, do they, Sawyer?” Sister Sue’s smile was dazzling; Darryl wondered if in her other life, before she became a bride of Christ, she’d been a cover model. He also wondered what her relationship with the sexy Sawyer was.

Take a deep breath and try to come back to reality. Before he completely lost it over this virtual stranger. Assuming it wasn’t too late already.

“Could be,” Sawyer replied enigmatically. “Maybe you’re thinking of when we were in school.” He offered her a cheeky smile which made Darryl ache on the inside, almost painfully.

The nun slapped Sawyer lightly on his arm, mindful of the candle. “It’s always the same with  you, don’t even tell me it’s not. And you don’t fool me with that I want to use your phone crap, either. You’re never without your cell. You want a favor, don’t you? C’mon.”

Without waiting for a response, she led them into the church itself. Darryl was amazed at the size of the place; from the outside it hadn’t looked near this big. He’d never seen such beautiful stained glass in his life. And the statuary… It appeared to be almost lifelike, exquisitely carved from the most beautiful materials he could imagine—translucent alabaster and what appeared to be Carrara marble.

He was drawn to one statue in particular; it was almost hidden behind a Corinthian column. The handsome face of the statue held a distinct resemblance to… He glanced between the marble and Sawyer with undisguised confusion.

Sawyer simply smiled and reached for Darryl’s hand. He gave it willingly.

Sister Sue led them to the back of the church, behind the altar, pulling back a beautiful Flemish tapestry to reveal a door recessed so cleverly that it was almost invisible to the naked eye. From there she proceeded to take them into a private room, paneled in rich dark mahogany, even finer tapestries strewn about its walls. Not to mention ornamental pieces in gold and silver and beautiful jewel tones. She waved them into chairs, taking her place behind an ornate desk.

Darryl took a seat, almost sinking into the soft leather of the well-upholstered armchair, while Sawyer went directly to a cabinet, removing a cut-glass decanter. He turned toward Sister Sue. “Two or three?” he inquired.

“What do you think?”

He brought out three fluted glasses, set them on the rich wood and began to pour the dark liquid. Darryl thought that the liquor was the color of night itself, rich and soft and velvety. He hadn’t known fluids could assume such mysterious hues. “What is this?” he asked, but received no immediate answer.

Sawyer placed one glass into the nun’s outstretched hand, before pulling his chair very close to Darryl’s, as close as he could manage without being in his lap. He took a seat, handed Darryl a glass of the divine elixir, but before he could drink, the beautiful blond had twined his arm through Darryl’s, bringing his own glass to his lips.

“To what shall we drink, my sweet?” he asked.

Darryl momentarily lost command of the English language at those liquidly sexy tones, and he uttered the first words that came to mind. “To us?”

Jesus, how predictable, inane, and utterly inappropriate!

But Sawyer didn’t seem to mind, echoing the words, a vibrancy in his voice that was close to driving Darryl insane with lust. “To us.”

The nun cleared her throat. “Hello? Try to remember I’m here, and please do focus, Sawyer.”

“I am,” he returned, his eyes never leaving Darryl’s face.

“On the matter at hand, I meant, dearest brother.”


Darryl was even more confused than before. “Are you a monk?” he asked, trying to make sense of the nun’s use of the word brother. Sister Sue snickered.

“No,” Darryl smirked, “luckily for you, or it might be difficult for me to fuck your sweet brains out.”

“I don’t know, some priests manage quite well,” the nun interjected.

Both men turned their heads; she offered them a cheesey smile.

“Welcome to the modern church,” Sawyer quipped. “And now you know my deepest darkest secret. This is my sister, the Sister. Sue, say hello to Darryl.”

Oh, so he does remember my name. The thought made Darryl happy. Why did he suspect that Sawyer Thomas possessed worse secrets?

“So what’s up now, brother of mine?” Sue repeated her question. “What kind of trouble are you in, and how have you gotten this dear sweet innocent boy involved?”

“What makes you think he’s innocent?” Sawyer countered.

“Because he’s still with you? Once they find out, most of them run screaming for their lives. Obviously, he’s still a newbie, and therefore innocent. Looks like he still has stars in his eyes.”

“I resent that.” Sawyer’s tone belied his words.

“Resent away.” She shrugged. “Hello, Darryl, what has my little brother gotten you into?”

“Well, um… we met at a bar… he asked me about a French accent… and then there were two men… and diamonds… and a gypsy…” His story sounded very incoherent, even to himself. What did she mean? What others?  Just what had he gotten himself into? Damned if he knew.

Sister Sue downed the contents of her glass in one well-practiced chug, then sighed.

“Seriously, Sawyer? Why are you bothering with those two? You know they only bring trouble.”

Sawyer shrugged, setting his glass on her desk, which earned him a tsk as she shoved a coaster toward him.

“Caveat emptor,” he replied, his eyes twinkling. “I can handle them.”

“Oh yes, past experience has shown me that.” She snorted.  “So tell me, what do you want?”

“Your car, sister of mine. We need to make a flight.”

to be continued

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