Monday, July 11, 2011

The Glades Keeps on Delivering, Food Stuff, and more

This morning I watched last night's episode of The Glades, and I have to say this is one show that never stops  delivering. Every week, each episode crackles and vibrates with plot, drama, characterization, wit - and a really good-looking Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth, the main character of the series. It's very realistic, in that bad things happen to good people, and life is complicated and that there are definite areas of gray in between those black and white. Take Callie's husband Ray. Most of us probably find him a bad guy, but not his son, naturally enough. And like a lot of kids his age, he doesn't understand why they can't all live together, or why it would be difficult to just yank up their roots and follow Ray into witness protection. Callie has her reasons, and yes, one of those is Jim Longworth, but it's more. Since Ray's imprisonment, she's made a life for herself, pursued her dream, worked long and hard hours to get ahead and make a better life for her and Jeff. But it isn't always easy for kids to see the big picture when all they know is they want their daddy. I'm hoping Jim and Callie work their way back to one another, because they make a really smokin' couple, and I really like how Callie has become a forensics nurse, working with the department when she'd needed. That gives her more opportunity to broaden her character outside of her relationship with Jim, and gives them time on the crimes together. The Glades is on A&E every Sunday night. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.

Sarah and I watch Network Food Star. I don't know yet about last night's we were at a meeting and recorded it, but I know the numbers are narrowing. Someone I thought was a strong contender, Orchid, didn't make a good show of it last week, I hope it was just a temporary thing because she has a personality that is made for the camera. Vic Vegas is only getting better - he is one of the top contenders, in my opinion. On the other hand, Whitney, although sweet, doesn't project well enough. And Suzy is downright annoying. While Penny is a complete bitch and I want her out as soon as possible. Jyll has personality, but I don't think it's strong enough. Same with the sandwich guy, whose name I've forgotten, but he may surprise us. This week they did a food truck challenge, should be interesting.

Master Chef - I started a few episodes in because I didn't know about it, but my daughter Katie clued me in and I really didn't miss that much. I've been watching for a few weeks now. This one has Gordon Ramsey and two other chefs. A few people I like have been eliminated, but some remain. Suzy, though, is not one of those, and I'd love to see her off the show quickly. Christine too. And Esther, who totally threw her team under the bus in the biker beach bbq episode. I liked Max, but he's gone. I like Ben, and Giuseppe. And Adrian. Christian too, although sometimes he gets cocky. Derek is full of himself. I think we're down to twelve now. They show episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights, but I don't know if tonight's will be new or not, last Monday was a re-run.

Hell's Kitchen starts next week, looking forward to that. I hope they do more Top Chef, especially shows that bring back past chefs. Like Fabio. Yeah, he's damn cute, I admit it.

We started season 4 of Six Feet Under, but are only a few episodes in.
**********possible spoilers********* One of the biggest issues is the aftermath of Lisa's death. They haven't come out and said it, but it's obviously a matter of suicide. I'm sorry, but the woman was unstable. She convinced herself that she was losing Nate and that he was only with her because of Maya, and she drowned herself. Nate isn't dealing well with this, mostly because of his guilt issues. I think deep in his gut he knows she did it and why - it was right after they discussed separating. But hells bells, that's no reason to off yourself! She had a kid, one that needed her. Suicide, in my opinion, is a coward's way out, of not having to cope with things. Sorry, life is not meant to be easy, but it's the bad times that make you appreciate the good times all the more. You can get through anything, if you are determined to do so. Ruth's sudden marriage to George, a virtual stranger who attended a funeral at Fisher & Diaz, has its ups and downs. She unfairly accused Arthur of sending excrement to them through the mail out of unrequited love. The poor guy decided enough was enough and he left. Right after Nate left the business. Poor David. Turns out it wasn't Arthur but a son of George's whom he forgot to mention to Ruth. David and Keith are cute as ever. Keith is working security for celebrities, but it's stressful cause he isn't out at work, and David isn't happy about that. Clare had an abortion, and she and Russell are done, mostly because he had a thing with the professor. Poor Clare always seems to get the shaft. One of my least favorite characters, Brenda, is actually doing well, and I actually like her relationship with her neighbor, Joe. I think maybe he can stand up to her bitch of a mother too (who, btw, is not schtupping Clare's professor - these two deserve each other, they both suck).  My favorite character is still David. It's just amazing to me to see him in SFU and then turn around and watch Dexter - both awesome performances.

Sarah and I recently began to watch the first season of Burn Notice. We borrowed it from Katie and since we're going back to Indiana in early August, thought we should watch it. It stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, an agent who received a burn notice from the people he works for while in the field on a sensitive case. Now he has to figure out why and what he can do about it. In the meantime, life is, to say the least, difficult, since they've frozen all his assets and virtually made it impossible for him to operate above the radar. Good thing he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.  I remember Jeffrey from another series he did about 7 years ago, Touching Evil, which I really liked. It never had a chance -  it was good. Also in Burn Notice is veteran B actor, Bruce Campbell, whom my Katie adores. Probably a big reason why she started watching the series. I know I'm way behind, but wth, it's fun to play catch up. The next thing about that is if you get dvd's, you don't have to wait a week between episodes. Also in the series is Sharon Gless, whom you may remember as Michael Novotny's mother in Queer as Folk. How funny that she plays the mother of another Michael in Burn Notice.

I'm going to stop there, cause I just realized this got lengthier than I figured on, but next time I'll talk about True Blood, season 3, and the differences between the series and the books, as well as the new season of Flipping Out.

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Til next time, take care!

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  1. project runway starts July 28th, I love that show!

    and I love Fabio too, he's hot. He can come cook for me anytime :D

  2. Mmm, yes, I would love to go to his restaurant, and hear him say "boorgers" in his fabulous accent! He's utterly adorable! Every time he worked front on a challenge, I think his team won, he just oozes charm!