Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flipping Out, More True Blood and Food Stuffs cont.

The fifth season of Flipping Out began a couple of weeks ago. Strictly speaking, Jeff Lewis isn't flipping  houses any more, he's doing designs. The economy just didn't support his flipping houses any more, so he had to find alternative means of making a living. However, he seems to be doing well with this, despite having to have more customer interaction, and being forced to do as the client wishes, rather than as he sees fit. That being said, we start the season with the same cast as were there at the end of four, with one addition - Gage, who is the business manager and also Jeff's significant other. He's 26 and very cute, they make an awesomely cute couple! Check him out! I think he is a great addition to the show.

Last week, I thought we'd finally see Sarah get fired, but no such luck. She's a complete fuck up, I find her ridiculous and she isn't as cute as she thinks she is; her make up is ridiculously overdone, and she's a brainless twit, pretty much. I like Jennie, but she's cut back on her hours in order to puruse her other career in acting. It's too bad Sarah hasn't worked out. They were looking for people to interview for an intern position - Jeff's qualifications are ridiculous. He values looks first; he should look at qualifications more, then he wouldn't end up with someone like Sarah. It doesn't help that her sister is married to Jeff's brother. Although I know he'll fire her when push comes to shove, he's just taking forever to do it.

In one episode, Jeff went to see about doing a rental house, talking to the owner and her husband. Turns out that her husband's a musician, so Jeff starts asking him questions - does he play, does he write songs, is he in a band. I missed the guy's name, and I didn't recognize him, especially with his back to the camera. But when the guy answers, yes, Styx, I took notice. Holy shit, it was Tommy Shaw! Jeff was embarrassed that he didn't realize it, and Sarah was clueless. His wife does most of the talking for them, she's very forthright and no nonsense.

They're still working on Cole, which is the salon owned by Chaz. It's interesting, but now that I've seen him there, I recognize him in informercials I occasionally run across on TV. Jeff's also doing his salon in NY, but I think Chaz is getting impatient at how long it's taking. Jeff and Zoila are at it - again. Nothing new there. Haven't seen much of Jett, but he's there too. Second season off to a good start so far.

I finished watching the third season of True Blood, and all I can say is Wow! Sookie knows about her fae blood, so do too many other people. Eric almost killed himself in order to kill Russell Edgington, to save Sookie, because he wanted her blood, thinking it would make him a daywalker. Wrong, Russell! Hoyt and Jessica are back together, but I think Hoyt's mama aims to do something about that. Sookie knows the truth about Bill, and that relationship is pretty well torn. It ended with the heartbroken Sookie going off with her fae kin. I wish I could watch the fourth season before it comes out on DVD, but so far no such luck.

I watched last night's Master Chef this morning. Now we're down to the final 10, after today's elimination.  The first challenge, which utilized two mystery boxes, one that was set in front of the chefs, and a ginormous one that was in front of the judges, and turned out to be a tank full of lobsters. The chefs had to grab their own! Jennifer won that challenge and got a huge advantage in the next one. The theme was aphrodisiacs, and she got to choose between three of them - oysters, artichokes and truffles. She chose truffles. Then she got to sit it out in the gallery if she wished, drinking champagne, but she chose to cook, a decision which almost cost her dearly. She and Adrien came close to elimination, but Erryn was the one to go with his burnt steak and not cooked well vegetables. Christian's attitude is getting worse and worse, I used to like him, but not so much now. I still like Ben and Adrien and Giuseppe. Giuseppe was finally one of the top three with his pasta and lobster. I recorded Hell's Kitchen last night, more about that after I watch it.

I'll also talk more about the convention that I worked last weekend, 24 Hours of Potter. But another time, when I have more time to do the topic justice. Not tomorrow, that's Silver Flash.

So for now, I'll say good-bye. What do you think of these shows? What shows do you like to watch? I'd love to hear from you!

Take care!

♥ Julie

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