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Wednesday Briefs: In Pieces #55 (13.3)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

On the road and feeling fine! Salvation is driving to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to begin the next leg of their tour and won't be back to Mandeville for a while. The weather's lovely, food is good, and they have each other... who could ask for anything more? See how the boys are doing in this week's chapter of In Pieces. Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they're up to! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

In Pieces #55 (13.3)

“What time is Marge meeting us?” Ryan asked. 

“I’m supposed to text her when we get in,” Ben said. “I think she said she’d meet us at our motel. Late afternoon, if I remember correctly.” He took a big bite of his sandwich then moaned, as though he’d just died and gone to heaven—sort of the way he sounded when they made love. Ryan thought he could watch Ben forever. Especially when he made faces like that.

Our motel. How Ryan loved the sound of that. He couldn’t wait to get Ben alone in a room of their own.  Not that he didn’t like being around the other guys, but he was always mindful of their close proximity at Cameron’s house. He liked the idea of complete privacy.

They’d stopped at a roadside park just outside of Lafayette to eat lunch and stretch their legs. A number of other travelers, some with small children, were taking advantage of the warm day as well, Ryan noticed, but they had no problem in finding an unoccupied picnic table. When their stomachs began to growl,  Ben had mentioned having a craving for a muffuletta and was shocked to discover no one else had ever heard of them much less eaten one. Hearing that, Ben made it his mission to procure some of the delicious sandwiches, which he said were filled with all kinds of meats and cheeses along with a special olive salad. Luckily, finding muffulettas wasn’t hard to do in Louisiana. They’d found a diner just off the highway that specialized in them, as well as spicy homemade chips.

“You think she’ll come watch you play?” Ryan asked. He sat so close to Ben on the bench that their legs touched.  Aiden and Abby sat across from them. Deacon and Keanu had chosen to lie in the grass, Keanu’s head in Deacon’s lap. Ryan noticed Deacon occasionally feeding Keanu bits of his sandwich.

“Marge? Probably. She likes the way we play.” Ben swiped his finger through some of the olive spread on his sandwich and held it out in front of Ryan in a tantalizing manner, as if enticing him to take a taste. “You love this, don’t you? C’mon, you can admit it,” he teased.

Ryan wasn’t sure whether Ben meant the food or his finger, but the answer to both was a resounding yes. Instead of replying, he took Ben’s finger into his mouth and sucked on it, his eyes locked on Ben’s as he swallowed the spread. He was gratified to find that Ben was just as turned on by his action as he was. Too bad they were hours away from going to bed, and miles away from the motel.  He didn’t think it would be polite to blow off the group’s manager just for a little afternoon delight, although the idea was a tempting one.

“Guys, we’re almost at the hotel.” Abby’s amused voice broke into Ryan’s reverie. “Can you maybe hold out until then? I’d suggest using the van, but I really don’t think there’s room in the back, with all our stuff. Not to mention it’s not exactly romantic. And kinda gross, actually, for what you two have in mind.”

Ryan’s cheeks grew warm as Ben reluctantly took back his finger and winked at him before replying to Abby, his eyes never leaving Ryan’s. “What do you know about having sex in the back of the van?” he teased. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

“I’ve been in the van,” she answered him, never missing a beat. “I know how much room there isn’t back there. Doesn’t take an engineer to figure out how uncomfortable that would be. If you want to know for sure, though, why don’t you ask them?”

That got Ryan’s attention. He glanced toward Abby, who was pointing toward the grass where Deacon and Keanu lay. They grinned back, obviously not embarrassed in the slightest at her accusation, and certainly not denying it either.

“It’s quite cramped,” Keanu offered. “But it’ll do in a pinch. If you’re very careful and don’t get your—”

Deacon laid his fingers gently across his lover’s lips. “No need for an anatomy lesson, I think they get the picture.”

Abby laughed, followed by Aiden, then they were all laughing together.

Keanu motioned to Deacon that he wanted to get up. Deacon stood, then offered Keanu a hand up from the ground. “I think I’m gonna hit the men’s room. Wanna come?”

“And hold your hand?” Deacon smirked.

“No, my dick,” Keanu said with a straight face. That set off another round of laughter. Deacon just shook his head.

“Incorrigible, that’s what you are.”

“And you wouldn’t have me any other way,” Keanu said. “C’mon, big boy.” Deacon rolled his eyes but he didn’t say no, and the two strolled off, hand in hand.

Ryan looked between the others. “You don’t think they’re gonna… I mean… Really?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Aiden said. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“But there are kids around,” Ryan protested. Doing it around grown men was one thing, but kids? Not cool at all.

“They’ll be careful,” Ben said. “Don’t worry. Deacon has too much common sense to get them caught with their pants down. This isn’t the place for that.” He wrapped an arm about Ryan, nestling Ryan’s head on his shoulder. “He’ll probably give him a dose of reality, actually, and remind him we’re almost at the motel.”

Ryan hoped he was right. The last thing they needed was to have two members of the group get arrested for indecent exposure, or anything worse. But his fears were allayed a few minutes later when the two returned. Keanu was pouting, and Deacon seemed more than a little smug. Not to mention Keanu’s hair was wet. What had Deacon done to cool him off?

“Time to go,” Ben announced as they gathered their stuff and hit the road once more.

to be continued

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