Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #29: Don't Look Back

Happy Saturday and welcome to My Sexy Saturday - we bring you 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from our writing.

This week's theme is Talk Sexy to Me. Lovers often have their own language, a certain way of talking to one another. Sometimes with words of love, other times with humor. Like they're in their own little world. The couple I chose to show today are Marshall and Lee. They understand one another very well, despite the difference in their ages. I have a cover for them now, and will be posted the book soon as a free read. I'll keep you posted.  Enjoy!

Don't Look Back by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Like what you see?” He gave Marshall a slow, seductive smile that took his breath away every time he flashed it.

“You know I do,” Marshall breathily replied.

“Then come and get it,” Lee invited, and Marshall dropped to his knees, prepared to dine.

Marshall found himself transfixed by the sight before him—Lee’s perfect pucker. Generally it was Lee who feasted on Marshall’s hole, but when Lee was in the mood, he allowed Marshall the privilege of tasting him there.

“Come on, buttercup, I don’t have all night.”

Marshall knew Lee was only teasing. He glanced up to see that slow, lazy smile that went straight to his heart, and he had to grin himself. “Don’t think you can last that long, old-timer?” he taunted him.

Lee snorted. “I’m no punk kid, like certain people I could name. I last as long as I choose to last, and not a moment longer. You’d do well to remember that.”

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