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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time #9

Happy Hump Day! And also, Happy Fourth of July to everyone! How fortuitous that the fourth fell on a Wednesday this year! We thought we'd incorporate a little patriotic thought in some of this week's prompts. This week the prompt was: Use any sort of patriotic reference. The alternate prompts are: use cat, chocolate, mysterious or use a grand old flag or "I never told you that..." or find a way to crack the whip.

In last week's episode of Trapped in Time, as you'll recall, Doll and Vittorio requested Myron to use his wand for the good of the group, namely to make fire. But unfortunately, Charlie the monkey got caught in his line of fire! See what has happened! And if you predicted it, I'd love to hear from you - you're good lol

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Trapped in Time #9

Vittorio and I stare open-mouthed while Myron emits a high-pitched wail that would easily shatter crystal, if we had any, and the hapless Charlie falls to the ground, struck by the strange ray of light emitted by Myron’s wand. Is he hurt? Is he… alive? Or has Myron’s incompetency sent the poor creature to an early grave? It’s impossible to determine what the situation is as a strange red smoke hangs in the air, obscuring our view. It also makes our eyes water, and we find ourselves coughing.

“Charlie!” Myron keens. “Charlie, don’t leave me… I never got to… I mean, I never told you that…” He falls to his knees, tearing at his clothes in frustration.

His grief is so great, and appears to be so genuine, that I feel a sympathetic sorrow overlay my soul, as Vittorio and I cling to one another, mourning the innocent ape.

Rest in peace, Charlie…

A strange voice puts a quick end to my mental eulogy. Vittorio and I exchange confused glances, but we know that neither one of us has spoken. And Myron is beyond speech at the moment. So who…?

“Myron… I’m here, I haven’t left you…” The words are punctuated by fits of coughing; it’s coming from the vicinity of the dissipating smoke. As it clears, a figure is left standing. A very naked, very muscular, and very human male figure.

We’re all staring now as the very naked and very good-looking man plops himself into Myron’s lap, clinging to him like… I mean, just like…

Oh no, it can’t be… I mean, is it possible?

Vittorio voices my thoughts, murmuring to me, “Doll, can that be… Charlie?”

If you had posited such a hypothesis yesterday, I wouldn’t have thought such a thing possible, but then yesterday I had not yet been transported into a prehistoric world.

Myron seems completely unhinged at having a former primate in his lap. He’s probably never been this close to a naked man before (although I’m sure he would love to get Vittorio into precisely this position, the greasy Machiavelli).  “What… who… I mean what…?” he babbles.

As if to put paid to our suppositions, the man emits a few simian hoots before he presses his lips tightly against Myron’s. I could not venture to guess which of the three of us is the most surprised.

“Charlie loves Myron!” he proclaims. He leaps to his feet, beating his chest, standing on one leg while he stretches one fist high into the air. A victory chant perhaps? Or perhaps a muscle cramp. After all, he’s made a huge leap on the evolutionary scale all in one fell swoop.

Considering his lack of clothing, it is only natural that our eyes all seem to fasten upon the same spot. Let me just say that Charlie is… well endowed… and leave it at that.

“Ch-charlie?” Myron’s voice quavers, understandably. I think Vittorio and I are almost as shaken as he is. I say almost because he is in greater proximity than we are to… Charlie.

Not answering the question, Charlie reaches down and scoops Myron up in one muscular arm, while using his powerful leg muscles and leaping onto a relatively low-hanging limb in a nearby tree. Pausing only long enough to beat his chest and howl, Charlie disappears into the trees with Myron, leaving Vittorio and I gaping after him.

“Do you think we should…?” I begin doubtfully, but Vittorio shakes his head.

“I think if Myron is unhappy, he’ll let us know. “

I have to agree with his assessment of the situation. Myron is rather vocal, isn’t he, when he chooses to be? Therefore, I must conclude that he is happy. And he is in good hands. After all, Charlie is a native of this area, so it’s unlikely he can get lost, right? And he’ll know all the best places? Although I wish they’d waited to take their unexpected honeymoon until after we’d had the chance to eat.

Looking up at Vittorio, suddenly all thoughts of food vanish from my mind. Everything retreats to a lesser position, everything that is not him, as I suddenly realize why he’s smiling at me like that. Alone at last!  At least while Myron is otherwise occupied with the newly mutated Charlie.  Who knows how long that will last; we should take advantage of this chance while we can.

Vittorio presses his lips against mine and suddenly I find myself flat on my back on the ground, with my beautiful lover lying atop me. I arch into his body, our erections meeting in the middle, rubbing together almost frantically. “I want you, Doll,” he murmurs into my mouth, and I second the idea.  “Please take me,” I urgently assent.

Seized by passion, we make short work of our clothes, stacking them neatly for later, picking the softest patch of grass that we can find to make love on.

Following my own instincts, I drop onto all fours and shake my rump at Vittorio—come and get it, sweetheart. He gets the message. I feel his hands caressing, his lips kissing my flesh. He teases me with his tongue, dipping between my cheeks, licking my most dark spot; I shiver with desire. I love when he tastes me. I’m panting now, and eager to feel him inside me.

When he has finished his so sweet torture, he fills me with his love, pushing into me until he is entirely inside, and we are as one. This is the union of our souls and our bodies, and for a moment we do not move, luxuriating in this bond that we possess.

Sweet and hot, he makes love to me. I rise up to meet his thrusts, twisting to kiss him, and I feel him fill me even as I find my own release. Together we drop to the ground once more, sated. Curling up together, we rest our eyes for now. Food can wait a little longer.

to be continued

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  1. Hehehe, Charlie's a human. *grin* This should be fun lol!


  2. Yay, Charlie! I'm glad he came through okay. Sounds like Myron will have his, um, hands full. What a hoot!

  3. I know it was only a matter of time before it got seriously strange. LOVED IT. Hehe monkey trouble coming up

    1. You mean being zapped back into the prehistoric era wasn't already strange? lol