Sunday, July 22, 2012

Serial Killer Sunday

Today I'm doing something a little bit different for Serial Killer Sunday - I'm posting a poem I wrote a long time ago that I recently ran across. I hope you like it!  Don't forget, you have until the end of the month to join in the Blissemas in July fun and enter for a chance to win A Special Christmas!


By Julie Lynn Hayes

You can call me Charlie,   
You can call me Ted.
Glance over your shoulder,
Check under your bed.
Search the smiles of total strangers—passersby  you meet,
But don’t forget that loves ones, too, sometimes do feel the heat.

Underneath we are the same, you and I.
And I can go by any other name; haven’t I?

Landru, Gacy, Dahmer,
Madeline Smith and Mary Bell.
A cavalcade of honorees
Whose tales we know full well.
Berkowitz and Whitman,
Wayne Williams and Richard Speck.
Lizzie Borden raised an axe,
Whacked Daddy in  the neck.

Somewhere there is lurking
A man well known to you,
Behind the public face he wears
A secret smile – what did he do?

Perhaps you’ll never know.   
Can you watch him all the time?
You’ve got your own life to lead,
And so do he and I.

A secret rage burns deep inside of many hidden hearts,
A time bomb measured in increments of broken body parts.
Think twice before  you pick a fight, or flip someone the bird.
For there are far worse things in life than an unpleasant word.

The bell keeps tolling,
The body count growing.
Just remember this,
As you live in ignorant bliss,
Only the worst among us has been caught,
The best are still at large.

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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  1. Every parent's nightmare- thanks so much. No, really, it's an interesting but macabre poem.