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Ouran High School Host Club Volume 13 Review

 Ouran High School Host Club, Volume 13 
Author: Bisco Hatori
Publisher: Viz Media
American release date: November 3, 2009
Format/Genre/Length: Manga/Shonen/200 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: Teen
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

The class trip to France behind them, life continues in Music Room #3; the Host Club assembles once more, and this time they take their faithful followers to Turkey! Tamaki has taken a renewed interest in the workings of the club, and between that and learning about his father’s business, he is kept very busy. He’s concerned about Haruhi possibly having a fever and keeps trying to talk her into going to the hospital. Meanwhile, the other members of the club are trying to analyse Haruhi and Tamaki, while Hikaru tries to deal with his own feelings toward Haruhi.


Haruhi heads home, where Mei is waiting for her. Haruhi confesses that she seems to be having an allergic reaction to Tamaki; she describes her symptoms—her heart hurts when she sees him, sometimes it palpitates, she feels feverish and she can’t speak clearly…Before Mei can tell her what this means, Kaoru calls and implores her not to, but she leaves behind a girls’ magazine which contains a ♥ test; Haruhi decides to take it, with surprising results. Well, surprising to her. The rest of us have known the truth for quite a while!

The next day, Haruhi runs into Tamaki and inquires as the previous day’s meeting. She confesses to having stayed up too late, reading a magazine, even as she realizes she has all the symptoms—she’s in love with Tamaki! Unable to handle the truth, she says she’s going to the nurse and tells her she is leaving school, unwell, then she runs to Mei’s school, confused and unsure.

The next day, a recovered Haruhi approaches the class president and the twins and tells them a skiing trip sounds great! (as long as the costs are kept down, of course). She’s decided to be a more interactive Haruhi, and not simply go through the motions. She’s going to do things and enjoy things, including skiing.

As a new interactive Haruhi, she suggests the Host Club cosplay Japanese folktales, and she assigns them parts.  But their complaints are making her feel guilty for having spoken up. An unexpected find in the form of a treasure map leads to fun for all, though. Another outcome is that Hikaru confesses to Tamaki that he has feelings for Haruhi.
On with the ski trip! Somehow Haruhi ends up rooming with Hikaru, who is struggling to reconcile his own feelings with the possibility that he may have inadvertently clued Tamaki into discovering his own feelings for Haruhi. Hikaru tries to feel out Haruhi, without revealing too much information, and she gives him what advice she can, considering he’s being very vague.

In a bonus episode, we see Tamaki’s first day in Japan, and how it went.


I am so happy that Haruhi has finally gotten a clue! Now, if only Tamaki would do the same! We’re really getting down to the heart and soul of the matter now. I feel sorry for Hikaru, for I can’t see that his feelings for Haruhi will get him anywhere but heartbroken, and of course I am cheering for Haruhi and Tamaki to end up together. Only five volumes left!

The ski trip was cute, and so is the emerging Haruhi. She’s finally coming out of her shell and developing, rather than just reacting to what happens around her. Great addition to the Host Club family!

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