Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silver Flash #15; Yes He's My Ex: Fine Again

Welcome to another edition of the Silver Flash! This week I'm proud to say that I wrote the two prompts for the Flashers. It was an either one or both challenge. The prompts were: I am the pilot of the storm and He had a mind like a steel trap.  When last we left Sonny and Tim, Tim had just locked Dale in the bathroom and he and Sonny were about to "turn in". As always, a list of the other participating Silver Flashers follows my humble effort. I now give  you

Fine Again

God, it’s been so long, yet everything seems so familiar. Me and Sonny. Together. Like old times, times I’d have bet never to have seen again in my lifetime. Yet here we are, we’ve fallen onto the bed together, and we’re frantically pulling off every stitch of clothing we’re wearing.

I tune out everything but Sonny, concentrate on nothing but him. Dale is just a bit of background noise now; I can hear the shower running. Guess there’s not much else to do in a hotel loo—shit, shower, or shave. I don’t think he has a razor.

Sonny lies beneath me now, and I drink in the beauty of his naked body, my heart melting faster than a caramel on a hot stove. I remove his glasses and set them on the table between the beds for safekeeping.

Sometimes we’ve been known to get a bit wild.

“Tim, I’m sorry.” He tries to apologize, but I won’t have any of it. I stopper his words with my lips. My hunger for him has only grown since the last time we were together. I love him so much, I know that if we stay together, we can weather anything. He is my safe harbor, and I am the pilot of the storm. I’ll steer us through this rough spot in our journey and get us back on course again.

I slide my hands beneath him, caressing his bare ass. He loves when I do that. He lifts his legs and locks them behind my back—I can feel his heels touching the dip at the small of my back; they fit there perfectly. I squeeze his globes, as I position myself between his legs. If I have any doubt that he wants me too, the sight of his swollen cock reassures me that indeed he does.

I raise his hips so that our cocks are rubbing together now, frantically. Like two boy scouts trying to start a fire, using only our God-given sticks.

We continue to kiss as if we’ll never stop. I feel his moans; they exit his throat and tumble directly into mine, passing my own along the way. Words are not necessary, we’re managing without them.

I spread Sonny’s cheeks with one hand, brushing my thumb across his perineum, and then his hole. He shivers in my arms. I won’t ask him how long since he’s been with someone else; it doesn’t matter. He’s with me now. Only me.

I have to come up for air.  Disentangling my tongue from his, I know what I want. “Roll over,” I command Sonny and he obeys with alacrity, twisting his body without hesitation so that now he’s on all fours, and he’s sticking his delectable ass up in the air, wriggling it shamelessly.

Just the way I like it.

I press my cheek against his for just a moment, feeling him, taking in everything. I am overwhelmed—by him, by us, by this. I’d never expected to ever experience him again, and yet here we are.

I run my tongue along his crack, before I spread those pretty globes of flesh and do the same over his hole. I feel his tremors of delight and I am empowered by them.  I kiss his pucker tenderly, using my fingers to spread him enough to admit my tongue and I fuck him with it, tasting and loving him. His head is buried in the motel pillow, but his cries of ecstasy are unmistakable.

He tastes so familiar, he tastes so good. I’m home again and I know it. Or I will be, in just a moment. ‘Cause if I don’t do it now, I won’t last long enough to do it, and I’m here to fucking tell you that isn’t happening.

I move back from his private place with a final lick. Taking myself in hand, I move to a position affording the best angle, the head of my cock just at his rim.

“Ready, Sonny?”

“Ready, Tim-tim!”

I push inside of Sonny in one fell swoop, encasing myself inside of him. His body sucks me in and holds me there and we are as one again and now I know I’m home.

My hand reaches around and beneath him. I take Sonny’s weeping cock in my grasp and I pump it as I fuck him. Hard, harder. He pushes back against me, meeting me thrust for thrust.  Our bodies are so in sync, we’re moving in perfect harmony now. In and out. In and out. Over and over.

Sonny cries my name when he comes, I feel his stickiness as it sprays my hand, and the bedspread. I never stop pumping inside of him until I feel myself go too. I explode in rapid-fire bursts, filling him until I’ve nothing left to give and we’re both panting now, sharing this most incredible high.

That. Was. Fucking. Amazing.

I tumble onto the bed beside Sonny, and I pull him into my arms, and wind myself around him, not caring how sticky we are, just want to hold him, to be with him, to love him.  I whisper the words over and over and he whispers them back. And we fall asleep, spent and content and pleased with ourselves.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I start awake, sitting up in the bed. Sonny is sprawled beside me, sleeping peacefully. I see his face by the moonlight which filters through the curtains. The memory of the motel rushes back to me. Oh yeah, that’s where we are. I stroke Sonny’s back idly, thinking I’m forgetting something.

Oh snap. Dale.

When I pull the chair away, I find him sitting on the toilet, singing “99 Bottles of Beer.”

Ever hear the expression he had a mind like a steel trap? Well, looking at Dale’s idiotic expression, I’d say his trap done got sprung—a long time ago.

He’s pruney, he’s naked, and he’s singing softly to himself.

Jesus, he’s such an idiot.

to be continue

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I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of Yes He's My Ex! See you next time!

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  1. I love Sonny and Tim together but now I'm feeling really sorry for Dale. He needs someone to pity him and take care of him. He's got the whole lost puppy thing going on. :)

  2. lol Are you suggesting I add a bf for him?

  3. I loved this. Tim and Sonny fit so beautifully together. And yeah. . . poor Dale.

  4. I'll auction him off, Tim says I can - any takers?

  5. Loved this! oh poor Dale stuck in the bathroom while the horizontal tango is being danced.

    can't wait to read more