Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Flash #14: Yes He's My Ex: Is There Room at the Inn

Wednesday has come round again, time for another Silver Flash! This week we were given the prompt "Just pretend I'm not here.” If you'll recall from last week, we left Sonny and Tim in the back seat of the FBI agent's car, necking. Without further ado, I give you the next chapter of Yes He's My Ex

 Is there Room at the Inn?

Sonny seems oblivious to the cessation of motion, his hand having snaked between us to undo my belt, his tongue sliding into my mouth, while his legs tighten about me. Another thirty seconds—or maybe forty-five if I try to stave it off a bit—I’m going to do something I haven’t done in my pants since I was a teenager.

Until the car door opens—yes, the very one that we have our full weight against, our bodies tightly wedged together in our frenzied frottage—and Sonny tumbles backwards, me on top of him. The trouble is that he’s still strapped in so there’s only so far he can go. The end result is we’re both hanging out of the Cadillac, yelping like scalded dogs, while Agent Nelson stands over us wearing a shit-eating grin. I swear he must have done that on purpose.

We manage to sort ourselves out, although once again I find myself slapping at Dale’s less than helpful hands as they try to find a place in the mix. Make that he’s trying to find a way to touch Sonny. That boy is getting on my last nerve and I am so ready to slap him into next week!

“Well boys, we’re here,” Nelson says, still snickering.

I glance around me, wondering where here is.  Wherever it is it seems pretty desolate.  The wind moans around us, almost eerily. There are no other cars but ours. We’ve pulled up in what appears to be the parking lot of a motel. Not another vehicle in sight. The motel’s name is spelled out in electric lights; some of the bulbs aren’t lit.

“Bee-tes Mo-tel.” Listening to Dale sound out the name is painful. What’s worse is realizing just how dumb he really is that he can’t tell one of the letters is completely out. It’s still there, still legible, but it isn’t lit.

“Bates, you dumbshit,” I correct him, just before I do a double take. Bates Motel? Seriously? Where the fuck are we?

“This is going to be your home away from home,” Agent Nelson tells us with obvious delight. “Go ahead and get the key.” He nods at either Tweedledum or Tweedledummer, who promptly heads to the office. It looks dark. With any luck there’ll be no one on duty, despite the Vacancy sign being somewhat lit, and we can get the hell out of here.

“Here’s the plan,” Nelson continues, “you three are going to stay here safe and sound until we need you.”

“What?” I squawk, “now just wait a minute. I have a business to run. My business. I have to get back to it, you know? It won’t run itself.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mansfield, but your government needs you. Your customers have all been taken care of for the duration of your stay with us. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Don’t worry about a thing? DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING? This is just going too far, especially for something I’ve no wish to be involved with.

As if he can read my mind, the man turns to me, his eyes dead serious, boring into me. “Of course you’re free to go, Tim, if that’s what you really want to do. I won’t stop you. Shall I give you a minute to say good-bye to Mr. Scrignoli? He’s going to be with us, even if you aren’t. He’s in this too deep to let him go safely.”

Damn. That is just so cold. I know he’s well aware of what he’s doing, he’s figured out that I’ve no intention of leaving Sonny with them, especially not with Dale. How could I do that to him, despite the fact that he got me embroiled in this ongoing fiasco to begin with? Nelson’s playing me like a well-tuned Stradivarius, one whose only tune is Saving Sonny.

Before I can respond, Sonny has latched onto me, wild-eyed and heading for hysterical. “No, no, nooooooo,” he moans, “please don’t leave me, Tim-tim. I need you!  I love you!”

Dale throws himself to the ground, grabbing Sonny around his legs.  “I love you, Sonny, stay with me, let him go!”

Sonny’s lips are pressed against mine now, like a vacuum, and while I’m kissing him, I’m kicking Dale, as hard as I can, in order to get him to let go. It takes all three Federal agents to sort us all out, the first one having returned with the key. I end up with a cut lip out of the deal, and scratch marks where Sonny was clinging to my neck, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I got Dale in the family jewels, aka sperm central.

Nelson has a hold of one of my arms, and he yanks me along, while Sonny and Dale are manhandled by the other two, and all three of us are dragged to a dark room in the middle of the other dark rooms on this side of the motel. I barely have time to notice the number seven on the door before we’re thrust inside, and a light switched on.

Nelson has the key, but he isn’t turning it over. “We have our own room, we’ll be back tomorrow. Stay put.” And they’re gone. Just like that.

The room is small, but it does have two beds, that’s one good thing. Now what do we do?

Sonny has his own ideas, of course. He pulls me toward one of the beds, already undoing my belt. I’m torn between wanting to make love to him and remembering the hairy chimp in the room. I mean Dale, of course.

I glance at him.

"Just pretend I'm not here,” he tries to wave away my concerns as I advance on him, a bit menacingly. “Tim-tim?” he squawks.

One minute later, he’s locked in the bathroom, a chair wedged beneath the door handle, as I turn to Sonny.

“Want to go to bed?” I ask, just before he leaps into my arms.

to be continued...

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  1. I love locking Dale in the bathroom! ROFLMAO! Where can we lock him up next...

  2. Maybe this means Tim and Sonny will actually get some! :)

  3. Why, yes, I believe he does want to go to bed. lol Nicely done! I love Tim's nicknames for stuff. "Tweedledum and Tweedledummer." Classic. :)

  4. YES! I like how you wove the Bates Motel into this. I just hope no one takes a shower.

    can't wait for more!

  5. Shhh, Lily, you're giving my secrets away! ;) lol

  6. Sonny is so loveably clueless! And the Bates Hotel. . . is the manager's name Norman, by any chance?

  7. Guess you'll have to wait to find out, eh? :) If I toldja, I'd hafta killya! lol

  8. That was a pretty funny chapter.