Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad Teacher's Equation, Volume 1 Review

Bad Teacher’s Equation, Volume 1   
Author: Kazuma Kodaka
Publisher: June Manga/DMP
American release date: August 9, 2011
Format/Genre/Length: Manga/Yaoi/350 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: Older Teen, 16+
Overall Personal Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Atsushi Arisawa enrolls in Jyogaoka High School just to be near his long-time crush, “Ma-chan”. He has turned down offers from the top five schools in Tokyo to be near him, once he learns that he is the school nurse there. The less than stellar school is co-ed, and has been given the nickname of “Yankee High”. When he first arrives, Atsushi wonders if maybe he’s made a mistake.


To his dismay, Atsushi discovers that his beloved “Ma-Chan” has undergone a complete character transformation, and he does not recognize the loud, brazen man he’s become! Further complications arise in the person of Koji Inagaki. Childhood friends, Inagaki always protected Atsushi from bullies, and had even proposed that they get married, so he could always protect him, a proposal which was sealed with a kiss! Koji still feels the same way about Atsushi. His “girlfriend” Yuriko, sister of one of the coaches, is just a beard; she’s actually a close friend who encourages him to kiss other boys, because she is a voyeur and a fan of boys’ love.

Koji is in great demand by all the sports teams at the school, but he isn’t interested in any of them, only in Atsushi, and he is determined to protect him again, as if their separation during middle school had never occurred. What Atsushi doesn’t realize is that the “Ma-chan” he remembers is Masami Shibata, who is currently on leave from the school, his place having been taken by his brother Masayoshi. A veritable comedy of errors and mistaken identification ensues!

Masami is dating another teacher at the school, Toru Hagiwara, although their relationship is still in the early stages. Hagiwara and Masayoshi are often in conflict with one another over Masami. When Atsushi discovers his error, seeing the real “Ma-Chan”, he transfers his newly discovered affections to Masayoshi, to Koji’s chagrin.

As Koji tries to get closer to Atsushi, Atsushi is trying to get closer to Masayoshi and Higawari to Masami. Koji applies for a job at Club Lush, which is Masayoshi’s club, in order to help out at home. Masayoshi will only hire him if he agrees to join his team at school.  Blackmail, anyone?


Well first off, it’s Kazuma Kodaka. Seriously. I’ve loved her work ever since I started reading Kizuna. This is a wonderfully hilarious tale that begins as a case of mistaken identity and progresses from there. Atsushi loves Masayoshi, Koji loves Atsushi, Toru loves Masami, and Yuriko loves to watch gay men in love! It’s got humor in abundance, and it has very sweet moments too, and romantic ones.  I’m already cheering for Koji to win Atsushi’s heart!

The artwork is vintage Kodaka. Koji actually reminds me of Ranmaru from Kizuna, and sometimes Masayoshi resembles Kei. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because I’m not. She’s laid the groundwork for an interesting series here, one which I look forward to exploring. Her plots are almost Shakespearean in their intricacy. I just know there are lots of fun times ahead for all of these guys!  Another great series from a great mangaka!

If you enjoy Bad Teacher’s Equation, I suggest you check out Kizuna, and Samurai Love, by the same author.

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