Sunday, May 8, 2011

Of Twilight and Dazzling Vampires and Other Things

I first became involved with the Twilight books in a rather unusual way. I noticed that my son, who was 16 at the time, had a library copy of the book, and I learned that his then girlfriend had wanted him to read it. I admit that I had a little fun with that, the idea she'd given him an assignment, especially after I picked it up and realized it was a romance novel involving teenage vampires.

Curiosity overcame me and I got the book from the library myself and quickly became enamored of the romance between Bella and Edward. I was hooked! I've read all the books now, and it's certainly been a love/hate relationship. *****possible spoilers if you haven't read them all ****** I really despised Jake from the time he first entered the scene, the way he worked at stealing Bella from Edward. I rooted for Edward from the beginning (no, I don't do the Team Edward thing, sorry). In the last book, during Bella's pregnancy, I wanted to throw the book more than once at Bella and Jake's behavior, it simply infuriated me. Learning the real reason for that pacified me slightly, but kicked in my wtf are you serious meter. And then, getting past that hurdle, the drawing together of a bunch of major players to take care of the big bad vamps from across the pond, setting up for a major battle - and then wham bam we're done and out of here? That, I must say, did not cut it. The ending of that book felt so rushed, as if the publisher was breathing down Stephanie Meyer's neck, demanding the book now or else. I felt that Breaking Dawn could have easily been made into two books, and had a far more satisfactory handling of the big battle.

Stephanie Meyer has received a lot of flak for her dazzling vampire story, and I'd like to defend her. I think the reason that she made her vampires sparkle in the sunlight was to explain why they shyed away from it, and why they were in a place like Forks, Washington. I think it was a unique explanation, and more in keeping with Bram Stoker. His vampires were able to walk around in daylight, just like hers. The dazzling explanation makes sense. To people who are critical of it, and of the stories, let me remind you of something - this is a YA book. It was written for teens and teens loved it. Quit judging it by other standards.

Actually, I don't remember seeing any criticism of the dazzling vampire effect until the movie came out. Ugh, the movie. I knew it was not going to be good the moment that I saw the casting choices. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen? Hello, casting director, did you even bother to read the book? Edward Cullen was very beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. I'm sorry, but I think Robert Pattinson is not only not beautiful, he's on the opposite end of the spectrum. Plus, from what I've seen of him, he's a wooden actor. So, how does he get tagged to play the moody emotional beautiful vampire? Hell if I know. I'm told that Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, cannot act either. I've not seen the film - the trailers were enough. From the get-go, I thought it looked like a bad TV movie. All things being equal, I'll never watch the films. I have better things to do with my time. And I'll keep Edward beautiful in my mind's eye.

We're now into the second season of Dexter finally, and I must say it's awesome so far. Dexter's on pins and needles about his stash of bodies being found, and just when he thinks he's solved the problem, he learns that no, he hasn't. He's in a twelve step program because Rita thinks he's an addict, which he is, but not drugs, as she thinks. This came about when she figured out that he had helped put Paul, her ex, back into prison, where he died, for which she blames herself. Never mind the fact that he was a waste of space and everyone is better off without him. Having read all the books, I know just how far afield the series is going. I don't mind too much, at least not yet. Watching Michael C Hall as Dexter makes up for the differences. Like the twelve step thing, and his relationship with Rita being different, and the kids being different (I like the book Cody better - for those who haven't read it, Cody has a Dark Passenger too, and when Dexter realizes that, he agrees to mentor the lad and his sister). The situation with Doakes is different - I don't see him getting chopped up in the series. And what I already know will happen to Rita is way different. Plus Dexter's brother - his dating Deb and his actually dying - that's all different. If  you watch first and read afterward, you'll really be surprised at the differences. But, as I said, I'll keep watching, cause I love Michael C. Hall.

Speaking of Michael, we started Season 3 of Six Feet Under last night. Season 2 ended with Nate going under the knife for his condition - AVM, I think it's called. Brenda got out of Dodge (can we say praise the Lord and halleleujah?). The third season starts with a bang, beginning with is Nate dead or not? I loved it, and will undoubtedly watch more of it today. It's Mother's Day, after all.

I watched Saw the Final Chapter the other night, finally. I've been wanting to see it ever since it was at the theater. I have seen all the others, and wanted to watch this last one. I have to say I liked it, it was well done, and the twist at the end was unexpected, at least by me. It was emotionally satisfying, and tied up all the loose ends. I honestly don't think there will be any more, there's no need. It's a done deal.

Justified ended its second season in its typical grand style. I'm sure it'll be back for a third season, with new villains. And at least one old. It remains to be seen what will happen with Raylan and Winona. I won't give away the plot to the last one, but let's say people died, and it was a very dramatic episode, very nicely done.

Hawaii 5-0 ends in two more weeks. I'm still ticked at the hit or miss way CBS airs this show, they really need to get their shit together. But every episode has been great, with the possible exception of one which wasn't bad, but was weak compared to the others.

Vampire Diaries ends its season next week, and although I'll miss Damon, I have to say the writers have gotten stupid again, and oh my god, are you serious? Next week will be a crucial one for Damon, who was bitten by Tyler Lockwood (in this canon, werewolf bites are fatal to vampires, Rose died of one). So next week is being set up as does Damon live or die, bla bla bla. Be serious. Anyone with half a brain knows he'll live, cause without him the show will die. No-brainer there. If you didn't see last week's some people are dead, I won't spoil who. But I do have to say that this whole moonstone curse thing wore thin a long time ago, especially the part where Klaus, while sacrificing both a vampire and a werewolf, has to drink the blood of the doppelganger.  Seriously? I think that goes beyond stupid into the insulting the audience category. I'd wish the series a horrible death, but then I'd not be able to see Damon again, which is a double edged sword. My solution? Give Damon his own series, let him get over Elena (I STILL don't see what he sees in her) and let him have some fun. I'd watch it. Hell yes!

Well, I've rambled enough, I think. It's Mother's Day, after all.  What are my plans? I hope to get some writing done, that's a given. I expect that Katie and Chris and Michael will each call me. I look forward to that. I'm making a new French Toast recipe for breakfast for Sarah and I - it has Canadian bacon and Monterey Jack cheese and sounds delicious. Sarah's making dinner - chicken salsa, which I love. I'm sure we'll watch more SFU. And we got triple chocolate cake ice cream for dessert!

Have a great Mother's Day! I'd love to hear from you all, leave a comment and tell me what you think!

♥ Julie


  1. The UK must be ahead of you in some of these programs as Dexter's wife't say...but lets say, I'd still be able to chat to her but loads wouldnt lol

    I like the way the vamps sparkle in the light. Vamp stories do tend to get so samey, as in the can't go out at night and drink blood. Isn't it great to have vamps with a difference.

    Vamp diarys..loving it. Its finished now, so I am waiting the next series with bated breath. I rather fancy damon...I'm, all lowed ot. He may look like a younger , but he's older than most people I know lol

    What about true blood?? Sookie..said in that deep, sexy voice of bills.....needs an occasional slap in the chops for being a twit, but over all I like it.

    Great post.

  2. Oh no, you're not ahead, I'm behind, and I already know what happens to Rita, I allowed myself to be spoiled by a friend lol

    I agree. I liked the explanation, so I don't understand why people feel the need to belittle something that isn't the same old same old.

    Yes, I feel about Damon the same way. He is 145 years old lol We have one episode left, Thursday night.

    I like True Blood too. I've read all the books, but I'm behind on that because I don't have HBO. We've seen the first two seasons, but the third doesn't come out on DVD til the end of May. You better believe we'll be watching it! Granted I know what happens but it's still fun to see it played out, and to see what changes they've made.

    Thanks for stopping by, Mags!