Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: SL Danielson

Good morning to you and to my special guest, my friend and co-author SL Danielson. Today we're in Forest  Park, enjoying the view of the Art Museum, and Art Hill, as well as the Grand Basin. This is the site where once upon a time the world came to visit, here at the St. Louis World's Fair. That also happens to be the setting for our novel, My Fair Vampire, which comes out in October, from Silver Publishing.

Today Steph is going to talk about her new release, Refugees. It takes place after the events in For the Heart of Phillip. Steph is generously donating a portion of her royalties from Refugees to the victims of the recent tornado in Joplin, Missouri.  Go ahead, Steph, I'll pour us some coffee while you talk.

Hello, everyone! S. L. (Stephanie) Danielson here...and my new book Refugees.  
If you read the prequel "For the Heart of Phillip" this answers what happened to the two men who lost that particular war, Robert and David.
Will things settle down for them so that they can find friendship and love in their own lives again? Or will there be bitterness so embroiled in their blood that no one can win them over ever again?

To celebrate this new book and help humanity at the same time (namely the victims of the horrific multi-vortex EF5 tornado that decimated Joplin, MO) I am donating 10% of all royalties earned on this book
to relief efforts.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY...this book is up for 99 cents at until May 31st.
After that, it will be 2.99.
On other sites, it is 2.99 on ( as well as in paperback for $12.99) there....
and on All Romance Ebooks and Amazon

Thank you for your help! I have relations in Joplin and they saw the storms heading towards town.. .thank God they were OUT of town....
Hug your loved ones... you never know.

Moving words indeed, Steph. Thanks for joining us today!  Here's your coffee, let's walk around the Basin!

Steph will be available to answer all your questions and comments! She can't wait to hear from you! Fire away! Hope you're enjoying the first day of the Memorial Day weekend!

♥  Julie


  1. Great to be here, Julie! Pass the sugar for my coffee, would you please? Ahhhh...

    Going to take it easy this weekend as much as possible; get over this cold of mine.

    Have been in contact with my relation in Joplin; they're not sure they're going to stay sad! They've been there 10 years but now...

  2. Sugar or Sweet n Low? I have both!

    I don't blame you, you should!

    Because of the tornado? Or because of the aftermath? I mean it's rather a freak occurrence, and it can happen anywhere. Not like Joplin is cursed or anything.

  3. Sugar...I'm sweet enough...LOL

    I laid low yesterday, it was nice! Didn't go anywhere and had fan/friend come over to get hand-signed copies of all my works..that made my day!

    It will take years to get their infrastructure back up to where it was; they like it there, but they'll have to drive a lot further for basics now.

  4. I hope a lot of people don't walk away, that will hit the town hard too, I would think.