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Wednesday Briefs: Super Trooper #14 (3.0)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

After a night filled with lovemaking, Evan and Chan have had to part, since Evan has to work. But before he goes, he asks Chan to dinner at his place that night! How exciting is that? See what's happening in this week's chapter of Super Trooper. Don't forget to see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale!  Enjoy!

Super Trooper #14 (3.0)

Chan was disappointed that Evan had to leave him, but he understood the man had a job that required him to work unusual hours, including weekends. He himself worked two Saturdays a month at the S&L. These were only half days, as they closed earlier on that day than they did during the week, and he received an entire day off in recompense which made that arrangement a lot easier to take. Knowing Evan wanted to see him again so soon made him very happy.

And more than that, Evan had invited him to his own home. Chan was almost giddy at the thought of seeing Evan’s personal space. Did he want Chan to sleep over? He hadn’t said anything, and Chan didn’t want to assume.

A guy could hope, right?

Chan didn’t get up immediately once Evan had gone, intending to get a little more sleep before he started his day, to make up for not getting much last night. But he found he couldn’t stop thinking about Evan—how he looked, how he felt, the time they’d spent making love.  He stretched out in his bed, trying to get comfortable, but the bed felt emptier now, the other side cold where just a short time ago Evan had lain. He hugged his extra pillow to him, the one Evan had used. He could still smell him on it, and his scent alone was driving Chan mad with desire.

He sighed deeply. This wasn’t going to work. He was too wide awake now, might as well get up. He had an apartment to clean, and clothes to pick out for tonight. He wanted to look his best for Evan, even if they were staying in. That alone would take some thinking. At least that was something he could consider while he cleaned.

A ding broke the silence of his bedroom, drawing his attention to his phone on the bedside table. Surely, it couldn’t be…  His heart beat rapidly as he reached for his cel, but the message wasn’t from Evan. The text was from his little brother, Kamal.

Can we go to the park today? Please, Chan? You promised, remember? And can we have fried chicken for our picnic?

The message was followed by three happy face emojis and a puppy emoji. Chan couldn’t help but smile at the impatience of his little brother. Chan had just made that promise to him the day before, and he hadn’t given him any sort of timeframe for when it would happen. He was happy to know his brother enjoyed spending time with him.  And his request for fried chicken was no surprise. He asked for it every chance he got.

Chan knew his mother served a lot of traditional Hindu food in their home, and had showed him how to prepare many of their favorites, but she was Americanized enough that she served dishes from other cultures as well. She’d grown up here, as had her parents before her. None of them had ever been to India. That was a long and expensive journey. Texas was their home. They were Americans and proud to be so.  Chan’s siblings had wholeheartedly embraced the American way of eating. Including the consumption of beef. Hard to live in Texas and not eat beef in some form.

Chan loved his brother and sisters very much. He enjoyed being with them, and he liked to take them places, to be their big brother. Besides, that gave his mother and her husband an opportunity to have some alone-time of their own. Chan understood how important that must be for any couple. Hopefully someday he would know that through his own experience. But for now, he could make his mother happy and also spend time with the young ones. A true win-win situation.

Evan wasn’t getting off until eight that night and he said he’d call as he was going home. Perfect. Chan could visit with his family, take his siblings out for a little while, and still come home with time to spare before his date.

He texted a swift reply to his brother. That sounds perfect, if it’s okay with Maa.  He could just imagine the reception his message would receive from Kamal, one that would involve a great deal of bouncing and squealing. Such noise would draw the attention of their mother, who would of course ask for the cause of the commotion and Kamal would tell her about the picnic—not ask her, most likely, interpreting Chan’s assent as law, disregarding his admonition regarding permission. Then his mother would call, not text, as she was not one to type when she could talk. Wait for it… wait for it…

Less than two minutes later, Chan’s phone rang. “Good morning, Maa,” he greeted her with a grin she couldn’t possibly see.

“Your brother tells me you are taking him and his sisters to the park? Something about a picnic? Is this true, Chan?”

“Yes, it is very true. With your permission, of course,” he said, knowing very well she would give it to him. And she did.

“You are a good big brother,” she praised him. “Will we see you soon?”

“About an hour,” he replied. “I want to clean here first. I will see you soon.”

Chan was smiling as he hung up. Today would be a good day indeed.

to be continued

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