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Wednesday Briefs: Super Trooper #12 (2.8)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Things are moving hot and fast for Chan and Evan! See what's up with them in this week's chapter of Super Trooper! Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what's going on with them! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Super Trooper #12 (2.8)

In the back of his mind, Evan wondered when had he begun to consider Chan as more than a one-night stand? He barely knew the man, hadn’t exchanged more than a few words of conversation with him. Not to mention he’d pulled him over and almost cited him for speeding just that morning. And yet here he was hoping something long-term was happening between them?

Was this instinct or wishful thinking on Evan’s part? When he’d decided to go to Partners tonight, it had been just to satisfy an itch with some nameless faceless man. Maybe spend a little time with Roy, if he were there. But somehow everything had changed when he ran into Chan for the second time that day. Did Evan believe in Fate? He didn’t know for sure, but he didn’t exactly disbelieve in it either.

Deep deep down—so far down he was unwilling to admit it to anyone—Evan Rainsford was a romantic. A man who believed in forever love as well as happily ever after, even if he hadn’t found it for himself yet.  Wasn’t even sure if he ever would. Was it him, or the guys he’d dated? Or a combination of the two? Just because he tended to take charge of every man he was ever with didn’t mean he had a need for control, or that he was some kind of a cold bastard, as he’d heard behind his back, when they thought he couldn’t hear them. To him, being the dominant meant that he would care for his partner, take care of him and see to his needs. Didn’t mean he had the right to tell anyone what to do or not do. And so far he hadn’t found anyone who made him want to be that man.

Until now.

Chan felt so right it was scary. Evan felt a connection between them, something greater than the obvious physical tie which bound them at this moment. And he wasn’t about to let this feeling go without attempting to nurture it into something that had the potential to be amazing.

He prayed that Chan felt it too.

He fit perfectly inside of Chan’s tight heat. His lips meshed completely with Chan’s. He loved the way the other man gripped his hair and clung to him, as if he would never let go.

Evan wanted Chan so badly he could taste his own need. He wanted to fuck him firmly, yet gently. Hard, but not too hard. He set a driving rhythm, letting his instincts guide him. Chan quickly fell into step and matched his pace, snapping his hips in perfect unison with Evan’s thrusts, never flagging for an instant.

Evan reached between them to find Chan half hard again. He grasped Chan’s awakening cock and began to pump, feeling it swell at his touch. Pausing to take a breath, he murmured encouragement—“Come on, baby, you can do it”—and was rewarded with sensual moans from Chan, his erection filling Evan’s palm as it hardened.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Chan moaned, adding a few words Evan couldn’t understand, just before he released into Evan’s touch, his entire body quivering under Evan’s ministrations.

Evan’s body glowed with the shared pleasure of Chan’s orgasm, even as he felt his own need and desire reach its inevitable peak, his balls drawing back in a sure sign that he was about to come. Faster now, harder. He claimed Chan’s lips once more, reveling in the taste of him even as he spent himself inside of Chan, coming long and hard and filling him with everything he had.

And when he had given it all, he still kissed him, not wanting to let go any sooner than necessary. How long had it been since he’d wanted to kiss someone like this? Had he ever wanted to?  Until at last, mindful of how heavy he must be lying like this on top of him, Evan eased next to Chan on the bed, breathing heavily. Nothing was spoken between them—everything had been said already.

* * * *
Several moments—or maybe more, for what was time at this moment—passed as Chan lay in a state of complete bliss. His mind and body were as one. Surely this was nirvana? All Chan knew was he’d never felt this way before. He could die a happy man now.

Not that he wanted to die. Far from it. But what of Evan? Had Evan experienced what Chan just had? He hadn’t disappointed him in some way, had he? Judging by the sounds he made when he came, Evan had seemed pleased.

Suddenly anxious, Chan rolled onto his side to face Evan, only to meet the other man’s warm gaze. Chan looked deep into those beautiful jade eyes and melted inside at what he saw. Nothing but tenderness there, no criticism, no censure. Releasing a small breath of gratitude, he gave Evan a shy smile.

Now what?

Chan wasn’t sure what proper etiquette was in this situation, as he’d never experienced anything quite like this before. With the other men he’d been with, once they’d had their fill of Chan, they’d told him to dress and go home before rolling over and going to sleep, leaving Chan humiliated and used. But this was his home. Evan certainly couldn’t tell him to leave. Not that he thought the trooper would.

But he didn’t want Evan to leave, either. Should he offer to let him stay the night? Was that asking too much? Did he want too much from a man he barely knew but sincerely wanted to know more of?

“Are you tired?” Chan asked softly, hoping that Evan didn’t want to roll over and fall asleep, hoping for a sign that the other man wasn’t done with him.

Please stay…

“No, you?” came the welcome reply. Evan traced Chan’s lips with one finger, smiling at him. Such a beautiful smile he had, too. Everything about him was beautiful.

to be continued

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