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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #68 (16.4)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Marshall and Lee take a huge step in this week's episode of Moving Forward. Join them in their celebration. Then don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they're up to. Their links follow my tale!

Moving Forward #68 (16.4)

“We’ve come a long way in recent years,” Roy continued, “great changes have been made in this country with respect to the law and people’s rights. And one of these changes means that you can marry the partner of your choice, whoever he or she is, and your union will be recognized. Marriage is for everyone, which is how it should always have been. But better late than never, right?”

Roy’s words were greeted by nods and murmurs of assent. Rye and Slim gave Lee and Marshall two thumbs up.

The rest of the ceremony passed as if in a dream, as first Marshall and then Lee agreed to the vows which Roy recited for them. Marshall had heard the words before, when watching marriages that took place in television shows, but they’d never held such meaning as they did at this moment, when he was face to face with Lee and promising to love, honor, and cherish. And then they exchanged the rings which were handed to them by their best men, placing them on one another’s finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and husband,” Roy said. “You may now kiss the groom.”

Marshall tingled at the words, knowing in his heart that they were true, at least in the eyes of the people who mattered, even if not recognized by the law.  He and Lee moved toward each other, and their lips came together softly, then more firmly, as everyone cheered. When they drew back, Lee was smiling, and Marshall could swear he saw a tear in his eye. Probably the match to his own.

They stood there for a long moment, simply gazing into one another’s eyes. Marshall had no words for what he was feeling. He’d never thought to see this day, and he was overwhelmed by how much it affected him. Judging by the look in Lee’s eyes, he was having much the same reaction. The sound of Roy clearing his throat brought him back to the present.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said in a solemn voice, “I’d like to introduce to you Mr. and Mr. Clinton.”

Marshall and Lee turned toward their friends who instantly rose and surrounded them, shaking hands, offering their congratulations. Milly hugged each of them in turn, before announcing, “Food’s waiting at the diner, ladies and gentlemen. I closed it for the reception, and Roy here provided the drinks.”
More cheering as everyone headed to their cars.

“See you there, boys.” Milly winked at them. “Try not to be late, if you can help it.” She laughed, taking Mayor Callendar’s arm. “Care to escort me, Mister Mayor?”

“I would be delighted,” he assured her with a chuckle.

Marshall and Lee and Roy were the last ones left.

“Come on. You don’t intend to be late to your own reception, do you?” Roy arched a brow.

“Since the diner’s only a few minutes away, I don’t think that’s a problem. But first I want to say thank you.  I never expected… never dreamed…” He seemed at a momentary loss for words that matched Marshall’s own.

“You don’t have to say anything, Lee, it’s my pleasure.” Roy fidgeted slightly, as if he was unsure of what he wanted to say. “You and Marshall… you’re more than friends, you’re family to me. And I hope you know I’d do anything for either one of you. Anything, any time.”

“I know that, Roy.” Lee’s voice was thick with emotion. “And I appreciate it.” He reached out and hugged Roy, then Marshall did the same. “You’ve already done so much for us, I can never repay you. I feel privileged to call you my friend. More than a friend, you’re like the brother I never had, and you’ve been there for us every step of the way.”

Roy’s face turned pink, but he was smiling nonetheless.

“Does that mean I can call you Uncle Roy?” Marshall teased, which produced a laugh from the other two men.

“Don’t be a punk, Roy will do just fine,” Roy said. “Now let’s go before they eat all the food.”

“How’d you do everything so fast?” Lee asked as they headed out the door. “I mean, on such short notice?”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Roy replied. “I learned that from you, Lee.”

“From me?”

“Yes sir. You never gave up hope, not even when things looked darkest, or when our leads panned out into dead ends. You said we’d find Marshall no matter what, and we did.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Marshall hugged the marshal again.

“Let’s go,” Roy said gruffly. “I hate to see a grown man cry.”

Lee slid his arm around Marshall’s waist, as they followed Roy to his car.

to be continued

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #67 (16.3)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words,  inspired by one of our prompts.

You've probably guessed what's going on with Marshall and Lee, so let me invite you to a very special occasion in their lives. Find out what it is as the festivities begin in this week's episode of Moving Forward. Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what's up with them! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Moving Forward #67 (16.3)

The first thing Marshall noticed was that Roy’s living room was crowded with people, all of whom he recognized. Milly from the diner. Kelly from the grocery store.  Jose and his son, who owned the bait shop. The mayor. Their neighbors, Sarah and Craig Ferguson. And the guys they hung out with at Partners—Rye and Slim.

What in the world was going on here? And where did these folding chairs come from?

He turned startled eyes toward Lee, who was smiling.

“If I’m correct, and I think I am, looks like there’s a wedding going to happen here. Am I right, Roy?”

“You are correct, sir.” Roy lowered his voice, just for Marshall and Lee. “But if you aren’t cool with this, or don’t want it to happen now, it doesn’t have to. We can just make this a welcome home party, if you’d rather.”

Lee looked a question at Marshall, before replying, “I think now is perfect, Roy. Thank you for putting this together on such short notice.” He darted a glance at Denver, who was grinning from ear to ear, as was Dustin.

Everything was beginning to make sense to Marshall now.  After they’d called Roy with the news of their engagement, he must have hung up and immediately gotten the ball rolling. Not only that, but he’d let Denver and Dustin in on the secret. They’d known what was going on, and had held their tongues, which explained the numerous text messages that had been exchanged, as well as the secrecy. The two men were dressed a lot differently from when they’d parted company—shorts and T-shirts had been exchanged for nice suits. Now he knew what they’d been in such a hurry to buy.

Suddenly, Marshall’s eyes widened as true understanding of the situation dawned on him.

“Something wrong?” Lee asked.

“We’re getting married,” he said in awestruck tones just before breaking into a huge smile. 

 “Everything’s wonderful.” He couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting than here, with the man who was responsible for bringing them together, with the people they cared about the most about in the world.

Lee pulled Marshall into his arms and kissed him softly, before turning to Roy.

“You guys know I’d do anything for you, I hope,” Roy said earnestly.

Lee nodded, as if he didn’t trust his voice. Marshall had never seen him so affected, not since the day of their joyous reunion.  Finally, Lee cleared his throat.

“Who’s going to… you know…?” he asked.

“Officiate?” Roy supplied.

“Yeah, that.”

“I am. And if you don’t mind, Denver and Dustin will act as best men.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lee said, and Marshall agreed.

Lee reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring box before he opened it, handing Marshall’s ring to Denver, and his own to Dustin.

“I think we’re ready to begin, everybody,” Roy said. “Thanks for your patience.” He motioned to Marshall and Lee to follow him to one end of the room, opposite all the chairs. There was a low hum of activity as people situated themselves. Denver stood just behind Lee, and Dustin took up the same position behind Marshall.

“Dearly beloved,” Roy began, “I’d like to thank you all for coming today, especially on such short notice, to witness the wedding of Lee and Marshall. For those who know them, you all know what great guys they are. They’re the finest men I know, and I love them both. And if you know them, then you know how much they love each other. That’s something that can’t be denied. And love is a very precious thing, something to be shared and cherished.  So today we will celebrate that love, and bless their union…”

Marshall’s heart beat so quickly, he could barely hear Roy’s words. All he could see was Lee, standing there so handsome, so perfect.  This was definitely the best day of his life.

to be continued

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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #66 (16.2)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! This is also the first flash fiction of the new year.  Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve!  If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers. We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction weekly, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Have you figured out what's going on with Marshall and Lee? The plot thickens in this week's episode of Moving Forward. Don't forget to check out the other Briefers and see what they're up to. Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Moving Forward #66 (16.2)

When they entered their bedroom, they found that Roy had laid out their best suits. Come to think of it, Roy was dressed in his, although he hadn’t noticed before, too caught up in trying to figure out what was going on.

Marshall and Lee looked at one another and then at Roy.  “Um, I’ll just wait for you out here,” he said and quickly disappeared.

“What in tarnation do you think’s going on?” Marshall asked.

“I have an idea,” Lee said, “but I don’t wanna say, just in case I’m wrong. I’m guessing the sooner we get dressed, the sooner we’ll find out.”

By the time they finished, Marshall openly admired Lee as he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. 

“You could make a guy fall in love with you all over again,” he blurted out, then blushed at his own admission. But it was true. Lee was it for him, and Marshall knew it.

Lee turned toward him, giving his tie a final tug. “I hope that guy is you,” he said, “’cause I’m here to tell you, I don’t want anyone else.” He pulled Marshall closer, his arm about Marshall’s waist.
“I don’t want you to have anyone else, just me. Forever.”

“That’s good enough for me.” Their lips met softly, as a shiver stole down Marshall’s spine. “Now let’s go see what’s up so we can quit guessing.”

Marshall laughed, then gave Lee a curious glance when he noticed him tuck the ring box inside his jacket.

“So I can show Roy,” he explained. That made sense.

They exited the bedroom and joined Roy, who seemed almost fidgety to Marshall.

“You miss us that much?” Marshall joked.

“Kinda used to having you around,” Roy teased. “You guys ready?”

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” Lee said.

“You look very nice,” Roy said as he led them outside, to his car.

“You do too,” Lee returned the compliment.  “Got a date?”

“Me? Nah,” Roy returned. “Got a few offers at Partners, but no one I wanted to take up with.”

“Don’t worry, Roy, you’ll meet the right guy someday.”

Marshall watched Roy’s face turn bright red. “That’s about as likely as pigs flying, and you know it. Why don’t you guys get in back and I’ll drive, for a change? You must be tired after driving all day, aren’t you, Lee?”

Lee ushered Marshall into the back seat before fixing Roy with a look. “I appreciate your looking out for me at my advanced age, but I’m not quite ready for the home yet.”

Marshall snorted in amusement. Far from it, in fact. Lee was in damn good shape for any age.

When they pulled up in front of Roy’s house, which wasn’t all that far away from their home, Marshall was surprised to see more cars than usual parked on the street, vehicles he didn’t recognize. In a town as small as Burnham, you got to know what people drove. These were obviously outsiders.

“Who’s here?” he asked.

“People,” Roy replied evasively. “C’mon, let’s get you two inside.”

Unexpected butterflies churned in Marshall’s stomach. Whatever it was they were here, and about to learn the truth. He swallowed, while Lee took his hand and squeezed it.

“You okay?” he asked softly, and Marshall nodded. “Ready to do this, whatever this is?” Marshall nodded again.

Roy held the door to his house open for them, and they walked inside.

to be continued

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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #65 (16.1)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

This week, as Marshall and Lee and Denver and Dustin head back to Burnham, it's obvious that something is afoot, but what can it be? Find out in this week's episode of Moving Forward. Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they've been up to! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Moving Forward #65 (16.1)

Something was definitely up with Denver and Dustin, Marshall decided on the long trip back to Burnham from Galveston. Denver was texting someone on a regular basis, and every so often he and Dustin would exchange shit-eating grins. But when Marshall asked what was so amusing, they refused to explain. Lee just shrugged it off, and Marshall tried to do the same. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up, though.

“You guys hungry? We can stop and get something to eat,” Lee suggested.

“Naw, let’s just wait till we get back to Burnham,” Denver quickly said.

Marshall half turned in his seat and gave him a curious look. “You won’t get much to eat there, unless you go to the diner.”

He noticed Lee looking at the two men through the rearview mirror. “We can eat at Milly’s, if you like. Food’s always good. You can rest a spell before you head back to Tucker Falls.”

“Um… um… yeah. Sure.” Another exchanged glance. “Why don’t we see how everyone feels about it when we get back to your place?”

“You’re acting awfully jumpy,” Lee commented. “You got a hot date waiting for you or something?”

Marshall snickered. If Denver had been seeing anyone even halfway seriously, he wouldn’t have brought his cousin along on the cruise, would he? That seemed like a no-brainer.

“Something,” Denver waffled. “You guys didn’t have any plans, did you? I mean, for when you get back?”

Marshall looked at Lee, who glanced at him briefly before returning his attention to the road.

“Not really,” Lee said. “Get unpacked. Make sure everything at the house is good. Maybe pick up the mail from Roy, if he’s around. Get a drink.”

“Those are good plans,” Denver said, and Dustin agreed with him.

Marshall was growing more suspicious by the minute. But those two weren’t talking, and he wasn’t in a position to accuse them of anything because he had no clue what to accuse them of.
Before he could think of anything to ask them, Denver got a text. He read it, then glanced up. “What time do you think we’ll be back? Like about three, right?”

“That sounds about right,” Lee said. “Are you going to tell us what’s going on or do I have to pull over and stop the car right here until you do?”

“Haha, funny,” Denver said, but his laugh sounded off and his smile looked forced.

When Lee  unexpectedly changed lanes, and it looked like he might pull onto the shoulder of the road,  Denver’s eyes widened. “Hey, c’mon,” he pleaded. “I just can’t. You gotta trust me on this one, okay?”

“What do you think?” Lee asked Marshall. Marshall was relieved to see the twinkle in Lee’s eye. He knew then he was putting Denver on, just playing with him to get him to talk about whatever it was they were hiding. Marshall suppressed a grin.

“I dunno,” he said, drawing the words out mischievously. “Sounds like trouble to me.” He gave Dustin a grin, and was glad to see he was smiling too, as if he wasn’t worried about anything at all. Then Marshall knew whatever it was couldn’t be a bad thing. “Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. This time.”

“Okay. But just ‘cause you asked.” Lee winked broadly, making no effort to hide the gesture from Denver.

“How about if I just tell you that you’ll find out soon?” Denver offered. “Does that help?”

“Guess it has to,” Lee said.

They made good time, and actually arrived in Burnham about a quarter till three. Denver and Dustin seemed antsier than ever, but Marshall had stopped worrying about it, focusing on being home and relaxing before they had to go back to work the next day. Vacation was nice, but they had work to do.
He was rather surprised to find, when they pulled up the driveway, that Roy was there. Damn, was something wrong? Lee looked concerned as well. Roy came up to the car once Lee parked.

“Roy, you the welcoming committee?” Lee joked as everyone exited the car.

“Something like that,” Roy said. His expression gave away nothing, but at least he didn’t seem upset. How bad could it be?

Denver and Dustin brought their bags out of the car, and then removed their luggage from the trunk to put into their own car.

“Thanks for everything, Lee, Marshall. That was a great cruise. See you real soon, okay?”

Marshall watched Denver and Roy exchange glances. Now he was even more suspicious than before. Something was definitely up, and Roy was part of it. But nothing was said, and Denver and Dustin got into their car and quickly took off.

Both Marshall and Lee turned to look at Roy.

“Don’t try to bullshit me,” Lee said, “I know you too well. What’s going on?”

“I’m not going to bullshit you, Lee,” Roy replied. “Never have before, and never will. Let’s just say I have a surprise for you two, and I need you both to get dressed and come to my house.”

“We are dressed,” Marshall said. “Aren’t we?”

“Well, I laid out other clothes for you. Let’s just say it’s a special occasion. You trust me, right?”

“Absolutely,” Lee said without hesitation.

“Then let’s go into your house and get this started.”

to be continued

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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #64 (15.5)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts!

Marshall and Lee find the perfect rings in this week's episode of Moving Forward, but something seems to be up with Denver. Wonder what that could be? Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they're up to. Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Moving Forward #64 (15.5)

Marshall wasn’t sure what to expect, but the ring slid onto his finger without problem. He marveled at the sight of it there.

“How’s it feel?” Lee asked.

“Feels fine,” Marshall responded.

Gavin handed Lee the second ring. It too slid into place without hesitation.

“You guessed our sizes pretty well,” Lee complimented the clerk.

“I do my best,” he replied modestly.  “What do you think of these? Are you interested in them, or would you like me to show you something else?”

Marshall and Lee exchanged glances. “What do you think?” Lee asked softly.

“I think they’re perfect,” Marshall replied without hesitation.

Lee reached for Marshall’s hand, holding their two hands so they could look at both rings. “I think so too,” he agreed. “We’ll take these.” He reached into his pocket, removed his wallet, and handed Gavin his credit card.

“Excellent choice, gentlemen. I’ll go ring these up for you, I’ll be right back.”

They removed the rings while he was gone and placed them back in the box. The moment felt surreal and yet so very right. Picking out the rings only served to add weight to the reality of what they were going to do.

“Have you set a date yet?” Gavin asked when he returned with the receipt, which he handed to Lee.

“Not yet,” Lee admitted. “We only just decided to get married.”

“Well, congratulations to you both. I’m sure when you do it’ll be an affair to remember.” He smiled at them both.

Marshall had the same feeling. He guessed they’d discuss dates after they got home. He was still getting used to the idea that they were going to have a ceremony to celebrate their love. He watched as Lee put his card away. Belatedly, Marshall remembered Denver and Dustin were waiting for them. Assuming they’d finished their shopping. He was still sure there was a story behind that, since Dustin seemed to have no idea why they were doing it. Maybe Denver was buying something for a special guy back home, but Marshall didn’t remember him mentioning anyone like that. If he was dating someone special, wouldn’t he have brought the guy on this cruise, rather than his cousin?
Absorbed in his thoughts, he was jolted back to the present when he saw Lee standing beside him, looking down at him, wearing an amused grin. Marshall smiled sheepishly and got to his feet.

“I was wondering if you intended to stay here a while,” Lee quipped.

“Just thinking,” Marshall assured him. “We ready to go? Do you have the rings?”

“Right here.” Lee patted his shirt pocket. He turned to Gavin. “Thank you again for all your help, appreciate it.”

“Yes, thank you,” Marshall echoed. “Those are beautiful rings.”

“You’re very welcome,” Gavin said. He walked ahead of them to the door and held it open for them.

“You’re very lucky men,” he said. “I wish you nothing but the best. I’m sure your wedding will be beautiful.”

“It will be,” Lee said. “You take care.” They each shook hands, then took their leave.

“I wonder if I should text Denver and let him know we’re done,” Lee wondered, then quickly added. 

“Guess not, there they are.” The two men were lounging against Lee’s sedan. As Marshall and Lee approached, they sprang to their feet. Marshall noticed they had a few shopping bags with them.

“Find anything good?” Lee asked.

“Yeah, we did good,” Denver said. “How did you guys do?”

“We found the rings we wanted,” Lee said. “They’re beautiful.” He looked at Marshall, his eyes asking a question.

Marshall nodded, and Lee pulled out the box and opened for their inspection.

“I really like those,” Denver said. “They’re beautiful.”

“They are,” Dustin agreed. “You guys are really lucky. It’ll be a beautiful ceremony.”

“Yeah, whenever you have it,” Denver quickly added. Marshall thought he was acting… odd. But he couldn’t figure out why.

Lee gave Denver a measured look. He seemed to be mulling something over, but whatever it was, he kept it to himself. “Then let’s go,” he said, unlocking the car. Denver and Dustin slid into the back seat with their purchases. Lee and Marshall lingered a moment on the sidewalk.

“Is something up with them?” Marshall asked.

“I dunno, but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it.” Lee kissed Marshall softly. “We’ll find out soon enough, I expect.” He opened Marshall’s door before heading to the driver’s side, and moments later they were on their way, heading to Burnham and home.

to be continued

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Virtual Book Tour: Kilty Pleasures

Please welcome author Nancy Fraser, who is here to tell us about her new release, Kilty Pleasures. Nancy will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter, and a set of three erotic novellas (autographed in print for a winner in the US or Canada, digital copies for international winners). The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. To find the other stops on her tour, go here. Don't forget to look for the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

Kilty Pleasures
by Nancy Fraser


GENRE: Erotic Romance



Ronan MacAlister’s return to Glencoe, Maine reignites every one of Aileen MacDougall’s adolescent fantasies.

Ronan is drawn to the beautiful Aileen, who now serves as the manager for his late uncle’s business ventures. However, it’s not her business acumen he’s after.

Will being trapped in a remote cabin lead to a happily-ever-after? Or, will they discover they have differences even kilty pleasures can’t overcome?



Ronan retrieved the bottle of cabernet from his uncle’s stash and pulled the cork. Aileen was giving him some enticing least it seemed like it. Given his body’s immediate reaction, he hoped he wasn’t reading her wrong.

He busied himself with building a fire from the logs and kindling in the basket beside the hearth. Once he’d finished, he crossed the great room and drew the curtains closed.

Setting a romantic mood, are you? Ronan gave his pesky conscience a nudge and turned the lock on the cabin door.

The soft ‘ding’ of the microwave proceeded the heavenly aroma of pungent spices. Aileen reached for dishes on the shelf above her head, the stretch of her arms outlining her curvy figure, lifting her lush bottom. His stomach growled with an appreciation that had little to do with food.

“So,” he asked, “what’s for lunch?”

“Beef stew, salad, and homemade biscuits with butter and honey. I put the kettle on for tea and there are sodas and bottled water in the fridge.”

“I’ve decanted the wine. It should go nice with the stew.”

She graced him with another of her smiles. “We can eat here at the table or over by the fire whichever you prefer.”

He nodded toward the low table and pillows in front of the fireplace. “Why don’t you take the food over? I’ll pour us some wine and be right behind you.”

They enjoyed their meal in a companionable silence. Like Aileen, the stew was complex with many layers of flavor. The simple salad was all business and the biscuits and honey a sweet ending. The meal, like the woman who’d made it, stirred his senses and begged to be tasted over and over again.

He set his dishes aside and pushed the table a few feet to the left. Relaxing back against the pillows, he pressed the wine glass to his lips and turned his attention to the sexy beauty sitting across from him.

The glow from the fireplace played off Aileen’s silken hair, turning the reddish blonde highlights to pure gold. He wanted nothing more than to wrap the gossamer strands around their naked bodies.

She took a sip of her wine and closed her eyes. When she darted her tongue out to catch an errant droplet on her lip he nearly lost the last increment of his composure. Not having her...all of her...was no longer an option.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Like most authors, Nancy Fraser began writing at an early age, usually on the walls and with crayons or, heaven forbid, permanent markers. Her love of writing often made her the English teacher’s pet, which, of course, resulted in a whole lot of teasing. Still, it was worth it.

Published in multiple genres, Nancy currently writes for four publishers. She has published twenty-two books in both full-length and novella format. In November 2016 Nancy will be celebrating twenty years as a published author and will release her 25th book in mid-2017.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy splits her free time between her five grandchildren. She’s also an avid traveler with Las Vegas being her favorite destination. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Media Links:




Twitter:  @nfraserauthor


Amazon Author Page:


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Virtual Book Tour: Final KIll

Please welcome author Leslie McKelvey, here to tell us about her new book, Final Kill.  Leslie will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. To find the other stops on her tour, go here. Don't forget to look for the Rafflecopter at the end of this post!

Final Kill
by Leslie McKelvey


GENRE: Romantic Suspense



The world doesn’t know Cat Beckett, CIA linguist and expert sniper. She does her best to keep her skills secret, but when a SEAL team is ambushed in the remote mountains of Afghanistan she doesn’t hesitate to take out the enemy. After saving the SEALs, the third Spec Ops team to be compromised in as many months, she realizes someone in her unit is giving classified information to the enemy. She suspects that Peter Mitchell, her supervisor and ex-lover, is behind the betrayal, and sets out on a dangerous quest to prove his treason.

Lt. Ryan Heller, US Navy SEAL, is accustomed to facing death. When his team is attacked by Taliban fighters he thinks his last day is upon him, until an unknown sniper saves their lives. The prickly, green-eyed beauty handles a rifle as easily as most women handle a purse, but who is she? And what is she doing in the middle of a war zone? He is intrigued, and attracted, but his instincts and her piercing, tiger-like stare tell him to tread carefully.

Afghanistan’s Bagram Valley is not the ideal place to find love, but these two are trained to make the best of bad situations. Geography alone makes starting a relationship challenging enough, but caught between extremists and an unhinged, obsessed Mitchell makes it downright deadly.



Cat lay down on her bed and slowly sipped the wine.  As the candlelight and music washed over her, she felt the last of the adrenaline wear off.  She sighed softly and pictured him: the eyes so blue they were almost violet, the sharp line of his jaw, the lips that made her melt, the tall, athletic body, the smile that was like sunlight to her soul.  Desire swirled in her belly, and now it wasn’t adrenaline making her edgy.  She wanted him so much she ached.

Frustrated, she sat up and put the wine aside.  She looked around the room then turned off the candle closest to her.  Shaking her head she rose, and was about to turn off the second candle when there was a soft rap on her door.  Her head snapped around.

“Just a minute,” she said after a moment of surprised silence.  Cat grabbed her robe, slipped it on, and tied the sash.  Her bare feet whispered over the floor as she approached the panel and said, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Cate.  Can we talk?”

She was so stunned that for a moment she couldn’t move.


She blinked, shook herself, and opened the door.  She looked at Ryan with wide eyes and backed up as he walked up the steps and into her quarters.  He closed and locked the door behind him then turned to her.  Looping an arm around her waist he pulled her against him.

“I changed my mind,” he whispered.



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Leslie McKelvey has been writing since she learned to write, and her mother still stores boxes of handwritten stories in the attic.  When her high school Creative Writing teacher told her she needed to be a novelist, she decided to give it a try.  Finally, at the ripe old age of...forty-something...her debut novel, Accidental Affair, was contracted and published by Black Velvet Seductions Publishing.  Two follow-up novels, Right Place, Right Time and Her Sister’s Keeper completed the Accidental Encounters series, and Runaway Heart, a standalone book, was released in March of 2016.  BVS also published one of Leslie’s short stories in the erotic anthology First Submission, and her fifth novel, Final Kill, will be released in late 2016.

Leslie is a war-veteran who served with the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, and she was among the first groups of women to work the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.  During her five years tour she was stationed at NAS Miramar and spent time on the carriers USS Independence, USS Ranger, USS Lincoln, and the USS Nimitz.  The final two years of her enlistment were spent on Guam and her squadron frequently deployed to Japan and the Middle East.

She learned everything she knows about firearms and tactics from her police officer husband, who is a weapons expert, range master, and firearms instructor for one of the most highly-respected law-enforcement agencies in the world.  She has three boys who contribute daily to her growing number of gray hairs.  Her two oldest sons are United States Marines and the youngest vows to follow suit.  She spends her off-time (kidding...WHAT off-time?) reading, taking pictures, and sending lead down range (that's shooting, for those who are unfamiliar).  One of her favorite scents is the smell of gunpowder in the morning....

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