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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #51 (9.8)

Happy Hump Day everyone! If it's Wednesday, well, it must be time for the writers of the Wednesday Briefs to dazzle you with our flash fiction. Stories between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts!

The night Marshall has dreamed of for so long reaches a climax in this week's Don't Look Back. But what comes next? Stay tuned for further developments. And don't forget to see what the other Briefers have been up to. Their links follow my tale!

Don't Look Back #51 (9.8)

Despite Marshall’s growing impatience, Lee took his time, placating Marshall with gentle kisses and caresses which he bestowed upon his cock. Marshall began to relax, opening himself to Lee’s touch. Lee’s fingers no longer felt intrusive. Three digits were now embedded in him, and Marshall knew he was ready for something more.

Finally, Lee drew back, removing his fingers. Marshall felt disappointed at their loss, but only momentarily, for he knew what was to follow.  “Want to do the honors?”  Lee asked. He nodded toward the lube, and then his cock.

Marshall’s eyes grew wide. “Yes!” he replied without hesitation.  He blindly groped for the lube, never taking his eyes from Lee, not wanting to break the connection between them even for a second.
He fumbled with the cap before he managed to flip it open, and squeezed the contents into his open palm.  “Go ahead,” Lee encouraged him. “I trust you.” Marshall warmed at his words.

He applied the lube to Lee’s erection, loving the feel of Lee’s flesh inside his hand. God, he could touch Lee forever and never grow tired of him. When he was done, he wiped his hand on his own stomach and lay back once again as Lee situated himself between Marshall’s thighs.

This moment had been a long time coming, but it was so worth the wait. Marshall remembered to keep breathing, watching Lee carefully as he positioned the head of his cock just outside Marshall’s hole. Their eyes met, and Marshall could see how much Lee loved him, and he had no doubts as to what they were about to do—move their relationship to the next level.

“I’m all yours,” Marshall pledged anew as Lee began to slowly slide inside of him, claiming him.  Marshall struggled not to hold his breath at the overwhelming feeling of fullness that suffused him at Lee’s unaccustomed presence.

Lee stopped moving, and Marshall was afraid he was going to back out, so he worked harder to even out his breathing, to show him everything was fine. With a sense of relief, he felt his muscles accept Lee’s cock. “Keep going,” he pleaded, and Lee resumed his forward momentum until he was fully sheathed inside of Marshall.

Marshall moaned with pleasure. They were joined now, truly one.  No one could ever tear them apart. He leaned up toward Lee and Lee leaned down until their lips met and melded together. Marshall wrapped his arms about Lee’s neck, clinging to him as Lee began to pick up speed, moving in and out of Marshall in long smooth thrusts that gradually began to shorten as they grew more intense.

This was everything Marshall had hoped it would be, and then some. He moved his hips, trying to match the cadence of Lee’s thrusts, until they found their own particular rhythm. Lee’s cock was producing sensations Marshall had never experienced before. He felt as though he’d died and gone to heaven.

He squeezed his muscles, gripping Lee even tighter, which provoked a low moan from Lee.  He released Marshall’s lips long enough to comment, “Damn, boy, you learn quick,” before he kissed him again.

Harder, now. Faster, deeper. They were performing the steps of their own private dance, shutting out the rest of the world for one where they alone existed, together. Marshall found himself getting lost in Lee’s eyes, which grew steadily darker until they appeared almost purple. He felt Lee’s body began to tighten, watched his expression as his orgasm washed over him. Marshall felt the warmth of Lee’s ejaculation as it filled him, felt Lee’s cock spasm as it released. Lee moaned into Marshall’s mouth, words of love which Marshall’s heart understood clearly.

Afterward, they lay cuddled together, catching their breath, twined securely about one another, neither willing to let go of the other. Marshall burrowed against Lee, listened to the beat of Lee’s heart, felt the rise and fall of his chest. He’d never known such complete bliss before.

Still, there was something he had to know, so he lifted his head and sought Lee’s eyes. “Um… is it always that good?”

“No,” Lee replied, and for just a moment, Marshall’s heart sank. “Only with you.”

Just the words Marshall needed to hear. He basked in the warmth of Lee’s praise. “So I did okay?”

“You were more than okay, you were perfect.”

“So when can we do it again?”

Lee laughed, a rich deep sound that reverberated through Marshall’s body. “After we get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another day.  I might even let you sleep in late,” he teased.

“Sounds good to me,” Marshall mumbled, trying to stifle a yawn but failing. What the hell, might as well go with it. Like Lee said, they had the rest of their lives.

“Hang on a minute, before you go to sleep.” Lee disentangled himself from Marshall, to Marshall’s dismay, and headed to their bathroom. He returned moments later with a warm wet cloth, and tenderly cleaned Marshall and then himself. He threw the spent cloth into their hamper, then climbed back into bed. Marshall wound himself about him once again. He nestled against Lee’s heart and sighed happily.

“Night, Lee. Love you.”

“Love you too, sweetheart,” was the last thing Marshall heard before sleep claimed him.
* * * *
“You’re still awake.”

Marshall was startled from his trip down memory lane by the sound of Lee’s voice in the semi-darkness. “Yeah, a little,” he admitted.

“Thinking about her?”

“Thinking about us, actually. How we came to be.”

Marshall felt Lee’s lips against the top of his head, felt his arm tighten about him. “Any regrets?”

“Not a one,” Marshall quickly replied. “I wouldn’t change a single thing about us. Not one.”

“Neither would I. We’ll get through this together. Don’t you doubt that for a second.”

Marshall didn’t. He burrowed into Lee’s embrace, knowing there was nowhere else he’d rather be. “Together,” he echoed. “She can’t break us up, no matter what.”

to be continued

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