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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #49 (9.6)

Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! Every week we bring you stories from 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts!

This week, in Don't Look Back, the memories continue as Marshall remembers turning eighteen and making love with Lee for the first time. Don't forget to see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #49 (9.6)

They drew back for a moment, so Lee could make the toast he’d promised. Marshall had to admit he was curious to see how the champagne tasted, but mostly he wanted to hear what Lee had to say. Lee cleared his throat.

“I know I’m not the most eloquent man in the world. I have no real words that are adequate to tell you how much I love you, but I’m going to try. You mean everything to me, Marshall. You are my world and my joy, and I love you with everything I am. I promise that I shall always love you, and I’ll always be there for you. I’ll stand beside you, no matter what, for the rest of our days together, may they be many. I give to you all I am, now and forever.”

Marshall puddled inside at Lee’s beautiful, heartfelt words. He felt as though this was their own private commitment ceremony, probably the only one they’d ever be able to have. But at least they would always know the truth, in their hearts.

Marshall swallowed the lump in his throat, struggling to speak. “Lee, that was beautiful,” he managed at last. “You’re everything to me too. There’s no one in the world I’d rather be with. I’m yours, forever and always.”

They clinked their glasses together, then drank. Bubbles rushed unexpectedly up Marshall’s nose. He sneezed in surprise, then giggled.

Lee laughed. “Like it?”

“It’s not bad.” He took another sip. “A little sweet.”

Lee took the glass from Marshall’s hand, then kissed him softly. “We can have more of that later, if you like.”

Later. That sounded good.  So much meaning in a single word. So much promise.

Lee rose and set both glasses on one of the bedside tables, then reached for Marshall’s hand. “Why don’t we take a shower?” he suggested.

Marshall shivered with pleasure. Over three years had passed since they’d last showered together. The prospect of sharing hot water with Lee once again excited him. “That’s a good idea,” he agreed.

“Why don’t you go first, and I’ll join you in a few minutes? I’ll wash your hair, if you like.”

Marshall nodded, trying to quell the butterflies that had suddenly lodged in his stomach. Why was he nervous? They’d done this before. Many times.

Maybe because tonight was different. This would be their first time as adults. As lovers.

“I’d like that,” he said.

Lee pulled him close and kissed him, and Marshall felt his queasiness dissipate in the face of his growing desire. Feeling more confident, he performed a quick strip tease for Lee’s benefit, then disappeared into the bathroom. He adjusted the water to the right temperature and stood beneath the spray, letting it run down his body.

A few minutes passed before the curtain was drawn back, and Lee stepped inside. Marshall’s breath caught at the sight of him. Damn, that man was all kinds of well-built handsome, not to mention he was well-hung. Lee put every guy Marshall had ever ogled on the Internet to shame.

He noticed the appreciative looks Lee was giving him, Lee’s eyes roaming up and down Marshall’s body. “Goddamn,” was all Lee said before he stepped closer to Marshall and took him in his arms, kissing him softly.

Lee took things slowly, as if he understood that Marshall was a little nervous, a little unsure of himself and what was expected of him this first time. They went no further than kissing, the way they’d been doing for a while now. Lee shampooed Marshall’s hair, as he’d promised. Then he squirted body wash onto his hands and very gently rubbed it over Marshall’s skin. Once he was done, he repeated the process on himself. Then they rinsed and stepped out of the shower. Lee had laid out large fluffy towels for their use, and they toweled one another dry before returning to the bedroom.

Marshall was taken by surprise at what he saw there. Lee had been busy during the short time Marshall had been in the shower alone. He’d set some candles around the room and lit them, and he’d put a CD into the CD player—something soft and slow. He’d turned down the bed, also.

Marshall turned to Lee. “Everything’s perfect,” he said. “Like you.”

“I was hoping you’d like it,” Lee admitted before he took Marshall in his arms and kissed him, softly at first, but with a growing passion. Marshall responded in kind, winding his arms about Lee’s neck, clinging to him. They rubbed together. Marshall thrilled to the touch of Lee’s cock against his own—he’d dreamed of this moment for a very long time.

Marshall wasn’t sure what to expect. Videos only went so far, and they were a poor substitute for experience. He wanted Lee to receive as much pleasure from their union as he knew he would. He trusted Lee to instruct him in the finer techniques of lovemaking.

They stood there for a few moments, looking deep into one another’s eyes. “Are you ready?” Lee asked, one hand stroking down Marshall’s back.

“Absolutely,” he replied with confidence.

Lee took Marshall by the hand and led him to the bed, directing him to lie down. Marshall complied without hesitation, watching Lee, to see what he would do.

“Scoot over a little and turn on your side.”

Marshall did as he was told. Lee lay down beside him, facing him. He reached toward Marshall and cupped his cheek tenderly. Marshall nuzzled Lee’s palm.

“I don’t want to rush tonight,” Lee said. “There’s so much I want you to experience, so much for you to learn. It won’t all happen in a single night. But we have a lifetime ahead of us, you and me. Tonight’s just the first night of many.”

Marshall relaxed at Lee’s words. He trusted Lee with his whole heart and soul. He knew nothing would happen that Marshall didn’t want to happen. Not ever.

to be continued

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