Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Flash Fic #1: Derailed

Good morning and Happy Monday! My friend Denise pointed me in the direction of a Monday Flash Fic group on Facebook. The idea is to write a 500 word - no more - flash fic inspired by a picture which they posted. I thought I would give it a whirl, so here is my first fic. It's called Derailed, and it was inspired by this picture:

Derailed by Julie Lynn Hayes

Jarrod stared at his e-reader in disbelief. His words. Words he’d written.

But that wasn’t his name below the title.

Love’s Lost Fury was Jarrod’s book. His erotic romance story about two men deeply in love, and their complicated relationship.

So why was Edward Sharpe credited as the author?

Eddie. His ex-roommate and ex-lover.

Warm tears prickled Jarrod’s eyes. Tears of frustration. He clutched his hair and yanked on the strands,, seeking relief. It was either that or toss the e-reader toward the rails. Luckily, common sense prevailed over destruction of property.

His train had just chugged out of the station. Jarrod should have been on it. He’d  intended to visit his parents, spend some time with them. Instead, he sat alone on the platform, dying a little bit inside.
How had Eddie done this? More importantly, why?

Was he so bitter at their break-up? So jealous of Jarrod’s talent that he felt he had to steal it for his own?

And was he going to just sit there and let him get away with it?

Oh hell no.

Jarrod swiped at his eyes.  He set the e-reader on the cobbled ground and pulled out his phone. Opening his contacts, he thumbed down until he came to S. Sharpe, Eddie. Why he’d never removed the bastard’s number was a mystery to Jarrod. But today that was a good thing.

The idea of hearing Eddie’s voice sickened him, but Jarrod knew it had to be done. Eddie needed to know what to expect—nothing less than Jarrod’s fury, as well as the full weight of the legal system. They had laws against this sort of thing. Plagiarism. Piracy. Theft of intellectual property. He’d sue Eddie, and he’d sue his publisher. And anyone else he could think of.

He pressed the number and waited.

Eddie answered after only two rings. “J-Jarrod?” He sounded incredulous. Probably couldn’t believe that Jarrod had found out so quickly. And had the balls to call him.

“Yes, it’s me.” Jarrod barked.

“W-where are you?”

“At the train station. Why’d you do it? How could you take my book away from me? It’s all I had left.”

A long silence.

“Jarrod, please. Don’t do this. Please.” Eddie sounded sad. Almost contrite. But Jarrod wasn’t about to fall for that.

“Jarrod, don’t move, okay? It’ll be all right. I promise. I sent for help.”

Help? What?

Eddie released what sounded like a strangled sob. “They’ll be there soon. Oh God, Jarrod. I’m so-sorry. So sorry.”

Another voice broke in. A woman’s voice. Harsh and unyielding. “Jarrod Fox, you leave my Eddie alone. It’s not his fault he wrote a bestseller and you couldn’t. Not his fault they had to lock you up when you went nuts and stole his identity. You go back where you belong and just leave him alone.”


Jarrod dropped his phone at his feet. “I won’t go back!” he screamed.

He could hear the sirens, a low rising wail that drew steadily nearer.

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  1. Ooooh, love the twist! So well done and I am glad you could join us.

  2. Ohhhh, I never saw that coming. I'm very impressed and looking forward to future flashes. WOW