Friday, June 5, 2015

Some commercials that really annoy me

I had planned to write a post about how I hate-watch Vampire Diaries, but then I saw this particular commercial and decided to change my topic to commercials that get under my skin, for various reasons.

I'm sure you've seen this series of commercials, allegedly told by real people but all actors, of course. We're supposed to commiserate with them on their losses, and wonder why insurance companies can't be more like them.

But listen closely to what they're saying, not just what they want you to hear. First is the guy who complains that his brand new vehicle was hit, and the insurance company won't pay full value, and how can it have depreciated before its first oil change? Dude, every brand new car depreciates the moment you drive it away from the dealership. That's basic, and nothing to do with the insurance company. That's Kelly's Blue Book. But they give the illusion that the insurance company is responsible. And they're compassionate and want to help rectify the situation. However, if you read the small print on the screen (which isn't easy, since it's very small and doesn't last long), you'll see that certain conditions have to prevail. Such as the car has to be actually totaled. Also, there are mileage limitations, and ownership riders and so forth. Plus, you pay extra for this - if you qualify - not like it's automatic for everyone.

What about the guy who talks about the accident and then the jolt you get and doesn't the insurance company know you've already been shook up? Seriously? How does that enter into anything? That's not a consideration, unless you're trying to claim medical injuries.

Second annoying insurance company commercial, and one I hate even more than those: Progressive. If I ever found Flo interesting or amusing, those days or long gone. Now she just annoys the heck out of me, and I look forward to the day when she'll die a spectacular screen death (the character, not the actress). For that reason alone, I would never buy Progressive Insurance. Even AFLAC is nowhere near so annoying - I can bear the duck (even if it isn't Gilbert Gottfried any more) far better than Flor.

Now let's move to the pill dispensers, and I won't even name them individually. They're all mostly horrible. Do you ever listen to these things? Jesus, the side effects are often worse than the original disease. And some have ridiculous disclaimers. Such as if you become suicidal, or depressed, call your doctor. I have to believe most people who fit that category won't be rational enough to call their doctor. Some are just common sense - don't take this drug if you're allergic to it. Duh. And then there are the pills that claim to have the backing of someone who isn't the FDA. I don't know who this other group is, but if this drug is so great, why not get the backing of the FDA? Why use a pseudo, maybe non-existent group?

Or the miracle weight loss drug they illustrate with their greatest successes, but if you read the fine print, you'll see that for most of the people who took it, weight loss was around 5 pounds. Not exactly breath taking results.

Then there are the commercials that assault you when you're watching late night TV - you know the ones. For Viagara and Cialis, for Slim Jeggings and adult diapers and catheters.

Well, I've annoyed myself enough for one night. Maybe tomorrow I'll write the hate-watching of Vampire Diaries.

Have a great day!

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