Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #20: Revelations

Friday's almost here, can't  you just feel that weekend acoming? So let's get in the mood now with some teasing on Thursday! Authors who want to showcase their WIP's or their published works - all are welcome. Enjoy!

Today I bring you a little snippet from Revelations, my m/m alternate history, where there has been a Second Coming - and more - and Judas is in love with Jesus. In this scene, Judas is watching the Apostles play - the band that is fronted by Jesus, and made up of his disciples, when he is unexpectedly accosted. It is told in Judas' POV.  Enjoy!

At this point in the proceedings, I prefer to remain to myself, simply observing, making sure everything runs smoothly. And let’s face it, when Jesus isn’t on the stage, my attention is not going to be held. An honest observation, nothing more.
            Let the music begin.
            For once, surprisingly, they’ve chosen to open with something that doesn’t blast, snatch, induce nausea, or demand attention. In fact, it’s really rather sweet, and compelling, and I notice more than a few people are swaying on their feet, a simple back and forth repetitive motion, in time to the melody. I admit I’m swaying a bit myself, for the moment relaxing my attention from those around me.
            Until I hear a throaty voice whispering directly into my ear, a warm arm wrapping itself securely about my waist.
            “Judas, you pretty thing, when will you allow me to fuck your delectable body and show you what true ecstasy is?”

            Ladies and gentlemen—the devil does not wear Prada. He prefers Armani, if the truth be told. And here he is behind me now, pressed up against me with a raging erection—not that I haven’t felt that before, many times—and he’s whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

            And it’s taking all my self-control not to elbow him in his gut.

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