Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #17: When Will I Be Loved

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This week's challenge said: Share with us this week those characters who aren't afraid to show that they love someone. 

When Will I Be Loved

 I thought of Holt Wynne. He's a vampire in my WIP, When Will I Be Loved, sequel to When Will I See You Again. Vampires have a special love, one that is meant to last forever. Such a love is hard to find, so when you find him or her, you hold on tight. Holt's eternal love is Miller.

In the scene I am sharing today, Miller has gone to a meet and greet for the new owner of the Crescent Bay Chronicle, and he sees Holt, and Holt sees him, and the result is... well, see for yourself.

Standing mere feet away was the blond from the night before. Looking every bit as enticing as he had then. Maybe even more so, since now Miller knew what he looked like beneath those elegant clothes.

He seemed to be... agitated? Was that even the right word? And how could Miller even tell that from where he stood.

And why was this girl leading him right toward him?

“Holt, oh Holt,” she cried out in a lilting voice.

Holt? What?

The blond turned his head and his eyes locked with Miller’s, and something quite electric passed through the air between them. But before Miller had a chance to think, to react, to formulate even the hint of a thought, the blond had crossed the space between them more quickly than Miller would have thought possible, put his arms about Miller, lifting him off his feet and into his arms, until their lips met...

And suddenly Miller wasn’t thinking anything anymore.

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