Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #16: When Will I Be Loved

Welcome to more of My Sexy Saturday! Today's theme is shifters, and I just happen to have a hot one named Raoul Marchand, from my novel When Will I See You Again. The seven I am sharing with you today is a scene between a  young Raoul and Jamie, in their private spot on the beach, on Halloween night, after they left the party behind. Enjoy! Don't forget to see who else is sharing this week!

When Will I See You Again

Raoul slid both fingers in up to the first knuckle, scissoring them, stretching the guardian muscle in order to relax it. They’d done this so many times, he could easily have mapped the interior of Jamie’s body, blindfolded.  The process of making Jamie ready for him never took long; he knew just how much Jamie needed to be stretched in order to accommodate his wolfen girth. Neither one had ever had another lover; from the beginning, they’d been a perfect fit.

 He bent his long fingers, inserting them all the way, reached for Jamie’s prostate. Jamie arched his back in pleasure, pre-cum seeping from his cock; the blond shivered with expectation.

“You feel ready, baby, are you ready?”

“I’m ready.” His breath came in ragged gasps as he situated himself, using his thigh muscles to hold him steady as he maneuvered over Raoul’s shaft. He grasped it, positioning the cockhead by his opening.
Jamie paused. Raoul looked up at him, their gazes locking.  “I love you,” Jamie murmured in a voice that shook with emotion, just before he impaled himself.

Raoul gasped, feeling himself sheathed in the warmth that was Jamie. Tightness and heat and everything that made life worth living—Jamie was all of that and more.

“God, I love you,” he blurted out in reply. He reached for one of Jamie’s hands, twining the fingers together as Jamie began to rock on his cock. Back and forth he rocked, with a heated urgency. “Oh yeah, just like that… keep going, just keep going…”

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