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First Mission (The Enforcer's Series #3) Review

First Mission (The Enforcer’s Series #3)  

Author: Ravon Silvius
Publisher: eXtasy Books
American release date: September 15, 2013
Format/Genre/Length: E-book/M/M Steampunk Romance/112 pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Kenneth and Thorn have been training to assume their new roles as enforcers. Kenneth’s final spell entails learning how to rob a mage of his magic for a short time. Typically such a spell would benefit the mage’s lifemate. But as Thorn is talentless, apparently this does not hold true in this case.

Now it’s time to put their training into effect as they receive their first assignment. A new alchemy school is opening in the town of Eleborough, which is a talentless town, governed by a mage named Thralten, who is known not to like talentless. Their job is to see if the talentless and the students are getting on well. Their secondary assignment is to make certain the school is effective.

One last hurdle before they leave—a dinner party, thrown by Kenneth’s parents.

Thorn has his doubts about what they’re doing, but he’s determined to do his best, as well as support Kenneth. They arrive at the governor’s home, which seems oddly distant from the town, but he isn’t there to greet them, his assistant Marle standing in his stead. They are shown to their room, where Thorn finishes what they began in the cab.

On the governor’s return, they are dined, where they learn that no talentless are employed there. Everything is done through the use of magic. How odd. Thorn decides they will split up to investigate—he will take the town while Thralten shows Kenneth the college.

Thorn quickly learns what the talentless think of him, and it is disheartening. They consider him a traitor, and he begins to wonder if he is doing the right thing. How can he help them when they don’t even trust him? Meanwhile, Kenneth is being presented with temptations of all sorts. What’s up with that?

The excitement continues in the third book of the Enforcer’s series, as we watch our heroes take what they’ve learned and apply it to the real world. Now all of Thorn’s misgivings come to the fore as he struggles between his love for Kenneth and his desire to help the talentless to lead better lives and achieve greater equality with the mages with the fear that he is indeed the traitor his own people perceive him to be. Where the first book was written from Kenneth’s perspective, and the second from Thorn’s, this is told by both of them. So we get a good mix of mage and talentless.

Kenneth and Thorn’s relationship continues to grow and develop, and there are some interesting developments as they get to know each other better. There is a mystery at the heart of this book, and a lot of suspense and drama, as well as some very hot sex.

I am thoroughly enjoying the series and am moving on to the fourth book—hopefully not the last. Highly recommend this series.

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