Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sexy Snippets #13: No Way Out

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

 Yesterday, I teased y'all with a little bit of my current WIP, my first BDSM story, No Way Out. Today, I'm going to show you a little more.

 Shylor is a young man who lives with Randy, who's forty and very domineering. Not just dom/sub, but worse. Meeting Wyatt could either be the best thing that ever happened to Shy - or the worst. In this peek, Randy isn't home, and Wyatt's crossed the street with a sweet offering in the form of two ice cream cones.

 He forced himself to calm down, digging his nails into the palms to distract himself, so hard that small red crescents formed. He had to do this. He had to discourage Wyatt from ever coming over here, even if it turned out to be the hardest thing he’d ever done. And he’d done a lot of hard things in his short life.

 But it was a matter of self-preservation. Even more, he didn’t want Wyatt to be hurt, and there was no doubt in Shy’s mind that Randy would hurt him.

 He slowly opened the door, catching Wyatt in mid-knock, startling the other man.

 “You can’t be here,” he whispered in as fierce a voice as he could muster. “He can’t see you.”

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Edit: For those who want to know more of the story, I've added No Way Out to my lables on the right side of my blog, and if you go there, it'll show you all of them, unfortunately not in chronological order, but they are numbered. Here's the link



  1. Oh, I wonder what happens next. Great snippet :-)

  2. Is he caught? I just gotta know. Great snippet

  3. Now I've got to know what happens next.

  4. Oh no what's going to happen? Very intriguing snippet. xx